Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ready for a race re-cap? (warning contains no running)

It all started Friday night, with a delicious pasta dinner with great friends! We let the kids run like hoodlums while we talked and enjoyed each others company! They left, I packed and got everything together for the morning knowing I am not a morning person and am likely to forget things I make a quick list hop into bed set the alarm....

6:00 am Saturday morning, I hear the alarm but don't want to budge it is cold and rainy!
6:30am I finally get up and get moving

Handsome gets up with little miss and itty bitty and starts packing a lunch for the road, (I did not want to risk eating some random place just before a run.) Everyone hops in the car, and we are off..

Oh my hell it is raining so freaking hard!! Ok well maybe the further away we drive the better it will get, and the wind is ridiculous

every road we turn onto it seems to rain harder....

11:17 a.m. we arrive at the race tent, packet pick up is not until noon and it looks like a hurricane out there, we find a candy shop, take the girls in and buy them bribes and rewards for what is sure to be a miserable afternoon.

I call the hotel to see if they by chance have our room ready, to my surprise they say sure we would be happy to check you in now!!! (ok maybe the afternoon won't be so bad) We unload everyone and everything, handsome prepares lunch for the girls as I head to packet is noon, race is at 2:00 I still have plenty of time!

Since I am a block over I decided walking might not be bad, but I get outside see the ocean rolling like crazy and see the boardwalk closed, so I hop in the car...once there I find a parking spot bust out the umbrella and begin making my way to the race tent which is located about 50 feet from the boardwalk.

.....lets just say I no longer have an umbrella that is how bad the wind was, it snapped my huge golf umbrella pretty much inward on itself! The rain that was coming down blowing sideways and pelting me in the face might have well as been bullets it hurt like crazy.....I start to think I cannot believe I am going to run in this! I finally make it to the tent and get my stuff...I start playing my mental games and decide that running in weather like this will make me a new level of complete bad ass runner.....

As I am making my way out of the tent to go back and change and eat lunch, and I hear "FOLKS due to hurricane force winds and weather conditions the race has been canceled!" ahhhh crap..I am drenched,broken umbrella made the family drive three hours away stay somewhere besides their house eat less then stellar food, all to tell them I WOULD NOT BE RUNNING....

I sulked and fought my way through the weather back to the car and back to the hotel. The family was not to disappointed it turned out, they were pleased that the would not miss seeing me run, because there was no way they would have even tried to get to the race start! So instead of sulking we decided to explore this little town!

You know what we found? It was so cute we would consider going back for a vacation, and as luck would have it the freaking weather let up at 1:58 p.m two minutes before the race was scheduled to start! So we raced around the outlet stores, handsome was my driver, he would whip into a parking space I would go in and grab as many cute kids cloths as I could find, pay for them, hop in the car and race to the next shop!! Seriously, that is what we did while the girls slept....okay so I would have rather run but I love to shop, especially when I am not lugging little ladies with me!

We walked to dinner and back to our hotel and enjoyed a quaint breakfast this morning before heading no run, but lots of cute clothes and discovery of a the cutest little beach town still = GREAT WEEKEND!

hope you had a good one too!!


  1. Sorry you didn't get to run, but retail therapy works everytime doesn't it?? :) Glad you had a good weekend overall.

  2. Sorry there was no running involved, but sounds like you guys managed to make the best of it!

  3. Sounds like a very fun weekend, minus the change in running plans! Way to make lemonade! :)

  4. wow it was a tough weekend weather wise! Sorry about the cancellation but glad you had fun shopping!

  5. Sorry about the race but it sounds like you made the best of it!

  6. aww, sorry about the race, but it sounds like you had a great weekend regardless! Sometimes a quick get-away can be fun, regardless of the place or weather.

  7. What a bummer! But you made the most of it, which is commendable.

  8. Sounds like the weekend turned out to be a good mini vacay if you ask me :)

  9. ohhh too bad! But shopping is fun! I love it when my husband stays in the car with the kids and I run in to grab a few things! Great deal for me anyway!

    I've never had a race canceled before - so what happens? Is it rescheduled? Is your money refunded - I'd guess no right?

    So when is your next race?

  10. that stinks that the race was canceled... but i don't know that i would've wanted to run in that wind and rain anyway! you get a medal for even considering it and picking up your packet and all ;)

  11. I'm sorry about the race being cancelled.

    Sometimes the best times with our families are the ones we didn't plan for. I'm glad you all made the most of it!