Friday, December 30, 2011

10 things Friday

I know most people do five things Friday but guess who is shockingly far behind on her me! I know guys just find that so hard to believe, Well in effort to save a tremendous amount of time here are 10 things this Friday!!

1. Handsome bought me a sweet new bike.....and although I am still not over the amount he spent on it, I freaking love it!!
I am riding a shiny new 2012 Cannodale Synapse and working on a good name for my Beauty! It was a total anniversary surprise!

2. Anniversary- holy moly baby! We are getting old 9 years of married life and happier then we could have ever imagined!!!

3. Dec 23- was the only low point for me in the last couple of months, My Grandmother who is a wonderful, loving, kind hearted soul, was hit by a drunk driver on her way to work. They had to use the Jaws of life to rescue her from her car. She sustained several severe injuries but has lived to tell about them and that is a blessing, we know angels were flying with her, please please don't ever drink and drive there is no excuse in the world that is good enough.

4. Christmas was a quite one for us this year! Low-key with our close family members and just really enjoying time with each other, and being thankful that Grandma was going to be ok.

5. We have loved every minute of Christmas break and dubbed it a "staycation" we played, ran when we wanted and did other things that we normally don't have time for.

6. I had a major awesome Ride on my new bike, I than hopped off and ran 3 miles, I then collapsed in a heap in the middle of my living and repeated the words "what were you thinking"

7. My first swim!!! I made it ten laps and then collapsed in a heap and repeated the words "what were you thinking???"

8. Ok so maybe I am exaggerating a little in 7 and 8 buttttttt I do know I have a lot of work to do!!!

9. Did you know I have set a goal to loose 50lbs before may 17th 2012 which will be my 29th birthday......this is once again were I fall into a heap and well you know

10. I am going to re-vamp the blog a little! I think it is gonna be the "hunky-chunky runner!" It just has a more original tune and it suits me!

That was my quick ten I have so much to talk and tell you about and one of my goals is to carve out more time for the blog! Hold on to your hats 2012 I'm coming for you!! Tell me ten things or two things about your day! My you all have a happy, SAFE, New years!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


You know how you can tell when you have become a runner????

When you decide to risk it all no matter how bad it feels, just to get a run in.

Thanksgiving dad and I hosted our own little turkey trot..I didn't feel 100% but I gave it my best and did pretty well, I coughed the rest of the day! by Saturday I was feeling wiped out with all out cold symptoms and a terrible cough.

On Sunday I had six miles to complete, I made it two and walked home, I could not get a full breath without a cough that would make a smoker blush...and my whole body hurt

I rested and waited, the aches went away, and the sore throat also seemed to come and go pretty quickly, the cough the nagging old man, I have been smoking 10 packs a day since I was 4 cough......

Thursday I needed a run I was craving it and for the most part feeling better, so with the 100lb double stroller, two babies and the freezing cold I hit the rail trail for 3 miles.... Mile 1 13:35....and I can't breathe...what the hell????? Mile 2- 12:22 and I feel like I am gonna die....mile three was un timed because I had stopped my garmin and walked trying desperately to fill my run was sucktastic and I figured it had more to do with the stroller than anything.

Yesterday morning I woke up and begin my hacking and wheezing and coughed up (Sorry if it's TMI) green and yellow....I threw in the towel and headed for the doctor!

12 mins after he begin listening to me I was having a chest x-ray...
5 mins later he told me I have Pneumonia!!!1 #$%^&*&^% WHAT??????

I have never had this before....his response "yeah well it kills people so you should probably take it easy and rest, rest, rest" uhhhh have you met me before that's not really an option with three kids, a dog and a variety of other excuses!!

his response "so you need a few days in the hospital for adequate rest??" uhh no thanks I will rest! When can I run???? his response "when you finish the anti biotic and your lungs are clear" WHAT!!!

Dude I am seriously having minor arrhythmia's Saturday night tomorrow is long run day and I will be crying in my cereal when the rest of the crew takes off because I have to REST!! No physical exertion for 5 days!! and then we will re-evaluate...I really wanted to tell this guy to bite me....but I really did not want to go to the hospital!

Have you ever been sidelined?? How did you get three the crazy I can't do anything feelings???

