Friday, July 22, 2011

Cutie Cakes

Happy Friday!!!!

Does it get any cuter than this???

5, 3, and 10 weeks...I am over the moon in love with these girls...they make my rocking world go round'....and make me a proud mama!

So proud that it has been driving my runs, I want them to be proud of there Mom and know that they can do and accomplish anything...

It's hot out there!! Holy moly 102 degrees before the heat index today!! I think an ocean swim might take the place of a run..... Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vote for me!!!!

Ok so I use to be a little bit of a party girl......and once I had a few drinks in me I would come up with all sorts of fun party tricks to do!

I also use to be a gymnast, and through college a Gymnastics coach....combining drinks and gymnastics could sometimes get well....dangerous but needless to say at a redneck bar in the middle of nowhere, I was incredible bored and stuck a beer between my boobs!! this lead to many comments and then....

I was then dared to figure out a way to drink it like that, and I would receive free drinks for the evening.....they did not know who they were messing with! (I never refuse a dare and I new I could bend and twist enough to drink it) It only took mere seconds for me to do a half back bend and drink down the stuck and I use to even have a rhyme for it!! LE SIGH.....

..... ten years later a hilarious blogger Beth at Shut up and Run decided to host a SHT contest..if you don't know SUAR you have been clearly hiding under a rock and should rush over to here blog (and vote for me) and read her stuff!! But back to me, she asked for Special hidden talents (sht)and like diarrhea of the mouth(beth knows alot about diarrhea)....I offered mine right up, forget that I have three little girls or that my Mom reads this blog....hi mom and sorry :) I proudly stood in my kids toy room, shoved a beer between my boobs and drank it for the whole blog world to could you please go here and vote!!!!

I ran two miles in the heat and rain....thank god for the rain....on vacation for the next 2.5 weeks and looking forward to some new do you deal with this unbearable heat???? and don't forget to vote and check out the other freakish people with SHT, Amanda is totally kicking our asses...but she seem pretty cool so I might have to be out with that. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear Body..... (an open letter)

I know you expelled a baby not so long ago (eight weeks today if you need exact measurements) but I waited my six weeks and even gave you an extra week before I tried something my dear body why do you hurt so bad?

My abs hurt, my quads hurt, even my flipping head hurts....I know dear body we have not been friends lately I want to wear smaller clothes you want to look like a muffin, I put you through long hours of running after children and cleaning and don't always fuel you properly but do you really have to kick my ass like this?

I want to love to run again and after a short two miles you have made it difficult for me to even think about doing it again, as you had me on the verge of hyperventilating because your so far out of shape, I was jiggling all over the place, thanks to well the only thing that jiggles FAT and the sweat oh the salty burn your eyeballs sweat....I know I am supposed to sweat but I was unforgivably drenched after two miles

I also realize we ran, nursed, cleaned, nursed, did laundry, nursed, set up for little missy's party, nursed, shower (finally) nursed and then went to bed for 5 hours before getting up nursing and running off to swim lessons and then hosting a party for 15 five year olds........I get it your tired....but this is our new normal and your gonna have to meet me half way....k???

In the meantime I will try not to dwell on the things that jiggle when we are bouncing around or that we are only on five or so hours of sleep or whatever it is you don't like as long as you try to take some of the achiness away and make a little easier to breathe on our run this evening! I will even dress you in cute new running warehouse clothes that I scored.

Until then dear body...Know that I am not above an 800mg Motrin to treat your pains and I, simply put am unhappy with you....buck up buttercup your in for a long ride...

Happy FRIDAY everyone

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

hooooooooo leeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyy is soupy out there today!! Yuck! Oh well I told myself sticky or not it was now or never!

I was staring in the face of the first post-baby run and it was maybe I am being dramatic, call it what you will but when I first started running I was doing it just for the hell of it.. and other than my Mom begging me to continue blogging (hi Mom) I kinda left running and blogging by the wayside when I found out I was expecting baby #3 but tonight was a watch out world I'm coming back kinda moment!!!

Here we go step by step:

Step one-go to local running store (Pacers Alexandria ROCKS!) and get new shoes for post pregnancy fat foot syndrome!

Step two- fret about how much money you just spent on yet another pair of shoes

Step three-hop over to Running warehouse and clean up on an awesome sale they are having

Step four-fret about how much money you just spent on running clothes then be happy knowin at least they are all matchy, matchy

Step five-hop around blog land for a couple of hours/minutes and get all inspired and stuff

step six- shwe hubby all your new loot and get the "you better use all that crap that you already have but wanted new" speech :)

Step seven- play tag with your kids for 20 mins and realize how far out of shape you actually are because your 5 and 3 year just kicked your ass playing tag

Step eight- make it very widely known around your house that you are going for a run tonight come hell or high water.....

Step nine- put all that running junk that you bought in a place where you trip over it until you put it on your body......and then give up and put it on

Step ten- go out and enjoy the burn baby!!!

It was not a glorious or glamorous run, but for two miles and 24 minutes I was alone with my thoughts and my baby flab and my tired sore ass but I did it!! and I did it for me and it hurt and it was long but it was done and I am .......

Happy :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Turns out.....

I'm still alive!!! It was a long 10 month hiatus with the exception of a few blogs where I complained about how cold or tired I was.

Do you want to see where I've been??

I grew this.....

Yup this is Miss Ryleigh Avelinn she was 9lbs 11oz and every bit of chubby and adorable!!! She is now 7 weeks and we are loving every minute with her!

But now Seven weeks has flown by and it is time to get my booty in gear! I'm ready so I hope to be hopping around to everyones blog and catching up!

The next blog you read will be about my first post-baby run!!! Wooot