Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Be a Bad ass.....

yeah you heard me I just told all of you to go be a bad ass.....much like miss TeamarciaHERE told me to do today, yup her blog was speaking right directly to me, ok so maybe she didn't mention my name but I could hear her words my entire run...she said own your awesomeness....so I felt like I better be pretty freaking awesome today because I need to own it! and since I told her I was a running bad ass I was out to prove a point!

So I went for a run on this beautiful 60 degree day I pounded out FIVE miles!!! That is only the second time I have done so and it felt so freaking goooooooodddd, I was lapping up the weather, flying by other runners (ok well merely passing them but still) and there were not any vultures waiting for me to drop dead!

How does 54.01 time sound to you, sounds like 10.48 paces to me which = aweeeesooommeee in my book, so I can officially say to myself girl your a running bad ass and it feels good! and this is me owning my awesomeness!!

Thank you Marcia you made my day!! Anyone who has not checked out her blog should totally do that right now!(well finish reading me first) She is a bundle of inspiration and good for a giggle too..

So I now want to pass that feeling onto you....be a bad ass and be proud of it! I hope every one has had a great Tuesday and is enjoying the spring weather!!

Awhile back Shelly dared us all to post a before and after running shot of ourselves. Well I finally got around to it, dudes and dudettes alike please don't laugh to hard..

and after....

yeah I know running is pretty tough on my body!!! bwhahaha

hope everyone has a great hump day, maybe tomorrow I will show you the real picture!!


  1. Oh that is awesome!! You are a bad A#*!!

    So glad you are having a great day and an awesome run!

  2. Love that post-run shot! Glad you had a great run and are feeling BA.

  3. I bow to your royal bad assness!
    Nice to see that great run brought out the animal in you! :0

  4. You are freakin' hilarious! Love it. I have a 5-miler on Saturday. It will be the longest distance I have ever run. I may have to re-read this post before I head out. ;-)

  5. HAHA! Love your "after" shot.

    You rock, Badass!

  6. lmao! i LOVE the photos!!! Way to go you bonafide bad ass!!!

  7. Great job on the Bad Ass 5! And ROFL at that last picture. ;o)