Thursday, December 1, 2011

100 Posts!! a give away and a challenge

Holy Moly I can't believe I have written 100 blog posts!! I have been racking my brain for a fun celebration!! Don't worry I haven't come up with much!

I thought I would give away three surprise gifts!!

So you should follow this blog!!

Leave me a comment!! telling me that you do so

Give me a cold weather running tip....

and tell me which running gifts are on your Christmas lists!!

(separate comment for each please, but only if you want a chance to win stuff)

I will select three random winners (at on Tuesday Dec 6th!

We have had many exciting things going on in our "running household" Handsome has signed up for his first race..."The Monte Bell 25k" in march just one week after I complete what will be my first half Marathon "Virgina Beach Shamrock run" the training madness is about to begin!!

and now for a challenge....

Trying to get fit in 2012??? Me too!!

Join the runmommyrun...race series, all you have to do is run, tri or cycle at least one race per month for the entire 12 months of the year. It can be any race, any where, At the end of each month I will happily post all of our races in one spot. At the end of each month there will be a random winner of something... could be a GU, could be a tough chik t-shirt, recovery socks, or maybe some nail polish!

Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know if your in! I will begin making a list of all of us snazzy racers!

That's a lot of comments to leave........go!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh yes we did!!!

I totally owe you guys a Richmond 8k recap!!

Let's just say it was a blast in a half and I met all of my goals!! I promise a recap before the week is out.....

I also promised my kids this.......

and that is "Denali" we picked her up post Richmond running on Saturday....I must be a glutton

for punishment a five year old, a three year old, a six month old and a 7 week old puppy!!! What the hell was I thinking??? I need to run more.....but so far she is pretty adorable and with that said here are some really cute pictures...honestly it doesn't get much cuter!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Who's going to be in Richmond (cause it's only gonna be the most happening place on the east coast this Saturday)

Which race??? ( Yes I am looking to stalk the majority of you....only in the best way possible)

I am doing Mama's redemption, post baby, working on getting that body back....8k!!!! (Also read as first Race post baby)

I would love to cheer on some of you other runners/ bloggers :) (maybe even get your autograph or swoon over your awesome quads)

Or meet you at the expo...or anywhere in between..(.be fore warned I will be toting 3 little animals and one big one with me.....3 babies one husband = 4 animals) :)

Let me know!!! (did I tell you we are going to get a puppy after this race?? what was I thinking???)

Had a stellar five miler on Sunday(missed my time goal by 1 minute ).....feeling awesome heading for race weekend!

Hope to see some of you!!!

This was Random thoughts Tuesday...brought to you by me :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Five!!

1. Killer runs- I have been slamming down some awesome runs lately!!! Last weekend through the rolling hills of Charlottesville Virgina,My Dad, Handsome and I completed four in 44 minutes...don't laugh I know it's minimal for so many of you but I am coming back after baby and this was my fastest and furthest...since I rejoined the ranks of running. I was proud and my quads hurt so good from those fantastic hills! My dad was faster, and handsome went on for 2 more after me...but it was awesome to have them out there.

2. Handsome running-back when I originally got into running, handsome said he never would. He said "it's boring, I can spend my time other ways, but I will always be supportive of your running" Handsome enjoys hiking and biking and now he is killing runs!!! I don't know what changed his mind and I am a little jealous of his stellar runs like 4 miles in 30 mins after 2 months of running or 6 miles in 46 mins, but I won't complain I am glad he sees the addiction, I might even get him talked into a race sooner or later :)

3. Papa running- My dad, said to me "we should do a race together" he had no idea I would take it to heart and sign him up, buy him running clothes and tell him he had 7 weeks to be at the start line....yup the very next day after he said that, I rushed right out found a race and clothes, and now we are running the Richmond 8k together! It is my first race after baby and his first ever I am pretty sure! We are stoked!

4.Richmond- Yup 1 week and 1 day to my comeback....I am sooooooo excited I always loved races even if I will never win one they are thrilling, and exhilarating and help feed that sense of accomplishment! My goals...

#1 goal-to finish....even if I have to crawl my way to the end
#2- to run the entire walk breaks
#3- to finish under 1 hour this is totally doable if I accomplish # 2
#4- Enjoy every minute and remain hooked on running :)
#5- be all matchy matchy and cute in my running gear

5.-It's Friday!!!- whooooopppp love me some Friday!! 5 year old at a sleep over, 3 miles on the training plan this evening and flu shots tomorrow.....alright so my life is not so exciting but at least it's the weekend!!

