Thursday, April 29, 2010

Three things Thursday...

I promise not to turn this into 11,000 things Thursday again!

Welcome new bloggy peeps, so glad you can join me! This is post 49! I might have something fun for 50...hang tight!

Ok three things

1. hhhhhhmmmmm what to say has been a busy week and I have come down with a sinus infection of sorts. Yuck my head hurts, my throat hurts the whole shabang! I am doing my best to not use it as an excuse but I will admit I skipped running tonight because my head was pounding and I couldn't muster the energy, it took everything I had to give my little ladies a bath, read them a book and get them in bed! I did do some weight trainng though! Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow!

2. Speaking of tomorrow I am going to see my Mommy! I love my Mom and my Dad they are some of my best friends, we are looking forward to a fun weekend of girls, my hubby will be finishing our new deck which excites me beyond belief! I love our back yard!

3. here is a question, thought provoking what have you.....should we have another baby? accckkk I cannot believe I wrote that on my blog! But, we have been on the fence for a while and I think we have narrowed a decision which I may or may not share at a later time....but here are my worries, three kids! whooaaa that seems like alot!, I have finally found a sweet spot with taking time for myself and running, I know it seems selfish but I feel like pregnancy and a newborn would not allow those things...I also know this could just be a silly fear as many women run while pregnant....but really three kids? I love kids don't get me wrong...but I guess I am still on the fence!

now that was ridiculously random!! Thank you for all the comments about your Garmins! I have that list narrowed as you see a pattern here?

Happy friday!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday ramblings and a Garmin Question

What a busy few days!!! No excuses though..I promise!

This morning I gagged down a banana and half of a powerade I hate both but whatever, I was skeptical but I loaded Itty bitty, in the stroller and we took off....4 miles later when I was done, I had Minimal cramping!! Yes success....maybe I do have a potassium problem, I am ok with that it is better then Shin splints!! I rolled out the rest of my cramps on the overpriced rolly thing....ouuucchhhh, that thing brings tears to my eyes but makes me feel better!

I had new cloths to run in...I have new brooks shorts, mizuno shirt and new brooks shoes to try out! Running warehouse is this awesome addictive place....if you don't want to spend money don't go to that site, their prices rock..too good to pass up rock! Anyhow, I loved my shirt and my shorts and my shoes they were all awesome, the shorts were a little on the short side but really comfy!

SO in a few weeks I will be another year older, and as I birthday gift I think I want a Garmin, I am starting to run longer distances and *wince* may be considering a half marathon soon...yikes that was hard to say! I actually have this ridiculous addiction to try a Tri-athalon I have no idea where that is coming from but anyhow my point is..

What Garmin do you all use? other than price, what are pros and cons to the one you have do wish you would have gotten a different one? I have no idea which one would be best! Helllllpppp pleeesseee

Inspirational me? In the last week, I have gotten my dear friend, my neighbor, my Mom, a pre-school friend and in-law into exersising! whoaaaa seriously some days I still have to talk myself into it! Now I feel even more accountable for setting a good example!

Organizational me? I spent all day Sunday clenaing my kids rooms, closets, drawers and so on and so forth! Their rooms look so gooooodddd! Today I finished the upstairs being the guest room, both bathrooms and my room!and washing walls. Holy smokes it is organized to a T! I donated 9 bags of clothes!!!! and numerous other things, wow I love the way my upstairs looks, now if I can just get downstairs done, I can quite my OCD, neat freak self!

I am approaching 50 posts! Yikes you better stay tuned there may be a fun little gift involved :) Ok on tap tomorrow weights, and a gentle two mile run! Yes I love two mile days!!!

Happy hump day everyone!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

don't be hokey!

When I said the other day I was tired of making excuses for myself I truly meant it! I still make excuses in my brain but then I counter act myself, by squashing the excuses. Persevering is a tough thing, but I think once we see the other side of our perseverance and what it can do for us, we feel good about our choices and it becomes easier to make good decisions.

