Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Versitile...I think so

I am Beyond Versatile I just can't think up anything good right now! (what it is not the think on your feet award...ok or in three days award but whatever!)

I was tagged by the Fabulous Stacie at Impossible is nothing....and this week has been a little nutty but I am finally getting around to catching doubt because of my 4:45 wake up call!

So here are Seven random things about me.....

1. Lately I feel like life is flying by....I mean was it not yesterday that I found out I was expecting our first baby and tomorrow she is being promoted to pre-k, now I know that seems silly to most but she has changed sooooooooo much this year, she shed her little baby layer and it turning into a kid. Also, for a shy little lady a whole year of school was a giant feat......and my second, my true baby is going to turn I was watching them play out back yesterday I was wishing for time just to freeze....I felt like I would be sitting on my deck in 15 years just wondering where all the time went!

2. Speaking of is nearly June! and if there is one thing I love it is SUMMER.....I love the BBQ's, the pool, the beach, the late nights, the hot, sweaty, sticky feeling as soon as you walk out of the door, how acceptable it is to run around in shorts, and a bathing suit shoes or no shoes, how we can wake up and go wherever we please for the day..Popsicles, margaritas, saucy dates (with handsome of course) the general happiness of people, vacation.....I could keep going but I will spare you.

3. On a running note, I am learning more about myself then I could have ever imagined....the whole mental toughness thing has come a long way but I am still working HARD on it! I like to give up...

4. I was a Cheerleader in high school, and on the dance team in both high school and would never know that right? shocking I know!

5. I have been to Europe, England in fact but not to London, I landed in London and then hopped a flight to Plymouth England (yup that is where the pilgrims sailed from) Handsome's submarine had just pulled into port and we had been married 7 months....he had been gone for 6.5....we spent 8 very drunk delightful nights stumbling through seeing parts of England most don't know about! However, the food was horrible, thank god for beer it was the only carbs I managed to consume on that trip!

6.My kids are cute...I am not biased, don't even think about suggesting is an example

Little Miss

Itty Bitty

Freaking's ok I already know!

7. I am getting horribly sarcastic about everything! I used to just do it to people I knew, now I do it to everyone even on the computer! It does not always come across so well....I think I better watch it people are gonna think I am a whacko, what you already do? why?

I am supposed to tag 15 people, but for about 1,000 reasons I am going to be lazy and tell you that I am probably the last person to do this out here in blog land and the first 15 people who read this can be tagged.....also my kids are on the verge of starving so that is my real excuse....I am sure they will devour what ever breakfast I go make them (somehow I dream these things up in my perfect world) hence the urgency really!

Have a happy Hump day everyone!

Monday, May 24, 2010

say whattt she is B.A........?

YEAH you know me (all you early 90's folks need to resist the urge to shout "I'm O.P.P) I spent the day obsessing about how I ran yesterday, how bad it sucked, and how bad it hurt! I was terribly defeated yesterday afternoon. Last night hubby and I did an hour and half of Yoga "X-STYLE" and it was killer and felt good all at the same time!

Today I wrestled feelings of being down, to quitting running to wondering why I torture treat myself with p90x and running. I wanted to give in and give up be done with it all, so you know what I did? I freaking went running!!! I had to prove to myself that I love to run and it makes me feel good, and it pulls me out of my incredible funk....and so what if my legs hurt, that is the life of a fit chick right?

Sorry I got excited, it was just a quick two mile shake down...a calm, confident, albeit hot and humid your a Bad ass runner shake out! 2 miles in the dark 19:49! I felt as if I was melting and I loved it!

Now the sad part....I still have legs and Back p90x to do :( But I am happy and pumped even! and Tony Horton your ass is mine tonight pal! I love a good run that can turn your whole day around!

Two things I forgot to mention yesterday while I was in my ridiculous slump!

I would like to welcome my New ADORABLE very chubby Niece to the world! Lochlyn Grey was born this past Friday coming in at 9lbs 12 oz to her tiny, little, super model sized mommy! Way to go M.A!! we are all very proud of you! and are soo excited to meet Lochlyn!

and I hauled gravel for almost three hours on Saturday! Seriously don't think I could have down this five months ago...the dudes working on the deck were standing with their mouths gaping, they could not believe a chick could load a wheel barrel full of rocks and push across the yard, dump it spread it and do it again for three hours! Yeah I rocked it and got a great workout at the same time!!