A big shout out to all you RACERS!!!!!! have fantastic runs, may you be light on your feet, and have wind beneath your wings!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day in my Life.....

Sometimes life gets crazy (or all the time if your some of us) sometimes there is so little going on in life, sometimes it's so much you can't keep up your own juggling life is very day to day, and I am in love with it! Would like a quick peak??

6:10 A.M I wake up to nurse sweet baby number three! As much as I would like just a few more minutes of sleep I know there is going to come a day in the not so far future when I will wish for a baby to wake me up cuddle in my warm bed, and smell her adorable little baby head...we both nod back off for a few minutes and the alarm goes off at 6:30 hubby jumps up for work and I slowly get myself going!

Letting #3 sleep while I shower, dress, and doll myself, for a day of mommyhood!

After hopping out of that ever so quick...ugghhh how am I already behind for the day, shower I mosey down the hall and wake up #1 and #2 to get dressed for kindergarten and pre-school...they are not fans and constantly roll over and whine "I amm sooo tired!!!" to which I say "if you don't get dressed now you will have to eat breakfast in the car" they slowly shuffle about while I get #3 diaper changed and dressed, then work with #2, she is three years old and still can hardly manage to get her shirts off in the morning and the poor chick is like molasses in winter time getting dressed, I then encourage #1 to hurry hurry as she gets her school uniform on! We brush hair, brush teeth and scurry downstairs for breakfast, juice and coffee!

#1 and #2 eat/watch a few minutes of toons, while I make coffee make sure we have all we need for the day and then begin to fuss for everyone to get shoes and make it to their's 8:30 I hear myself say for the 30th time and we have to go now! #3 gets shoved in her carseat and we fly out of the door and in to the van, after we buckle everyone we are off...

9a.m. thing one is dropped in the drop lane for a full day of kindergarten

As soon as I drop her I make that ever important target run, because lord knows we are out of just about everything! Rush through target forgetting most of the stuff we actually went there for, only to land at dance at 10:15 for #2

from dance we hurry stuff ourselves full of lunch at Panera..mmmmm yummy! Mommy grabs a quick cup o' joe and we rush #2 to school, #3 screams all the way there as she is fed up with the carseat and hungry again...
12:30-now that I am down to one kid I hit the grocery store, go back to target, the post office, run home shoot off a few emails, try to help my Mom with sharing calenders on outlook and realize I better make dinner now or it will never happen tonight!
2:00-I throw together a quick casserole and some brownies for good measure, change #3, nurse her again and back to her car seat, we pick up #2 and scurry to pick up #1 rush them home, unload and bust out homework! Handsome leaves right from work does his run and gets home to take over while I do my run...
5:30-while I run handsome feeds the girls and helps get #1 ready for dance, I get in and scarf my food and take #1 to dance!
7:00 we return home for the evening and everyone enjoys a quick snack

7:30-quick baths, pjs, books, and tucked in girls, I make lunches, pack snacks, clean the disaster that our house has become and prepare for morning
9:00- plop down, send out emails for book club, school board and playgroups, fiddle on facebook and order winter jackets.
10- quiet time with Handsome, before we both nod off 10 mins later :)

That's my life! It's not perfect, it's not always easy, but it's mine and I love it!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A whole lot of nothing!! and a blog face lift

Blogging???? whats that.....

It doesn't seem as if I would know!! My life is nuts, and the first thing that always gets cut is mommy free time! Which would include blogging, running, working out in general.

I know, I know, people have been telling me for five years that putting me first is the best thing I can do for all of us, but my me first always turns into a piece of pie and watching a little trash t.v. before I conk out for the evening.

I am trying I promise, I have dabbled a little with running since the last time I wrote something, however I will be deferring my Baltimore running Festival Half Marathon until next year. It was too much too soon for this post preggo mama. I did however sign up for the Suntrust Richmond 8k and look forward to running it with my DAD!! It will be a great comeback race.

I am trying to take things slow and easy, and also incorporate better eating habits as mine have seem to have gotten lost at some point! My incorporation also includes more blogging. I am pretty sure I have said this like three or four different times in the last couple of months...right??