I ran Crystal city 5k last night, again with high hopes, I had a decent training week and although I have been plagued with inner calf pain, I was not about to make any excuses for myself! I did not realize how many people were at CC5K, over a 1,000 runners holy smokes! Just looking at the crowd of city dwellers, and other active life forms made, a hunky chunky running Mom like myself cower.

I am usually totally pumped on Race day and ready to go, I am a middle of the pack kinda chick and even if by some not so weird chance I am the last runner, there are always the walkers so I won't be dead last....serious fear of mine for whatever reason. Just looking around at the crowd was totally enough to intimidate me last night! Every one was fit (or fit looking), they were young (I am youngish too) but I mean college age, we are gonna run this in 5 mins and then go party for the rest of the night young looking! I started making jokes to my husband, to look for me at the local hospital because the street sweeper would probably run my short ass over when the big crowd was gone! He laughed and agreed the crowd seemed like a fit one!

When it was time to line up I got lost in the sea of people! What I did not realize is that I had lined up with the 5 minute pace group.....ugghhhh crap, When I saw the mile one sign,I knew I had gone out fast, what I did not know is that I had gone out 8:10 for the first mile is where things get shady.... (if your still with me)

I saw 8:10 on my watch, and knew in my mind I was in trouble, but was I REALLY in trouble or is that what my brain was telling me? Either way I backed waaaay off and saw the water stop up a head at mile 1.5 by time I got there I was walking, when I walk the pain sets in, I got a drink stood there for a second or ten and took off again.

At this point I had stood long enough that the pain was bad no matter what I was doing, should I quit now? and hobble my way over to the finish line or push through....I can tell you guys, one thing I am not is a quitter, I may make excuses, I may whine, but I rarely loose an argument and I never quit! That and "Baby got back", was blasting through my Ipod, I don't care if martians just landed, if "Baby got back" is playing, I feel good. hey hey don't judge me......this mama got some back.....and I roll in a honda (nobody has to know that it is a honda mini-van).

sorry I got off track, anyhow I kept running slowly and painfully, but as I rounded the corner and so those cute little faces, on my little girls yelling, go mommmyyy, I couldn't help but sprint it out! My official time was 33.07. yup, it is a PR by 2 seconds! I hobbled over to the grassy knoll where tears began to squeak out because of the pain! Thank god for compression socks, as soon as I could slide them over my sweaty legs I felt much better!! The little ladies got Ice cream and we headed home!

This morning I headed to Pacers our local running store, I had "Mr. Chilsed calfs" as the authors of "Run like a mother"(if you have not read it yet GO GET IT....NOW) call him! He said that he did not think I was suffering shin splints, and my shoes look great! Instead his suggestions were
A. Growing pains of running
B. dehydration and lack of potussium thus inducing acid burn in thy muscles
c. Cramps from above mentioned things

All I really know is I paid $30.00 for some foam roller thing MR C.C. suggested...he was incredibly nice and had a wealth of knowledge, just a little bit sticker shock when you pay so much for Styrofoam! Anyhow hopefully all of this helps! My Mom had good suggestions too! Thanks Mom!

Ok so I just wanted you all to know that, I could not blog until I had answers to my issues, because I would be making excuses otherwise right? Nope I am being pro-active!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Today I am thankful every patient Husband and children who follow me to my races, to watch me get all sweaty, upset with myself for not finishing faster, and generally thrilled to be able to race! Actually, I think it was the ice cream bribe that got them all out of the house! :P at any rate I am still thankful for their support!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three things Thursday...

First, I don't know why, but I decided I needed to race again this week so tomorrow I am running Crystal City 5K can I get a PR in the house pleasssssseeee running gods?

I am just tagging along with three things Thursday this week, my brain does not seem to be able to cough up anything else!