Ok so here is to a good week, no more blahs, I am gonna try and crank out 20 miles this week!!!

Tomorrow I am back with the Versatile blogger award, if my legs can carry me down the steps!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

uh oh another case of the blahs

you ready for some whining?

Ok first off I have no idea what my problem is! I did not run at all last week (gasppp) I know it was killing me too. I got out one day and played with my Garmin for 1.5 but I did more playing less running!

Now before you get all crazy on me, I have been getting up every morning at 4:45 to do p90x, but I did not want it to take a toll on my running, and it is not the only thing that has stopped me! We have had family, bad weather, and a host of end of the year things going on...and I know these are excuses but I have been using them!

Today I enlisted a dear friend of my mine to hit 7 miles with me! We have a 10k in two weeks and I wanted a longer run. We met first thing this morning and hit the trail! Mile 1 and two were fantastic 9:54 and 10:22, and then I felt a very familiar pain creeping into my legs, so I slowed to stretch and walk for a second, mistake!!

I know when I stop cramps get worse I have no idea why I stopped, it was raining by this point I tried to Jog for a .5 mile more it just was getting worse! Poor K she got up early, came out in the rain only for her buddy to bonk on her! Not only was I have such intense leg cramps I was also having awful cold chills, like my skin was standing on end cold chills.

By the time we got back to our cars (with a total of 5.1 miles in 1:03) I was nauseous and dizzy, I couldn't decide on the ride home if I needed to throw up or just visit the rest room, my stomach was angry! Horrible feeling, and I still feel really guilty for quitting on K in the rain! I got home and looked up some stuff on cold chills, the first thing I found was dehydration, the next thing I did was weigh myself I was almost 3 pounds lighter than I was first thing this morning! Hello dehydration, no wonder I felt like crap.

All of this also means I did not participate in the Rock your socks 10k like I was supposed too :) Sorry TMB....I feel pretty defeated this afternoon! I will do my best to pick it up and get back out there tomorrow!

For now my recovery socks and lots of water seem to be doing the trick!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three things Thursday...

1. I hate you Alarm clock....before I decided I needed to be ripped, buff, hot, muscley, whatever else p90x BETTER get me, I woke up naturally! Now I here your obnoxious sirens at 4:45 and you are lucky your not on the floor in a million pieces.....and no I am not a violent person!

2.On the other Hand Garmin I love you!! But, I actually need to go for a "real" run instead of playing games with you! I know it is really fun to see how fast I can get you to beep at me and how high I can get my heart rate! At one point yesterday when my pace read 4:54 and my heart rate was 173 I was positive someone would have to read my Road I.D. and call the numbers, because I was gonna croak! But it was fun!

3. In general I am gloating (to my self of course) that I can feel every muscle in my body this morning! I sit straight I feel my abs, I stretch out for a kid I can feel my shoulders and back, I lift a kid and think "I could lift you for 15 reps and you would be the perfect weight!" P90x your taking over my brain.... Damn you Tony Horton the day I think your funny I will quit!

and one more thing this is just gross so be prepared

You think he has to walk around saying "it's not a tumaaaa?"

He must have been doing doubles or triples or well drugs maybe? I mean really that is gross and un-natural.....just sayin!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Body....

Dear Body,

I am Sorry! Yes sorry that I woke your sorry ass up at 4:50 a.m. to do p90x! Handsome decided that it was taking up too much of our evening, so now dear body we are working it out in the morning!

I know you hurt, I know the thought of getting out of your nice warm bed, after being up with a little missy who had an accident at 2:45 is not what you were thinking you would be doing on this dreary rainy morning!

I however, am proud of you body, you held up, with eyes barley open you brought it! You loved the burn (or not) you listened to Tony's stupid jokes and you took it all in stride, at times you wanted to throw your weights through the t.v. but you restrained!