Don't fret I have still been lurking around all of your lovely blogs as you are main source of inspiration for me :) I also won a prize from the fantastic people at Nathan's today!!! and tomorrow I will be back with a running skirt review!!

May you all have a happy hump day run!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Have I done????

I'm back from an extended vacation to the Outer Banks!! We had a great time and all of us are refreshed and relaxed! Handsome and I got to share a run while on Vacation and although the heat was killer it was nice to run with him as it rarely happens with three kiddos.....speaking of killer heat most days the heat index was between 105 and 115 on the beach!!!! Ouch, we found many alternatives to hanging on the beach everyday!

As we returned from vacation I took a long hard look at how I have been eating and exercising and the results are sad.....I know it was vacation but it was no excuse to over indulge in much to much junk....the time has come...

Tomorrow I begin counting calories, eating clean and Half Marathon Training......say whattttt....

You heard me, I ran out and signed myself up for the Baltimore running festival Half Marathon....uhhhhhh not sure what came over me, as I have not been doing much running, I have never completed this distance and I had a baby 12 weeks ago.....but I paid $98 flipping dollars to run this race and so I will train and do my best, my best will be to complete it still standing!!

I am excited, nervous and feel a little sick about the thought of running that far! But, I hope that as with any challenge I will relish in thought of doing what seems impossible....I have 10 weeks to make it happen....y'all better start praying for me now!

I also received an Awesome running skirt from Running skirts and compression sleeves in the mail to review!! So excited!

For now I am headed off to bed..up bright and early to kick off 1/2 training! and test out that skirt...come back and read all about it :) Have a great week everyone.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutie Cakes

Happy Friday!!!!

Does it get any cuter than this???

5, 3, and 10 weeks...I am over the moon in love with these girls...they make my rocking world go round'....and make me a proud mama!

So proud that it has been driving my runs, I want them to be proud of there Mom and know that they can do and accomplish anything...

It's hot out there!! Holy moly 102 degrees before the heat index today!! I think an ocean swim might take the place of a run..... Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vote for me!!!!

Ok so I use to be a little bit of a party girl......and once I had a few drinks in me I would come up with all sorts of fun party tricks to do!

I also use to be a gymnast, and through college a Gymnastics coach....combining drinks and gymnastics could sometimes get well....dangerous but needless to say at a redneck bar in the middle of nowhere, I was incredible bored and stuck a beer between my boobs!! this lead to many comments and then....

I was then dared to figure out a way to drink it like that, and I would receive free drinks for the evening.....they did not know who they were messing with! (I never refuse a dare and I new I could bend and twist enough to drink it) It only took mere seconds for me to do a half back bend and drink down the stuck and I use to even have a rhyme for it!! LE SIGH.....

..... ten years later a hilarious blogger Beth at Shut up and Run decided to host a SHT contest..if you don't know SUAR you have been clearly hiding under a rock and should rush over to here blog (and vote for me) and read her stuff!! But back to me, she asked for Special hidden talents (sht)and like diarrhea of the mouth(beth knows alot about diarrhea)....I offered mine right up, forget that I have three little girls or that my Mom reads this blog....hi mom and sorry :) I proudly stood in my kids toy room, shoved a beer between my boobs and drank it for the whole blog world to could you please go here and vote!!!!

I ran two miles in the heat and rain....thank god for the rain....on vacation for the next 2.5 weeks and looking forward to some new do you deal with this unbearable heat???? and don't forget to vote and check out the other freakish people with SHT, Amanda is totally kicking our asses...but she seem pretty cool so I might have to be out with that. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear Body..... (an open letter)

I know you expelled a baby not so long ago (eight weeks today if you need exact measurements) but I waited my six weeks and even gave you an extra week before I tried something my dear body why do you hurt so bad?

My abs hurt, my quads hurt, even my flipping head hurts....I know dear body we have not been friends lately I want to wear smaller clothes you want to look like a muffin, I put you through long hours of running after children and cleaning and don't always fuel you properly but do you really have to kick my ass like this?