1. Holy workouts batman! I decided on Monday, that I do not push me body hard enough, fast enough for long enough! Sure I can run, sure I can finish a race, but I bet you I can do it faster, and I bet I can run further! and I am not actually betting you guys as much as I am betting myself! Also on the days I don't run I absolutely have to do some other form of exercise, another bet I made with myself! This can be riding my bike, aerobics, weights or my current fave Jillan's Shred....TODAY I can barley cough, sneeze, laugh or lift my children without wincing, all for 20 minutes on level two with Jillian, it actually is really painful, feels freaking awesome!!!

2. Also, on Monday (wow I thought a lot on Monday) I decided I was not eating right, when I decided to start running it was to loose some weight and to do something I have never done before, I relished in the "thing I have never done before part" and not the loosing weight part! I hate to admit that, and don't get me wrong even without being overly strict about what I eat I have lost weight, inches and changed my body SOME.....but I want to be able to quit the hunkey chunky running Mom club before long(and be in the speedster,marathoning Mama club) and my Brie and triscuits with Honey is not helping me get there!

So I have gone Psycho on my booty and have been making much better choices about what I eat! I have always been able to consume large quantities of food! Yup I can take out a whole pan of brownies, an entire brick of cheese or half of a large pizza all by my little lonesome! Not to say I am proud of these things, just saying this girl can eat! When I was nursing, people would laugh at the amount of food I would consume, I guess they just weren't expecting a chick to eat like a 500 pound Man! SO instead of consuming junk,(that would not keep me full) When I get hungry (and decide I could eat a small horse,) I make a giant salad with many veggies, and fruit on the side and I consume without guilt! I was starving at lunch today, I was able to put away, half a chicken breast, 3 cups of salad greens, 1 cup of broccoli, 1/2 cup of carrots, a spinkle of cheese and one tablespoon of dressing! Packing in the veggies and fruit feels great! and I feel really good too!! Eating right is really a fine tuned balancing act! and for me a work in progress.

3. Excuses, I told you the other day I have been making excuses! I really have been whining and complaining about whatever I can latley! So much so that I am driving myself nuts. So I decided that also needed an overhaul. Sure I am having some leg pain, and some Achilles problems, my days are long (but who's aren't?), I am tired after getting up with Itty bitty who is teething (again), so on and so forth blah blah blah....I also want to loose weight and be faster so what is all my complaining getting me? NOTHING, NATTA, ZILCH, ZERO......So it's over, I am no longer making excuses for myself and I am going to do everything I can to complain less, about everything including my in-laws haha just kidding they are great wonderful people whom I don't ever complain about! But you get the picture, instead I will be trying to find things I am thankful for! Thank you to all my friends in both the real and blog world who have listened to my bitching' for far too long..I am sorry I promise to try harder! Tonight, I put this to the test, actually all week Hubby has been away, and I could have easily made excuses not to run or cross-train but I didn't!! Tuesday, I ran with the stroller, yesterday I did shred during nap time, today I began to blow off my run when I decided I had no reason to, and although I only got two miles in because by time I got out there it was dusk, dark fell on me quick, I still got two miles in!! Take that excuse maker!!

Ok All this hit me on Monday!
Dear,Rude awakening,
You caught me, I hear you loud and clear I am trying to change, please bare with me while I try my best! Thank you for shaken my ass up and bringing me back to reality!

so so proud of all you Boston bloggers, I watched some of it in complete aweee...I would be lying if I said there was not some spark of "hey I want to do that one day in me" yikes I think my heart just skipped a beat, mostly I just want the Jacket...and if you have ever seen my jacket collection you would know that if I had to run 26.2 miles for the awesome Jacket I would freaking do it! Yup I am bazzzaarrr like that! and don't say to me "you can just buy the jacket" I already know, I want to freaking earn the jacket!

Ok so maybe that was more like 110 things but I had a lot to say, the creative juices just didn't start flowing until I started typing! Happy Friday tomorrow!

Today I am Thankful for a supportive community of friends and family (bloggies included) who know how to hold me accountable for all the ridiculous things I manage to sign myself up for!!!