I know body you were longing for a shower afte rwards, but since this Mom gets up early her kids think they can also wake up early, so after our Ab ripper X workout, the sound of little feet was not a welcome one! I assure you I will shower you today! I promise!

You have to admit though body, it will be worth it in the end, and it was pretty funny when you crossed your arms in X fashion and told handsome to have an X-cellent day! Too bad you can barley lift coffee to your mouth! sigghhhh dear body, we will be ok and ridiculously ripped....because we Brought it at 4:50 this morning!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The long Race report! and other ramblings

Sorry I have been M.I.A with Birthday going on's and I had a slew of family visiting it was certainly nice to see all of them! and they kept my kiddos so Handsome and I could sneak out for a birthday date! We went to a cute little cozy restaurant here in town and enjoyed Champagne and Appetizers I really had a great day...

So on to the Race....Sunday morning wake up at 5:45, I really wanted to give myself enough time to wake up, fuel up, calm down and be ready, today was the day! I had been talking to my own brain all weekend. I continued to tell my self that all I needed was 9:45 paces to do this...this would be pushing it but to remember that burn feels soooo goood!

I couldn't even get my coffee down my throat! ugghhh so not a morning person! I gagged on a PBJ and packed some things thinking in a bit I could eat! I drank water hit the bathroom, loaded the car, kids and husband and we were off. We arrived at the race with plenty of time to spare...the weather PERFECT 63 and a slight breeze, I had not stressed about my outfit I just wore my favorite shorts and favorite brooks running shirt....Sorry TMB , next time I promise to be more coordinated. (If y'all don't know TMB you should click on her and be prepared for the most hip running fashions, she even gets her hubby to coordinate! She must have magical powers!) Anyhow I was comfy and there were sooooo many people there that I knew! I began chatting and then slowly feeling hungry! yayyy I was able to put down a banana and bottle of water with minimum gagging!

Handsome being the ever supportive, if not completely sarcastic jerk Gem that he is said "baby you do this in 30 or under or I won't come back to another race.." thanks for the motivation baby, remind me next time to leave your ass on the side of the road....we kid, we kid! Anyhow, he only gets away with such sayings because he knows that the only thing stopping me is my own brain!

We lined up I managed to get in the middle of the pack, the gun went off and we were moving, I left my Ipod behind, today I wanted to be in my own head talking to myself, you can read that as day dreaming because before I could come back to reality there was some dude yelling 9:25....when I awoke from my slumber/day dream I realized I was already at mile 1...I thought awesome totally on track I can do this now how do I get back to that dream world?

I came up on the water stop and needed a drink my mouth was soooo dry! So I grabbed water and stood for a second and then took off again... I stopped because I still have not learn to run and drink from a cup...that stop my friends cost me 21 precious seconds..

Mile 2 the little chick yells 20:37, I was getting stoked I had 9:20 some ide seconds to get the last 1.1 and still feeling great knowing I could sprint the last .2 to the line....then I hear "you guys know they saved the killer hill'S for last!" I thought no way, Southern Maryland is as flat as flat can be.....ummm except for Civista hill when I was at the bottom I thought oh crap....then my little brain said "hey just sprint it out baby" and that is what I did Sprint up, not so bad let it carry me down only to find I was at the bottom of a long incline up, craaappp ....ok slow and steady wins the race right? and that is where I saw them, two of the most muscular dudes I have ever seen, dying going up hill I thought I am gonna chick you two so bad that when I get to the finish I want to be able to point them out to hubby! So I passed them on the hill, they passed me on the down hill, I passed them again going up they jump a cone to pass me.....and we are .2 from the line and the clock says 28.52, I looked at one and said "see ya" my long sprinting strides took over...

I was positive I was going to puke, muscular dude number one stayed with my for about thirty seconds, as I crossed the finish Handsome was there yelling and cheering and so were my cutie pies....I looked at the race clock 30:45 is what it I installed the Boston rule (they allow the extra :59 seconds on a qual time!) My official chip time was 30:21!! I say it was a great day! I was proud, and felt awesome after wards....I know many of you are thinking it was a 5k what is this chick going on about? I would just like to remind you in January I couldn't run a half Mile, and now I had just finished a 3.1 mile race in 30 minutes, it was such a powerful thought to see how far I had come, my paces were 9:47( my first race in February it took everything I had to stay with 11:30 goals) which was just off my goal....stupid water stop.

