Friday, December 30, 2011

10 things Friday

I know most people do five things Friday but guess who is shockingly far behind on her me! I know guys just find that so hard to believe, Well in effort to save a tremendous amount of time here are 10 things this Friday!!

1. Handsome bought me a sweet new bike.....and although I am still not over the amount he spent on it, I freaking love it!!
I am riding a shiny new 2012 Cannodale Synapse and working on a good name for my Beauty! It was a total anniversary surprise!

2. Anniversary- holy moly baby! We are getting old 9 years of married life and happier then we could have ever imagined!!!

3. Dec 23- was the only low point for me in the last couple of months, My Grandmother who is a wonderful, loving, kind hearted soul, was hit by a drunk driver on her way to work. They had to use the Jaws of life to rescue her from her car. She sustained several severe injuries but has lived to tell about them and that is a blessing, we know angels were flying with her, please please don't ever drink and drive there is no excuse in the world that is good enough.

4. Christmas was a quite one for us this year! Low-key with our close family members and just really enjoying time with each other, and being thankful that Grandma was going to be ok.

5. We have loved every minute of Christmas break and dubbed it a "staycation" we played, ran when we wanted and did other things that we normally don't have time for.

6. I had a major awesome Ride on my new bike, I than hopped off and ran 3 miles, I then collapsed in a heap in the middle of my living and repeated the words "what were you thinking"

7. My first swim!!! I made it ten laps and then collapsed in a heap and repeated the words "what were you thinking???"

8. Ok so maybe I am exaggerating a little in 7 and 8 buttttttt I do know I have a lot of work to do!!!

9. Did you know I have set a goal to loose 50lbs before may 17th 2012 which will be my 29th birthday......this is once again were I fall into a heap and well you know

10. I am going to re-vamp the blog a little! I think it is gonna be the "hunky-chunky runner!" It just has a more original tune and it suits me!

That was my quick ten I have so much to talk and tell you about and one of my goals is to carve out more time for the blog! Hold on to your hats 2012 I'm coming for you!! Tell me ten things or two things about your day! My you all have a happy, SAFE, New years!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


You know how you can tell when you have become a runner????

When you decide to risk it all no matter how bad it feels, just to get a run in.

Thanksgiving dad and I hosted our own little turkey trot..I didn't feel 100% but I gave it my best and did pretty well, I coughed the rest of the day! by Saturday I was feeling wiped out with all out cold symptoms and a terrible cough.

On Sunday I had six miles to complete, I made it two and walked home, I could not get a full breath without a cough that would make a smoker blush...and my whole body hurt

I rested and waited, the aches went away, and the sore throat also seemed to come and go pretty quickly, the cough the nagging old man, I have been smoking 10 packs a day since I was 4 cough......

Thursday I needed a run I was craving it and for the most part feeling better, so with the 100lb double stroller, two babies and the freezing cold I hit the rail trail for 3 miles.... Mile 1 13:35....and I can't breathe...what the hell????? Mile 2- 12:22 and I feel like I am gonna die....mile three was un timed because I had stopped my garmin and walked trying desperately to fill my run was sucktastic and I figured it had more to do with the stroller than anything.

Yesterday morning I woke up and begin my hacking and wheezing and coughed up (Sorry if it's TMI) green and yellow....I threw in the towel and headed for the doctor!

12 mins after he begin listening to me I was having a chest x-ray...
5 mins later he told me I have Pneumonia!!!1 #$%^&*&^% WHAT??????

I have never had this before....his response "yeah well it kills people so you should probably take it easy and rest, rest, rest" uhhhh have you met me before that's not really an option with three kids, a dog and a variety of other excuses!!

his response "so you need a few days in the hospital for adequate rest??" uhh no thanks I will rest! When can I run???? his response "when you finish the anti biotic and your lungs are clear" WHAT!!!

Dude I am seriously having minor arrhythmia's Saturday night tomorrow is long run day and I will be crying in my cereal when the rest of the crew takes off because I have to REST!! No physical exertion for 5 days!! and then we will re-evaluate...I really wanted to tell this guy to bite me....but I really did not want to go to the hospital!

Have you ever been sidelined?? How did you get three the crazy I can't do anything feelings???

Thursday, December 1, 2011

100 Posts!! a give away and a challenge

Holy Moly I can't believe I have written 100 blog posts!! I have been racking my brain for a fun celebration!! Don't worry I haven't come up with much!

I thought I would give away three surprise gifts!!

So you should follow this blog!!

Leave me a comment!! telling me that you do so

Give me a cold weather running tip....

and tell me which running gifts are on your Christmas lists!!

(separate comment for each please, but only if you want a chance to win stuff)

I will select three random winners (at on Tuesday Dec 6th!

We have had many exciting things going on in our "running household" Handsome has signed up for his first race..."The Monte Bell 25k" in march just one week after I complete what will be my first half Marathon "Virgina Beach Shamrock run" the training madness is about to begin!!

and now for a challenge....

Trying to get fit in 2012??? Me too!!

Join the runmommyrun...race series, all you have to do is run, tri or cycle at least one race per month for the entire 12 months of the year. It can be any race, any where, At the end of each month I will happily post all of our races in one spot. At the end of each month there will be a random winner of something... could be a GU, could be a tough chik t-shirt, recovery socks, or maybe some nail polish!

Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know if your in! I will begin making a list of all of us snazzy racers!

That's a lot of comments to leave........go!!