What are you thankful for? Do you ever make excuses?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

di di dum diddley deeee

I could write for two hours tonight, I have so much going on in my brain and I am trying to sort it all out!! I am going to do extended bullets so there is not so much confusion! Ok every one hang in there with me.....

First and foremost an extended race report, I am sorry the one from Sunday was so quick we had family staying with us and I did not want to be rude! I really felt good during the race but I was slightly annoyed that the course was not marked properly as in the only mile marker I saw was mile one and from there I had no freaking clue where I was and it drove me crazy!! All that being said, I heard a nasty rumor today that the course was actually 3.5 miles long and not 5k distance of 3.1....I have no idea if this is true but I would like to believe it in my brain because that would then mean I finished 3.1 in thirty minutes! Anyhow no reason to dwell on the past, I will get sub 30 before long! Although it was fun, I enjoyed it, and it refueled my fire for running!

uh-huh you heard me say re-fuel....pretty much since the day I bonked I have been in a hate relationship with running! I have not blogged much or told anybody because I was not ready to give up, I just hit a hard spot and had to work through it. In fact I only ran once in the week leading up to the race and was nervous because of it! I am blessed with a loving supportive handsome hubby who puts up with my freak show self on a daily basis, he was nothing but words of encouragement and jokes for the entire week! SO now I am back to my love/hate relationship with running, yup I love it when a tough run is over but hate the moments leading up to going running! Maybe one day we can take our relationship to the next level of all be for warned Hunky chunky RUNNING mom has resumed!

Today I went for a run with itty bitty in the stroller! Hubby is away on a business trip and I was not going to let that be an excuse, because seriously I have been making excuses lately and I am done! there are no excuses anymore! So anyhow we parked and tried out the "rail trail" while little missy was at school. I had a hard time with the stroller this is the first time I had to use it and I was not a fan but it was fun to share my run with itty bitty she loved it! I ran and ran and OMG it is 10:30 and I have not turned around and I have to get little missy in an hour, I was at least 20 mins from the school!! and god only knows how far from my car! I took off running back towards the car, we managed to squeak out three miles in about 34 minutes, not too bad considering I had 40 pounds of pushing in front of me!

Realization today! Construction workers around these parts can be total creepers! Sorry I don't mean to offend anyone who does construction or anyone who's hubby does, but in these here parts, honking your giant dump truck horn at a Hunky chunky Mommy with her baby in the stroller more than once, is just creeper status all the way!! Unless you were about to run my ass over, please don't honk it scare the bejesus out of me!

Watching parts of Boston was sooooo inspiring! Woooowwww maybe one day....just maybe!

Decided today that maybe I don't feed my family so healthy! I mean I always make sure they get fruits, veggies, protein and dairy in their diet, but I also feel like I am a little lax about the junk food! This has really been driving me crazy and I don't want to obsess about what my kids eat but I feel like I need to curb the junk food to the tenth degree, it seems every time I turn around someone is begging for junk and I am not ok with that! I will be a better example as well, the girls and I made whole grain English muffin pizzas for dinner with veggies and it felt good that every one had a nice healthy dinner that they enjoyed!

Ok so I am back and ready to attack...(running attack to be clear, and maybe the next construction worker who honks while I am running)

Okay so I can't wait to hear about Boston! I hope everyone else is having a great week I promise to make my way around to make comments tonight!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

did she PR?? a race report

did I PR??? I did, I did! I shaved an entire 1:35 seconds off my last record! So I finished my second 5k in 33.09, I really wanted to break 30 minutes, but that will have to wait for another race.

I felt good I ran this race comfortably! My Achilles has really given me some trouble the last couple of days and I am considering getting it checked ...(yup it's that bad!) So I did my best not to break myself during this run and I can say I defiantly did not!

There were a few snotty Mom's who had made snide comments at pre-school last week, and I don't want to brag or be Ugly so I will leave it at I beat the pants off of them, by a good 5 minutes haha, I think I will stick out my tongue when I see them next! How mature and adult like of me!

