Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caution Jalapeno's are spicy!!

Welcome all you new Bloggy followers!

Ummm soooo...funny story..if you have a sinus infection you should not be the one flavoring food! Also, if you are said, sinus infection person you should be aware that your sense of taste and smell are well waayyyy off...SO I made chicken taco's tonight for dinner...which we love and I make frequently! I chopped all my veggies and was cooking, I always cook the girls chicken first(thank god) and then I add Jalapeno to the rest of the chicken to give it a kick, tonight after chopping the jalapeno I realized I could not smell it, thinking maybe it was a little weak I added more to the chicken, still not being able to smell it I decided to lick it! Yes, like a double dare that I was not afraid of, I licked a jalapeno!! The next thing my mouth did was reply, holy s#$#%!!

After realizing the error of my ways I was afraid of the amount I had added to the chicken, I also was scared because my entire family was choking, no not on hard candy but on the smell of jalapeno in the air. You see all of their senses are working VERY WELL! They all had watery eyes and were coughing....ooopps catastrophic fail Mom!! I managed to barley eat one of them! Hubby said, with enough sour cream and cheese they tasted "alright" we forgot to tell brother who lives here, how spicy they were! His eyes watered then he jumped up for a cold drink!! Yikes next time I will be more aware! Damn Killer chicken taco's!

Anyhow on to running, I managed to squeak out a mere 3.1 tonight, I am getting more and more nervous as race day draws near and had to reassure my self that I would indeed be able to do this! I am still a little stuffy , but the run was awesome! I felt great the whole time I was out there! Dear ole' Galletea carried me and my legs all the way through! I had steady 11:30 paces the whole time! I really want to be faster but I know that takes time! SO I feel good and I am ready for Sunday! I might get a quickie run in on Friday we shall see how my "infection" is doing!

I have a quick review to post about! I recently tried GNU fiber Bars!HERE Not to get all personal on all you bloggy folks out there but I am a chick who could use some extra fiber in her life! But, I dread the way fiber makes my stomach feel!! I was actually excited to try these all natural bars! They were great!! Delivering the fiber I need without upsetting my stomach! My very favorite was the Banana walnut bar, and my least favorite was the lemon ginger. I could barley eat lemon ginger it was extremely zingy! These bars are Fabulous you should check out the website , these bars make tasty snacks with 12 grams of fiber!!

Ok so how is that for a bunch of randomness?? My giveaway ends tomorrow night at 11:59 so you better get in on it! I have to make my way around and post some comments on all you super running blogs! Have a great Thursday every one!


  1. Ha! Gotta love not being able to smell! :)

    Sounds like you had a great run despite getting over a sickness. That is great! You will do great at your race!

  2. Funny story! Hope you start feeling better soon. You'll be amazed how much easier running will feel once you get over your sinus infection! Good luck on your first 5K! I look forward to reading about it!

    Happy running!

  3. Jalapeno's are tasty....but not in that quantity!!! Ever had the juice in your eye?? omg...PAIN!!!! Hope you keep going on your recovery :)