I want to love to run again and after a short two miles you have made it difficult for me to even think about doing it again, as you had me on the verge of hyperventilating because your so far out of shape, I was jiggling all over the place, thanks to well the only thing that jiggles FAT and the sweat oh the salty burn your eyeballs sweat....I know I am supposed to sweat but I was unforgivably drenched after two miles

I also realize we ran, nursed, cleaned, nursed, did laundry, nursed, set up for little missy's party, nursed, shower (finally) nursed and then went to bed for 5 hours before getting up nursing and running off to swim lessons and then hosting a party for 15 five year olds........I get it your tired....but this is our new normal and your gonna have to meet me half way....k???

In the meantime I will try not to dwell on the things that jiggle when we are bouncing around or that we are only on five or so hours of sleep or whatever it is you don't like as long as you try to take some of the achiness away and make a little easier to breathe on our run this evening! I will even dress you in cute new running warehouse clothes that I scored.

Until then dear body...Know that I am not above an 800mg Motrin to treat your pains and I, simply put am unhappy with you....buck up buttercup your in for a long ride...

Happy FRIDAY everyone

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

hooooooooo leeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyy is soupy out there today!! Yuck! Oh well I told myself sticky or not it was now or never!

I was staring in the face of the first post-baby run and it was maybe I am being dramatic, call it what you will but when I first started running I was doing it just for the hell of it.. and other than my Mom begging me to continue blogging (hi Mom) I kinda left running and blogging by the wayside when I found out I was expecting baby #3 but tonight was a watch out world I'm coming back kinda moment!!!

Here we go step by step:

Step one-go to local running store (Pacers Alexandria ROCKS!) and get new shoes for post pregnancy fat foot syndrome!

Step two- fret about how much money you just spent on yet another pair of shoes

Step three-hop over to Running warehouse and clean up on an awesome sale they are having

Step four-fret about how much money you just spent on running clothes then be happy knowin at least they are all matchy, matchy

Step five-hop around blog land for a couple of hours/minutes and get all inspired and stuff

step six- shwe hubby all your new loot and get the "you better use all that crap that you already have but wanted new" speech :)

Step seven- play tag with your kids for 20 mins and realize how far out of shape you actually are because your 5 and 3 year just kicked your ass playing tag

Step eight- make it very widely known around your house that you are going for a run tonight come hell or high water.....

Step nine- put all that running junk that you bought in a place where you trip over it until you put it on your body......and then give up and put it on

Step ten- go out and enjoy the burn baby!!!

It was not a glorious or glamorous run, but for two miles and 24 minutes I was alone with my thoughts and my baby flab and my tired sore ass but I did it!! and I did it for me and it hurt and it was long but it was done and I am .......

Happy :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Turns out.....

I'm still alive!!! It was a long 10 month hiatus with the exception of a few blogs where I complained about how cold or tired I was.

Do you want to see where I've been??

I grew this.....

Yup this is Miss Ryleigh Avelinn she was 9lbs 11oz and every bit of chubby and adorable!!! She is now 7 weeks and we are loving every minute with her!

But now Seven weeks has flown by and it is time to get my booty in gear! I'm ready so I hope to be hopping around to everyones blog and catching up!

The next blog you read will be about my first post-baby run!!! Wooot

Friday, February 11, 2011

5 Things I really want Friday....

It's Friday and I should be totally tickled pink right......but as part of my winter blues fest I woke up wishing for these things in no particular order!

1. I wish it was 95 degrees outside and all I had to worry about was packing a healthy lunch to take to the pool

2. I wish I did not have to go into the next room and wake a sweetly sleeping 4 year old who has no desire to go to school and would be super excited if I told her we were getting up to go to the pool.

3. I wish I would have bought a car with a remote start...I bought my van in the middle of June I wasn't exactly thinking I would need this particular bell or whistle

4. I wish I could drop everything and run for miles and miles, running through peoples sprinklers to stay cool....

5.I just wish we could get above 30 is that really so much to ask!

I am over you winter!! soooo far over it, now I must bundle up said four year old and haul her cranky ass to school, I know I can't really blame her I would rather be on a tropical island or under my blankets then head out to the artic tundra that has become Maryland but must go on....Hurry summer hurrrryyyyyyy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My mini Marathon---does not include running

In this house we have had a big looming problem for quite some time! I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old who end up in our bed by midnight every night!! We have a King size bed but little monkeys who lay body parts all over you all night has just become a major annoyance, especially with my ever growing belly.

