Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Who would like a giveaway????

You guys know those fun Spartan Races right?? How would one of you like the chance to run one for free???? These are really fun ways to make "non-runners" into "runners" when they realize they can have tons of fun at events!! In order to be in this giveaway you need to do the following 1. Be a follower of this blog 2. Leave a comment letting me know which race you would enter! I will announce the winner Next Thursday July 11th! You will receive a free code to enter any spartan race in the country!! *Disclaimer I was not paid to host this giveaway, I did not receive any other compensation and the opinions stated here are my own!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You drive meee crazzzzyy!!

I realized it had been some time since I have updated y'all on my baby girls! Since this is a Runnning/Mommy Blog, it's time to see how they have grown! Little Missy, will be 7 next week! Holy smokes, this kid can feel free to stop growing now...I can't handle her getting bigger, she made me a Mommy and as much as I understand her, we also argue frequently. I see so much of myself in her, Handsome likes to frequently refer to her as "Little Erica", yes I know we are both the perfect combination of Pure Sass/ and Sweet :)
This photo was taken at her last dance competition it both makes me crack up and tear up!! She's so big! I am a proud, she lights up the stage, and our lives! My sweet girl so much to say! Itty Bitty, will also be celebrating a birthday this Month!! 5! Holy smokes she will be off to Kindergarten in the fall and that my friends is just scary! She is such a goof ball, all though she doesn't always know her limits! She has always been my Moody girl and I think she always will be! She confuses me and makes me laugh in the same five minutes, nearly daily!
Also from the last dance competition! This peanut rocks everyone's world! Almost everyone we speak too cannot believe she will be five, she still wears size 2t, she is a mini, mini, veracious tiger! I wouldn't have her any other way tonight she was showing me gangham style while I was making dinner! Hilarious! and never to be left out Mini Monster, just turned 2 in May! This chick is off the chain.... the sweetest baby in the world has turned into the silliest, sometimes very difficult, but always keeps me on my toes toddler! With a larger than life personality, she may be the 3rd baby but she always demands attention!
Watch out she hits, and bites! and then will give you the sweetest kisses you ever wanted! Thanks for listening to my bragging, aren't they cute! Here they are dressed as "I wanna be just like Dad for fathers day!"