My only complaint is that it was freeezzzziiiinnnngggg!! It was no kidding 40 degrees at the start line. It was 85 degrees on Friday! geeezz I would like for the weather to make up it's mind! Anyhow here are a few photos. Good luck to all the Boston peeps and I am excited to read other race reports, enjoy your weekends!

Thats me in the pink!

the girls and I at the finish

Thursday, April 15, 2010

big achilles.....

My Achilles is swollen like ouch...Actually it did not hurt while running it just gets big and puffy after wards and is tender! I am not even sure it is my achilles but it is that area....sure I get rid of the inside calf pain and now this! Oh well I put some Ice on it and it will be o.k.!

Can't find my recovery socks!!! This should not surprise you I cannot ever keep up with my socks! I was doing pretty good with $35 recovery socks but I think my washing machine got hungry!

I totally walked tonight during my run...hello can you say wus! It was only for a minute but ummm I can't remember the last time I did that!

I am racing this weekend and I am overly nervous, I have not been able to shake my nerves all week....and who knows why?

I think I forgot to mention that I signed myself up for a 10k, all so I could meet Sara Bowen Shea of "Run like a mother"!! I also managed to suck my BFFFL into it, sorry Katy but you know you still love me and you will still be my BFFFL, and yes I happen to be twelve tonight!

I could not bring my brain to actually write a nice flowing post so I just hit the highlights, I am lazy and tired...time to rest up so I can be super speedy this my dust other racers...bwhahahah I wish!

All you Boston peeps ....good luck you have already made it! Now have the time of your lives!!!! Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Ten.....

I am having a random day with a random cold.....and have not yet hit my run so I figured I would post ten random things about myself really quickly! A few of you have asked questions through email and I have not got around to answering yet! I promise I will get to you!

Ok Random ten:

1. On Sunday I ran a single mile in 8:34 seconds, I was about to die my lungs were going to explode but 1 mile with all I had and I was damn proud!

2. I have been dating/married to my husband for 11 years and we are not even thirty yet!

3. Someone asked me today if I was baby sitting, when I said no these are my children the looks on their faces said it all...I promise folks I am old enough to have children...and I don't think I look all that young but this happens to me occasionally.

4.Some days I still don't feel like a runner, other days I feel like a complete bad ass.

5. A lot of my friends and family are starting to run or do some sort of other exercise and they will tell me it is because I am inspire them, even my neighbor told me the other day he sees me running and thinks "hey I can do that too", this sets my brain in motion...can I inspire an entire county? a country? the world? haha see I have quite the imagination.

6. I don't know if we will have more kids, we are at a happy spot with the two cuties we have, and although more would be a blessing, I sometimes think we have what we need and don't need anymore!

7. I love being a SAHM, no like really love it! I don't do it because I have to I do it because I want to.

8. I think my Mini Van is completely awesome...don't judge

9. I think I have some of the worlds most awesome friends, who put up with a completely weird and random me.

10. I think I better get my booty off of here and get some serious draw and closet organization happening!

OK so those were pretty random! I hopes I answered a few of the email questions. If you have more questions I am totally down with that I looovvvee telling people all about awesome me! hahah I kid, I kid, but I seriously don't mind the questions as long as you don't mind my answers!

Have a great tuesday I will make it back soon, to give a post about running!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello MOJO!!! Glad your home!

I rocked it out tonight!!!!! I know I promised you I was going to yesterday, but dang it lately around this old house, it has been crazy even beyond what I am use too...more on that in a minute!

ok so you all know I was totally off my rocker Tuesday and was ready to give up, I played more mind games as the week went on and tonight I decided to put my feet where my mouth is... I know I can be faster, I know I can push harder and I know I can learn to love the burn, these are the things I keep telling myself.