It was a PR by 3 minutes....I have been on cloud nine since Sunday!

ohhhh and I got a Garmin for my birthday, it totally needs a name! I will start taking suggestions and there will be a small prize for the winner! If one of the names is picked! Hope everyone is having a great week, I will be around to catch up on blogs soon....but please be patient I am busy training for my 10k in June... :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

PR BABY!!! mini race report

Alright.......I finally did it!!! I have been saying for weeks my goal was to get a 30 minute 5k before I moved on to 10k!

I decided a time of 30:59 or less would make me happy (right that is the way Boston does it with the :59) So I am here to say I ca officially move on!

This morning's 5k was 30:21 ....and I still kicking myself for walking through the water stop! There were two killer hills at the end...seriously with less then half a mile to go the hills were daunting! I kicked it up the first one and crawled/rolled up the second, but when I rounded the corner with .2 to go and say the clock at 28:45 I knew I had a minute to sprint!!

I did it I did it...

Thank you for my birthday present running gods and legs.....I can say I am pretty happy!

More at a later time I got to get a shower!!

Happy Sunday looking forward to race reports!

Friday, May 14, 2010

right out the window....

Welcome all new bloggy peeps! I am doing my best to get around to all of your blogs...let me know if I have not been by to comment yet!

P90x you could possibly be the end of me....although I love BRINGING IT every night to our workout, when I wake up in the morning your Total Muscle confusion leaves my body more than confused, it leaves serious muscle pain...still no laughing, coughing or any sudden movement of any sort! I was so excited to do Yoga last night, my thoughts were ohhhh an easy night! ummmm it was the hardest night yet, although the ommhhhhhhhhsssss at the end were rather entertaining! P90x I say you will be the end of me, yet I keep coming back for more! I better get "oh my gosh, did you see how buff that chick is" ripped at the end....ya listening body?

and on a running note, I still have run every other day this week! Yikes and double ow...but I guess one thing cross training does is make me feel strong, I felt really strong on my 4 miler the other day. The miles clipped by, even if I was pushing both girls in the stroller, at noon, on an 80 degree day! It was fun! I felt like I was melting.....I mean I usually sweat but I had it dripping from the tip of my nose and I could tell I was getting a great workout! I consumed 50 oz of water on that run/ recovery!! Collectively my girls and the stroller way about 75 pounds, it was a challenge but it has been my reality this week as Handsome is working out of town and not getting home until late every night! I think it will prepare me for this weekends 5k, I will be with out my stroller and kids, so maybe I will fly and finally break that coveted 30 minutes! Actually anything 30:59 and below is fine with me! As long as I can say yeah I run a 30 minute 5k, I will be golden. It will be the best birthday present my legs can give me!

Tired of hearing about my birthday yet? I hope not we got 4 days to go and in case you can't tell I love birthdays. I don't care who's birthday it is, I just really like them and well I really like mine....especially since the only thing I asked for was a Garmin and to get my hair did...come on Monday!!!

and ohhhh right out the window...have you ever had a day with your kids, when you thought maybe I am not so great at this Mom gig! Take yesterday for example....

We wake up about 30 mins late...alright not to big of a deal I usually allow cushion time....note to self: everyone who lives in this house, self included moves at a turtles pace in the morning!

I realize we have 35 mins before we need to be in the car to get to pre-school, no one has had breakfast, is dressed and I am not showered...ummmm crap

When I start insisting that we eat now! All I get is whining, I don't like fruit (that is a lie my kids love fruit) I hate eggs (any other day they would be begging for them) oatmeal is gross (my kids eat oatmeal faster than anyone I know) so I threw fruit roll ups at both of them they were happier then a pig in shit! and I was so annoyed that I gave in to them....oh well I did not have time to deal! Fruit roll-ups have "fruit" in the name right?

