Monday, March 15, 2010

a little bit of sunshine? (some pictures)

I ran today, 2.1 miles warm-up, for the week nothing terrible exciting, 22.38 (10:46 paces) so I am getting faster...yipeeeeee but tonight I wanted to share some pictures I just got my lap top back today....and so I am able to truly blog now and show cute pictures of my wee ones....because believe me they are just that cute and nooooo I am not biased!

SO first here is a picture of me and the chickies after my first 5k! They were not exactly thrilled to be awake early and in the cold, but you know they survived!

This past weekend I told you I did some shopping for them here are some of the goods, new pj's and new sun glasses:

Right after I snapped this picture I asked them to get dressed for the day, while I was showering, knowing full well they would probably not be able to do all of it. especially Itty bitty(19 months) however, when I got out of the shower this is what I found....

Yeah I know she is freaking adorable, but lets just say the sunglasses was all she was wearing and although I would love to show you her adorable wrinkly butt I fear of the creepers out there who lurk on the internet so I will refrain...

I was however pleasantly surprised by little missy (3.5) who managed this...

just as a side note, it was pouring rain here all day and they wore the sunglasses everywhere! I did manage to get cloths on the itty bitty.....eventually!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. You're right (of course!), they're stinkin' adorable! Makes me laugh with Itty Bitty... my daughter ran around in her birthday suit all the time too. She's much better now... at TEN! lol

  2. They are adorable. Love that they wore their sunglasses in the rain--something only kids can pull off!

  3. It's a shame there are so manu weirdos out that...little tushies are the best! My little guy loves to run around naked before his bath. He gets such a look of glee on his little face.

    Sunglassesare fashionable no matter the weather!

  4. Your "Chickens" are just so cute! I can't wait to take Max to my first race so he can watch his Runner Mama!

  5. adorable pics and I love the race one, it really shows who you are!

  6. OMG so darn cute! They take after their cute 'bad ass runner' mom I think.

  7. So cute! I think your girls would get along perfectly with my girls! :)