I usually, very carefully plan out my running routes, and tonight I just wanted to go and I would have a rough idea of my mileage, but would not know exactly where each mile marker was, so I was not stressing about times....I just went and ran with all my might

ohhhhhhh baby I loved the burn it felt good. I had to stop once to tie my shoe and then I did get a little freaked out because the trail I thought led right back to my house did not exactly do that! It kinda took me down and around and back out! I was having moments of Dr.Jekyll on one shoulder and Mr.Hyde on the other, my brain was telling me you can't do it, but my feet were saying ohhhhh yeah suckkkkaaa watch this! Seriously at one point I knew I was .5 from home and instead of taking that route I totally went the long way...I was not sure how far that was but I knew it was much further and it was just my feet doing all the work as if they were saying prove it to your self lady!!

and even I am not so vain to know that distance and time don't matter and I had to find out how far I went! So my watch said 39.02 when I got to my street, when I mapped my run it was 3.96!! HOLY MILES BATMAN I was wander my lungs where on fire!!! 9.51 pace for nearly four miles can I get a holllllaaaaaa (sorry I am trying to be youthful....bwhahahha) so excited about this! and I even got a honnnkkkk and a "Hey suga" yell out of a car which is both creepy and flattering at the same time (hey I gotta take all the compliments where I can get them...don't judge), especially since the tires on this particular car, had to be at least three times the price of the car itself and it was full of dudes, that is when I start begging the running gods to make me really fast, I am telling you, dudes just like to see a booty jiggling and I got a big booty to jiggle!!! ok, maybe TMI?

Anyhow I feel great, I am back and ready to attack....uhhh running attcks that is..and on to the more boring stuff that has prevented my running! Ever had a gaping hole in your ceiling? well I do! We have a internal pipe leak! Yes, completely awesome I know you are all so jealous, as we just dumped ridiculous amounts of money into buying new appliances (that we absoulutly needed!) and a new deck (that just had to be redesigned and more fabulous) we now have to pretty much replace all upstairs not the easy to access downstairs pipes, but the lets cut a bunch of holes in our walls, to get to them upstairs pipes...can I get a grrrrrrrr... yesterday I had to get the oil changed in my van who we call "murphy" by the way, how long do most oil changes take? I would usually guess somewhere around 30 or so mins......well after an hour and a half, guess who's oil change was free....ahhheeemm don't mess with mama at dinner time when she has her sick, starving babies with her and had left ample time for you to change my oil before dinner!!! anyhow because of said wait we got stuck in rush hour d.c. traffic by time I got home with those sick, starving babies, we were all burned out and there was no chance for a run... anyhow that is all my mama drama for another day! I don't rightly care at the moment after an awesome run!

so I will leave you with this, remember when you were little and someone would tell you when you fall off your horse, you have to get right back up and get back on? this couldn't be more true! I could have seriously washed my hands of running on Tuesday, (if I was not afraid of all you other bloggers who might come after me) but I got out there tonight and tried again and now I am on a runners high and good gravy I looooovvvve that feeling!!

have a great weekend everyone! Good luck to all cherry blossomers(if you need a meal on your way home you can stop here :) )..and other racers!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jumping the gun!

well not literally....but I think I better explain myself after my extremely negative blog the other day....I am just going to say it was a bad, bad, day! It is in the past and I have moved on!

Yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon I knew I was not ready to get out there and run again yet, for fear of having a repeat of Tuesday and the heat was still around, so I decided cross training for the day would be the way to go.

I did:
50 bicep curls
25 chest flys
50 shoulder presses
200 core moves

and 6 miles on my bike! I would have gone further on my bike but I was pressed for time it was little Missy's first night of soccer.

a few things got me over my horrible Tuesday, one of them was Isabella, she said to me Mommy...can we go buy some new soccer clothes for me? When I asked why,because she has a million pairs of shorts and t-shirts...she said "I wanna look just like you when you run super fast!" ahhhh she knows how to pull good heart strings so I did take her to target and Champion makes a little kids line, and although she is teeny tiny ( she still wears a 2 or 3t and she is almost four) I bought it for her and brought her home and sewed the waist of her shorts so they would fit! She looked very cute, I will post pictures later!