The whining continued, all the way up the stairs to get dressed, somehow tank tops and skirts was not going to fly on a 50 degree day, but tank tops and skirts with jeans and a sweater over it made it out the door....I never ever want to hear my kids say "I can't believe you used to dress us like that..." I will forever respond "you dressed your own stubborn self like that!"

Anyhow the day continued Mommy could do no right....and the real kicker? I stepped on a three year old throws her self to the floor and shouts...."all these years I have taken care of you, and this is what I get, a broken crayon?" ummmmm can anyone yell out Dramatic? I honestly have no idea where she gets this stuff, I promise all of you I do not talk to her or play with her like that! It is a good thing they are both cute, they almost landed on the corner with a "free to a good home" sign yesterday!

and my Mother of the year award.....right out the window, oh well maybe next year!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

does anybody have a band-aid?

.................cause I got all cut up!!!! Last night doing p90x!!!

Sorry for the dry humor I can't help myself! If you really knew me or handsome very well, you would realize we talk like this to each other on a regular basis! He will call me from work to ask "if I have my tickets?" when I say "what tickets?" He yells in the phone "to the gun show, I am on my why home to give it!"

I promptly emailed him yesterday morning and asked him "if he was ready?"

when he replied " ready for what?"

I simply stated "TOTAL MUSCLE CONFUSION!!!"

It's ok you don't have to point out that we are complete dorks! At least we laugh together right?

So P90X started last night!! Well really Sunday night, we took our before pictures, our measurements, and did the fit test! I will say I was nervous about taking the fit test, but was able to pass it with flying colors! Except the pull up part, I made it to a half of a pull-up...blah I will continue to work on that!

Monday night we started with chest, back and abs.....can we all say a collective owwwcchhhhh!!!

Our phone convo this morning went more like this "hey baby, are you sore?", to which he said "yep, how about you?" when I said I had to bring my hair to shoulder level to get into a pony tail, it was clear, that we are doing a good job getting cut the mean time please don't make us laugh, cough or pull anything up!!!

I am proud of myself, back in January I would have never been able to even try this! Last night I swear it was pride and the tears from laughing at my super exaggerated and ridiculously strong husband that got me through the first workout! I am actually looking forward to tonight's Plyometrics workout!!

I unfortunately am too embarrassed to share my before photos but once I have completed a round and have something to compare it too I may be able to share the journey! We will see!

So y'all keep those band-aid's on hand, I am either gonna get all cut up or die trying!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Recovery Sock Winners!!

Welcome all new bloggy reading peeps! I love that your here!

Thank you to all of you who entered! I wish I could give all of you a pair they are that amazing!!!!

I Picked number 17 because that is the day of my Birthday and my family's lucky number, it's the day my Mom and Dad were married, I was born, and my brother was born! This number pops up all over the place for us and we love it!

So lucky number 17 goes to Shelly at It's just one foot in front of the other!!

and then the second winner I picked at random

#9 is miss MCM Mama!!! Congrats to you both, I hope you love them as much as I do!!!

Please email me with your info at, I need your size, color you would like and shipping address!

Thanks again for everyone who entered! Stay reading there will be more giveaways to come!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


WARNING* this could turn Sappy really fast so be ready!!

Happy Mothers day to all you wonderful Mom's out there! I am unsure what our world would do without all the super Mom's who make every day possible! Kids are the best gifts in the world! The last 4 years of my life as a Mom have been the best years of my life!

NO ONE....Brings me more









and general well being then my kids! The Challenge me every single day to be a better, more understanding, loving person, then I was the day before. I am honestly unsure of who I was before I had my little monsters sweeties running around! But, now I am positive of who I am and who I want to be!

You will have to excuse me....we were working with two sleepy girls and dead batteries you guys can imagine me with my eyes open right?

Yup even when my 3 year old Screams out that I "must have a giant Vagina" (you can read the post below this for the full story) in a public bathroom, I still love being a Mom and know every day there has never been nor will there ever be a better Job (even if I don't feel like this tomorrow, when they are both in the middle of meltdowns, somewhere deep in depths of my brain I know I am doing what I love!)

and they are also responsible for turning my into a running Mama! (well Kinda) I want to be in better shape and health for them, I want them to know they can do anything they set out too and I want to be around to see all their dreams and wishes come true, this in essence (and few extra pounds from pregnancy) have turned me into a running Mom!

