Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh yes we did!!!

I totally owe you guys a Richmond 8k recap!!

Let's just say it was a blast in a half and I met all of my goals!! I promise a recap before the week is out.....

I also promised my kids this.......

and that is "Denali" we picked her up post Richmond running on Saturday....I must be a glutton

for punishment a five year old, a three year old, a six month old and a 7 week old puppy!!! What the hell was I thinking??? I need to run more.....but so far she is pretty adorable and with that said here are some really cute pictures...honestly it doesn't get much cuter!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Who's going to be in Richmond (cause it's only gonna be the most happening place on the east coast this Saturday)

Which race??? ( Yes I am looking to stalk the majority of you....only in the best way possible)

I am doing Mama's redemption, post baby, working on getting that body back....8k!!!! (Also read as first Race post baby)

I would love to cheer on some of you other runners/ bloggers :) (maybe even get your autograph or swoon over your awesome quads)

Or meet you at the expo...or anywhere in between..(.be fore warned I will be toting 3 little animals and one big one with me.....3 babies one husband = 4 animals) :)

Let me know!!! (did I tell you we are going to get a puppy after this race?? what was I thinking???)

Had a stellar five miler on Sunday(missed my time goal by 1 minute ).....feeling awesome heading for race weekend!

Hope to see some of you!!!

This was Random thoughts Tuesday...brought to you by me :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Five!!

1. Killer runs- I have been slamming down some awesome runs lately!!! Last weekend through the rolling hills of Charlottesville Virgina,My Dad, Handsome and I completed four in 44 minutes...don't laugh I know it's minimal for so many of you but I am coming back after baby and this was my fastest and furthest...since I rejoined the ranks of running. I was proud and my quads hurt so good from those fantastic hills! My dad was faster, and handsome went on for 2 more after me...but it was awesome to have them out there.

2. Handsome running-back when I originally got into running, handsome said he never would. He said "it's boring, I can spend my time other ways, but I will always be supportive of your running" Handsome enjoys hiking and biking and now he is killing runs!!! I don't know what changed his mind and I am a little jealous of his stellar runs like 4 miles in 30 mins after 2 months of running or 6 miles in 46 mins, but I won't complain I am glad he sees the addiction, I might even get him talked into a race sooner or later :)

3. Papa running- My dad, said to me "we should do a race together" he had no idea I would take it to heart and sign him up, buy him running clothes and tell him he had 7 weeks to be at the start line....yup the very next day after he said that, I rushed right out found a race and clothes, and now we are running the Richmond 8k together! It is my first race after baby and his first ever I am pretty sure! We are stoked!

4.Richmond- Yup 1 week and 1 day to my comeback....I am sooooooo excited I always loved races even if I will never win one they are thrilling, and exhilarating and help feed that sense of accomplishment! My goals...

#1 goal-to finish....even if I have to crawl my way to the end
#2- to run the entire time...no walk breaks
#3- to finish under 1 hour this is totally doable if I accomplish # 2
#4- Enjoy every minute and remain hooked on running :)
#5- be all matchy matchy and cute in my running gear

5.-It's Friday!!!- whooooopppp love me some Friday!! 5 year old at a sleep over, 3 miles on the training plan this evening and flu shots tomorrow.....alright so my life is not so exciting but at least it's the weekend!!

A big shout out to all you RACERS!!!!!! have fantastic runs, may you be light on your feet, and have wind beneath your wings!!