Everyone was so encouraging! Thank you, it is like you guys did not believe me that I was going to quit, which is pretty much what I needed!

Hubby and I had a loooonnnnggg talk last night about running and the need to push further, faster, harder, and my ridiculous mental games! It was such a nice talk and he made me realize that I often scoff at myself and a lot of times don't believe in I took this from our talk set a ridiculous goal and reach for your dreams even if it is a totally unattainable goal, you might surprise yourself at how far you get.

and here are some adorable pictures of my cutie pies from the last two extremely warm days! I hope everyone enjoys the day I will be back tonight with a post about my most awesome run.....that I am truly looking forward too...1 week 2 days out from race number 2!!

Itty bitty and her shades!

little missy and her "friend" georgette the earth worm

sisterly love in front of our tulips

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

have I lost my MOJO??...beware debbie downer post

grrrr....on tonight's run I decided that I was kidding myself, I was not a runner, I was not cut out for running and getting faster just is not gonna happen..I bonked I was totally over running at the 2.5 point and I was supposed to hit four...I quit I just flat out QUIT!

YUP I am a freakin quitter, and I am now so mad at myself I could scream it is such an obnoxious feeling really, I mean what the hell a weekend ago I was conquering mountains running a 10k and loving every minute, tonight I am ready to send my new skirts to TMB (although they would fall off of her) my bondi bands to Marcia and hang up my shoes.

It sure as hell didn't help that is was 92* degrees when I headed out to run, I love HOT weather however I do not like to run in hot weather! ughhhh I think I will go cry in my pillow this evening...

do you runner buffs have days like this? do you feel like given up? and what gets you through? am I a wus who should quit running? I need mega inspiration!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

still wiping noses

ohhhh my I have soooo much to post about!! But things are crazy here right now, I still have sick little kids who it seems each night of sleep gets worse instead of better, we still have family in town which has been great to have extra hands and help.....and I still am sleep deprived so I will make this short and catch up again soon I promise!

I had a beautiful Easter Sunday, I got to go for a run with my Dad and my husband, I was nervous to say the least. These two men are the most in shape guys I have ever known and I thought I would be soooo slow!

I did great we finished 2.5 in 24.01 which was slightly more than a comfortable pace, but lately I have been thinking I need to push harder anyway, and I won't mention that my Dad was behind me the whole time and when I would feel him gaining on me I would speed up, I never let him by....I also will not mention that the only reason this was possible was because he is just getting back to working out after having hip surgery 10 weeks ago....all of these are minor details....I was in front of him and I am proud of that...

Needless to say we got home hid Easter eggs and watched my precious albeit sick babies hunt eggs and be in complete candy heaven!

I have little missy now going for Jogs around the house with my hydration belt! SO cute...I know I have not even had the chance to tell you my awesome Mama bought me a hydration belt because she is Well awesome and it is pink I loooovvvee it....I will tell you more about that later!!

I totally have to go to bed..Itty bitty sleeps until about 3a.m. and then the coughing and sneezing get the best of her and she needs her Mommy and sometimes you just need your mommy and I won't complain because there will be a day when she doesn't need me (or won't admit she does) and I will miss I will go sleep now so I can be a nice Mom at 3am...I hope everyone had a great Easter and has a great week!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am sorry fellow bloggers for I have been absent for a few days now, you see that thing I talk about every now and then called life, really ,really got in the way this week. It got in the way of my blogging, my running, my daily routine in general was just tossed aside.

I have two sick little girls, a house full of family and a deck in the middle of remodeling. So, between grocery shopping, cleaning, dosing out medication and sleeping a little less then normal I have not found nor made time to blog or run!

I have promised my self that I will run tomorrow, it will be my Easter treat! After all if Jesus can die on the cross for us, I think I can squeeze in three miles in the morning. I will do it for him and I.

I hope all of you have a fantastic Easter, enjoy your families and the wonderful food, and maybe a good run dedicated to the big guy in the sky!