Have I ever mentioned these two are Trouble?

To my have always been my best cheerleader and my best friend! It is you I come running for almost always, you have the best advice, Love and patience any daughter can ask for! I am glad you are such a large part of me and my girls lives thank you for everything cannot, wait to see you in a week!

I am as good as Dead when Mom see's this picture! But I think she is cute!

and to handsome who really knows how to make a girls day (he got me p90x!!! yesssss) thank you for all the support and telling me I am not crazy even when I know I am!! I could have never asked (or created (yes I have powers do that!)) A better Dad, and husband for this family! You are my lobster .....bwhahah

Picking Strawberries for Mommy!

May all of you have a wonderful day and enjoy your mothers and your children! and yourself of course! As soon as my camera battery charges I will edit with cute pictures from strawberry picking we did this morning! Another one of my favorite things!!

Also Last day to be entered in the Recovery socks Giveaway!! Winners announced tomorrow

Friday, May 7, 2010

she is 3, and sooo lewd! warning bathroom humor!

Y'all better brace yourselves! While shopping at Toys r us yesterday with my 3 almost 4 year old the following happened!

Little Missy says "Mom I have to pee!"
I replied "Me too"

We had just spent all morning at her spring carnival and we were at toys r us to pick a pool for her and Itty bitty to play in and some other fun water toys! I stop what I am doing and all three of us hurry to the bathroom!

Little missy hops up on the toilet while I change Itty bitty's diaper, after she is done I sit down to pee!

Little miss hands me one tiny square of toilet which I replied..
"umm baby mommy needs more toilet paper then that!"

LM "Why Mommy?"

me: "because"

Lm : "I only use one or two!"

me: "well I am bigger than you and I need more"

to which little missy then said in a very loud exaggerated tone!

"Then you must have a GIANT vagina!"

ummmmmm....I was 55 shades of purple. and laughing! she did not know what was so funny, I could not explain! I hid in the stall until I was 99% sure there was no body else in the bathroom! I then pulled my sunglasses over my eyes, continued to laugh grabbed a pool and made a bee line for the door!! What the hell? where does she get this stuff from!

Maybe next time I should teach my kids better names for their privates as to not be soo embarrassed when we are out in public!!

On a running note, I am running National police week 5k tomorrow! Hopefully, my Giant va jay jay will PR!

Happy Friday and weekend to all.....still laughing!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

forgive me??

Please don't be mad.....I have been going two weeks strong! Two weeks with no excuses and today it happened. Today I excused myself from not running...can I explain? Maybe you will let me off the hook, I promise you, I will try not to be dramtic lengthy!

*Last night*
After enjoying a short run and a cup of coffee with hubby, I settled down around 11, no sooner did my little brain go to la la land, Itty bitty let out a shrill...(this is not uncommon for her in the middle of the night, little weirdo) about a minute later she was really freaking out, so I got up, as soon as I opened the door the pungent smell of vomit hit me in the face!! Poor baby was freaking out because she through up all over her beloved baby! and was still going but was really upset about the baby!

I yell for handsome, he started the bath and I start cleaning up! Thoughts of what the heck is this from? are running through my brain, I was trying to remember what we had eaten and if she had anything that was particularly different. Nothing came to mind. Handsome finished her bath, I finished the bleaching of her contaminated items put fresh sheets on the crib.....she wasn't having it! She was begging to go downstairs! Ok I thought it is only midnight...I will let her settle and then we will get back in make a very long story short, we never made it back to bed! 7 changes of clothes later it was finally dawn...I was never so happy to see sunshine because then I could convince my body that it did not actually need to sleep! Poor kiddo threw up pretty much every hour from 11p.m. until 4 a.m and then a lull until 6 a.m.!

Have you forgiven me yet?

