Monday, March 1, 2010


First Welcome all you new bloggy peeps! I am glad you are here! Don't be a creeper and lurk around, say hi! I love new blog friends!

I am buried...not in a pile of snow, not under my own weight but under 5,987,576,890,087 tissues!! My nose is raw, my ears are popping and I am freaking out that I can't run...which is kinda funny when I think about it!

So today I did something I rarely do and I sucked it up and went to see the Doctor!! Now I usually ride out cold for quite sometime and often act stubborn and suffer but dude, seriously I have not run since last week and I can't stand it!! So I basically begged the doc to help me with my stuffiness, she told me I had severe sinus infection and a double ear infection! a quick side note I am basically allergic to any fabulous drug there is available and have to settle for the few that won't kill me, but are not as effective!

So alas, I am downing a z-pack,mucinex-dm,sudaffed and advil around a very specific clock! When little miss (my 3 year old) told me today that I looked like I had lost my mind, I pretty much had nothing to say except to agree with her! Anyhow I have completely forgotten that February is over and need a quick recap!

I ran 27 miles this month!! Holy smokes! I pretty much started blogging the last day of January and I got hooked so fast, so February was my first full month of blogging and it totally rocked! I also had a big cross over this month! I went from hating to run and just doing it because I wanted to loose some weight, to completely loving it! I am trying to chase down all you speed demons out there! I actually crave running now, and I also let go of the weight obsession I was on! and you know what the weight is going away on it's own..yeaahh!

So I ran more than my projected 25 miles and I lost a jean size...I would say successful month!! For March I would like to hit 35 miles and do well in the two races, I have coming up for this month!! The first and second 5k's of my life!

As for my blog I am just going to keep throwing out my random thoughts while running, oh and you people really like free stuff, which I can totally appreciate so don't miss myGiveaway.

While I really love all you bloggy people out there, I must go to bed, a good night sleep may do wonders for my illness and the sooner that is gone the better!! I am sorry if I have not made it around to comment on your blog yet, I will blame it on my drug induced coma and hope that I can get around to you soon!


  1. You poor thing! I hope you feel better!

  2. Being sick is the worst and especially with little ones. Hope you feel better soon and great job with the running and lower jean size!

  3. I hope you get better soon. Colds stink! I love your February re-cap. You rock!

  4. Praying you have a fast recovery!!
    You had a fantastic February!! Yay for going down a size in jeans!!
    Can't wait to hear how your first 5k goes this weekend!!
    Have a great day!

  5. Get better! But congrats on the February mileage-- awesome!

  6. Oh I hope you are feeling better soon! I too was sick and just didn't go to the doctor, it's now 3 weeks later and I still have a horrible cough, you would think I would now better :-)

  7. Wow well that was a quite a recap congrats on feb. goal and good luck with march 35 I am sure will be a breeze. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  8. feel better!! congrats on exceeding your feb mileage and i know you will have a strong march too :)

  9. 1 - So sorry you're sick! I just started getting sick today and it's hit me hard....I can NOT miss my 5k this weekend!:( So I feel your pain girl. Get better!

    2 - Wow!! Awesome job beating your February goals!! And I'm glad to see you let go of the weight thing, it will take care of itself, just stay hooked on blogging. :)

    (I apologize for any weirdness or typos...I too am in a cold-drug induced coma lol)

  10. YUCK! I hope you feel 110% very soon.

    So exciting for you this month! Your first race!!!! Go Erica!

  11. Feel better soon! So jealous of the smaller jeans!

  12. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog. Congrats on a great month and smaller jeans...way to go!