Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello de-funk button so glad I found you...

Thank you to everyone who showed me some seriously love yesterday when I had a major case of the funkies and could not shake them...I then felt the need to express them to all of you...

My husband is also a major support, and although he likes to point out the 86 year old man that is sure to pass me on my run, he is all seriousness keeps me going daily

I will say it time and time again you bloggers out there are my out, I look forward to reading you every day!

Today I went just for a walk...hubby is working late and let's face it pushing 80 pounds of kids and stroller is not my cup of tea when running....

So many of you bloggers popped in my head as I was walking today so here is the short list...if you are not on it please don't be offended I love all of you...

MJ-So glad there is someone out there who is trying to get the hang of this running non-sense.

Tall Mom- I wish I could have this chick's speed and height to be frank

My Mom- you can do it Mom your gonna find your thing.....stop working so much it is bad for you

Momma Twitch- thanking you for saying you have bad days too

Marcia-you bondi band whore glad you can run again

Zoe-still have not found any nekkid semi's

Hannah-our chanting worked, spring is finally here

Lindsey- girllll I need some m&m's if you lived closer I would know where to get my fix

Barbara- has lost 18.5 pounds I wanna do that...

TMB: so jealous of your competitive spirit

MCM: I could use a beer (and you live close enough we could do this)

Paige: I love that you and your husband can run together and not kill each other, I am pretty sure Handsome and I would trip each other if one dared to pass the other

Angie: Barefoot really? I just can't wrap my head around this

Shelly- you Ultra mama you...too awesome!

Judi- I cannot believe you find the time with four little ones...I struggle with two

and awww man I have to pee , so Beth I thought of you...and then laughed because you are so freaking funny.. I still can't get the ice bath thing out of my head bwahahha

the whole time I was thinking these things my little girls slept and read in the stroller and we had gone two miles in what seemed like two minutes I was seriously in another world completely! haha

So thank you to all you bloggers (even if you did not get mentioned I think of everyone all the time!!! promise) you guys keep me going without your help I seriously would not be such a wanna be!!!!

Have a terrific Thursday everyone!


  1. Glad you had a nice walk and if you ever end up down this way, let me know. I'm always up for a good beer. ;o)

  2. Awww! You thought of little ol me? :) I'm glad things are looking up! Isn't the blogging world of runners so awesome? I love it!

  3. Your post made me smile! Luckily, my husband is SOOOO much faster than me that we never have to worry about passing or tripping one another! LOL! :)

  4. Thanks for the shout and WTG pushing max density in the stroller...not fun in my book! So shall my new initials be BBW? I guess it's better than BBQ!

  5. Thanks for the love! I really appreciate you, too. Just seeing your picture next to your comments makes me smile. I read your last post. I know it was a rough day for you, we all do that to ourselves. But thank you for being so entertaining with your post. It made me laugh, not at you, but with you, right?

  6. I don't always know how I do it either! :) But I wouldn't want to do anything else than be a mom to my four angel-monsters. Running keeps me sane!

    Glad you had a better day and that you could get out and take a walk with your kids.

  7. Thanks for the love girl :) you know we're all always here for you!

  8. LOL i'm not sure i'm very motivating if i make you think of m&m's while working out ;)

    getting out for a walk is better than nothing, the fresh air always works wonders. the blogosphere is such a good resource for support and motivation!

  9. YAY SPRING!!!!!!!!!

    Just sayin'! :)