Last night was the night, Handsome and I set up a plan said we would have to stick to it no matter what time of night! This habit has to be broken, especially before we have a newborn also waking us.

7:30- girls in bed asleep....ahhh quite time

9:00 Itty bitty looses paci, we quickly replace and she is back asleep

11:30-we finally turn in for the evening

11:40- Itty bitty starts to fuss...I calmly lay her back in her bed and tell her no mommy's bed...but we love you kiss her and walk out

12:30-howling shrieking screams from Itty Bitty's room.... I calmly go in tell her to lay down kiss her and leave.........ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE

12:30-2a.m.- Itty precedes to scream whatever words she thinks will bring either Handsome or I into her works a few times like when she was screaming "Ouch"...."I need a diaper change"...and "help me mommy" We quickly realize she is indeed fine and wants our attention....when did two year olds get so smart?

2a.m. the house finally falls silently and we turn in again

2:30- I feel little eyes and hot breath upon me.....this time it is little miss...she proceeds to tell me "I just can't do this tonight I will try tomorrow" which I promptly lead her back to her room wipe her tears kiss her and let her know to stay in her bed.

4:30- "mommmmyyyy...." Little miss again...I just can't do it she exclaims at the top of which Itty begins to scream.....I give everyone a reassuring pat tell the to lay down and get to sleep...and return to my room

6:30- I wake to Itty sitting on top of me saying..."hi mommy" and little miss dancing around singing "I earned a sticker..." and a very sleepy husband trying to get ready for work!!

NIGHT 1 down....some of you Moms out there please tell me this passes quickly and they will sleep in their rooms all night long with no interruptions SOON!! It's hard to be strong in the middle of the night when I have to get out of my warm bed! Glad to have a two hour school delay this morning!! ay yi yi!!! It was two Tylenol and piping hot cup of coffee morning!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three things Thursday...

Two blogs in one week!!! totally on a role :)

Three things Thursday.....

1. Have you ever tried Cherry cordial Hershey kisses.....I accidentally tried one thinking it was holiday wrap and not an actual different flavor, holy moly they are so ridiculously delicious and this comes from someone who does not like Cherry anything!!! I have been eating them in copious amounts, no one else in my house likes them so I don't even have to share!!! I have a feeling I may soon look very similar to a Hershey kiss.....YIKES!

2. The holidays are over and it is still cold! I have a big problem with this, I like for the holidays to be cold even snowy, but once they are done we can go ahead and hit the 60ish degree mark and start heading towards spring. This frigid crap is for ...I was gonna say birds but they are the smart ones who fly south for the winter!

3. I ran/walked/jogged the other day...I wore my semi tight fitting Nike pants and an Under armor shirt, I loaded little miss and Itty bitty in the double stroller all bundled and off we went. Cars were slowing to stare at me, I was beginning to wonder if I had a hole in the butt of my pants or boogers all over my face, it is like they had never seen a pregnant lady run...much less a pregnant lady with two kids! I veered off and headed for the track around the lake as soon as I could it was embarrassing! Overall nice Walk/run though it felt good to be out there!!

`Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011...Jumping back in...kinda


It has been far too long!!!! I have recently been missing running, working out, blogging, racing and just doing something for me! This is not to say life has been bad or unfulfilling, just that it has been busy and I let myself fall out of making time for myself.

So the right and completely cheesy thing to do is to jump back in, right with the new year! SO now that the halls have been undecked and I have gone on my "we need to eat better binge" that I go on every new is time for me to once again commit to myself! Don't laugh just yet! Last year I made it 8 whole months before falling off the wagon.....and I will blame it on being knocked up and not feeling well.

I thought if I start now and have the amazing support of the blogging community like I did before I can make it a whole year and run a half in the fall after baby GIRL makes her appearance in early May....until then I will walk, yoga, try to keep up with the mounds of house work that seems to be never ending and tell you all my dramatic ridiculous stories about it along the way! I know your excited!! Did I mention we are having a third little girl! yeah that's a story for another day all together!

Ok so anyhow to wrap this up! I am coming back, digging out the old running winter tights (I knew my pregnant ass is gonna look soooo hot in them!!) and I am gonna feel good again instead of feeling like I want to choke my kids and husband on a semi regular basis!

I hope the new year find all of you well and I hope to hear from all of you soon! and Mom....I blogged....happy reading!