Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did I shave my legs for this?

why yes yes I did shave my legs for this 70+ degree weather we are having...not that you care whether or not I shave my legs, I just thought the title was fun and do you remember that country song? hmmm

Well anyhow I simply cannot believe tomorrow is April and while I am busy thinking up hateful April fools pranks to play on my unsuspecting family and friends...even though they probably expect it from me, I will run down the month of March

March Miles : 36 wooowza....I think my goal was 40 but considering the few days I took here in there for the pain in the calves I have been experiencing I am o.k. with this number. Actually, I blame it on the race that got canceled..yeah I like that Idea better.

I ran my first 5k this month as well...wooho I cannot wait to do more!

I traveled all 5 weekends in march, this I refuse to do again it left me exhausted and wishing for my own bed!

I lost two dress sizes this month...wholly moley who are we kidding this was awesommmmeee!

I hit 50 followers this month...wooop thanks bloggy peeps I heart all of you!

and I had a P.R distance 6.2 miles it felt awesome I am gonna do it again reallll soon!

Ok so exactly 8 weeks from today, the pool opens...yesssss and uggghhhhh time to kick operation loose my ass into high gear

I hope all you wonderful inspiring bloggers also had a great month!

Oh I also did a quick 2 mile interval run today, I felt so speedy it was awesome and there were so many people out and about! Although, the trees are all flowered and beautiful, my allergies hate it... I looked like a puffer fish when I arrived home!

Have a great Thursday everyone, I have mucho amounts of cleaning to tend to seeing as the family will be arriving Friday!


  1. Great job. Two dress sizes??? I want your secret!

  2. I remember that song! lol Great job on such a great month!

  3. ugh-all that traveling! yuck! :) i have to do it 2-3 times a month myself. well i don't "have" to -- i do it cause i want to go HOME and not spend every weekend away-from-home.

    congrats on an awesome march!