Ok well....after dealing with a tantrum from the three year old, because I simply did not have the man-power to get her to her beloved dance class, I schedule Itty bitty a doctors appointment, got everyone dressed, jumped out of the shower twice to catch some vomit in a trash can, got everyone in the car! Drop little miss at dance class, luckily I have dear friends who are wonderful to both my kids and I! (Thank you again K) ran to the doc appointment, got out just in time to pick up little miss at dance!

Hit the grocery store, we only stopped once while there to catch throw up

picked up lunch for the big one (little one is not allowed solids)caught puke in the parking lot!

made it home, begged itty bitty to eat a Popsicle, and feed little miss.

Itty bitty throws up once more and falls asleep, I finally convince her to get in her crib I really wanted to lay down, little miss had fallen asleep too!!

instead I sanitized my entire house, stripped all beds and got the laundry going, in hopes of keeping the rest of the house healthy...after that I dumped all contaminated trash cans, mopped floors, spot cleaned rugs and continued the puke laundry!

at this point running was looking grim, so I threw a shred in there really quick so I at least got some workout in! Holy smokes on level three Jillian kicked my tired ass!

I vacuumed, made dinner, passed itty bitty off to handsome (who was also up all night and worked all day) and took little miss to soccer...I was not so thrilled to be at soccer (sorry for my grumpiness) rush home, get ready for school tomorrow, shower kids,and myself put little girls to bed, go lay down and well wouldn't you know, now I cannot fall asleep! What the heck maybe there were drugs in my Water today or maybe it was the 5 cups of coffee I drank today, (I am a once a day kinda chick, with caffeine!) I feel completely wiped even my voice is horse, but I can't doze off.....and poor handsome just got called to work :(

what does not kill thou, will only make us drink more coffee or something like that!

So now can you forgive me? I just did not think I had four miles in me tonight, I still ate well all day, and I did shred! I will make them up this weekend I promise!

See I am not dramatic......right? I know, I am, I have a sick kid we have all been there, I just choose to justify my reasoning to you! I admire all you super humans out there, who run even on bad days!

After being awake for 36 hours, maybe I will go count sheep to fall asleep!

Happy Cinco de mayo everyone!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Can I get a 50??? and a giveaway!!!!

50 posts!!!!

Holy moly, I cannot believe

A. I have stuck with running long enough to write about it 50 times

B. I still have people who read about my crazy antics and my running

C. That 5 months ago I scoffed at the idea of exercising, much less writing about it!!

But, with all that said I am proud to have made it to 50 and even more proud that I have been running for 5 months!!!

Sooo to celebrate I am going to tell you 5 random things about me and then tell you about an awesome giveaway because I like you all that much :)

1. I am a May baby, so I love all things may, including the weather, my birthday, cinco de mayo, mothers day, memorial name it if it is in may, I am game! and if you were born in may you will be super-loved by me!

2. The decision I questioned you about the other day (baby or no?) has been made! You will have to stay tuned (and following) to find out the outcome :P

3. All of a sudden I have a weird urge to have extremely intense workouts! For whatever reason it makes me feel like a weakling complete badass. Seriously, today I did Shred with Jillian then I ran 4 of the 5 miles I had planned (it got dark fast),I am completely exhausted exhilarated.

4. hmmmmm the numbers 13.1 are really starting to take over my mind!!

5. I REALLY appreciate all you readers and commenter's it totally makes my day, it is my own little escape right inside my own house!

Now on to the good stuff you know you want these babies!


these are the best ever! I do not think I could live without them! They make my legs feel so good, after my long hot run this evening I actual said out loud to myself at .5 to go..."Recovery socks how I long for you" the seriously are that great!

and now you can win a pair! Actually two of you are going to win a pair!

Here is how: (separate comment for each please)

1.( Required) You must be a follower of this blog!

2. Tell me which race distance is your favorite and why?

3. Tell me why May is the greatest month on earth other than my birthday!

4. Tweet it, facebook it, repost it, yell it from the mountain tops or sing it in the shower but tell your friends!!

I will select one winner at random and one winner from those of you who already follow since you have been with me for awhile and you inspire me daily! Ok sound good? Now who wants some socks? ANYONE? Contest ends Sunday 5/9 and I will announce winners Monday 5/10!!

Have a great week everyone!