Saturday, March 20, 2010

runnning runnning onnnnnn

or is that rolling rolling rolling.....either way, As you can see I have been absent since turning into a cute little chimp on my last is pretty hard to type with those thumbs they have ... Actually, and truthfully sometimes life gets in the way of my blogging....damn that stuff we call life! how dare you interrupt my witty writing schemes!

Handsome and I have been on a serious home improvement kick, I told you about our impromptu kitchen re-do and well now our deck is half torn down, as we have decided that we don't like it and need a new one.....seriously I am unsure why we do this to ourselves. But it has been my job to go around and take out all the screws, there are 100 boards on the top deck each has 22 screws in them, most of them old and rusty, can you imagine the fun I have been having! Forget bad ass runner mom, I am a bad ass with a drill/runner mom!! bwhahah I make my own self laugh!

Actually, I am quite versatile, after all not only are we doing the deck, I have been in the midst of baby shower plans that are going on for my sister in law this weekend, and well it has not been a walk in the park, but that is a story for another time!

Oh yeah and running! After my bad ass five on Tuesday, I took Wednesday as a rest day, I was super sore!! Thursday I was supposed to do a tempo run but my kids really deserved a trip to the park. So little missy and I ran there and back which overall is about a mile! she was great she is 3 and a half (please don't forget that half it upsets her!) and she would jog for a minute or two and then stop to "stretch" I think I laughed the entire time! She was in a dress and her super fast "running shoes" and those were here words the whole time "mommy aren't I so super fast!" totally adorable although she runs a little like Phoebe from friends!! More of a skip than a run, but non the less totally worth every minute I missed running to be with her.

and then on Friday I went running with a total Rockstar!! She just so happens to be one of my besties....she is the Mom of three. Three of the cutest kids I know and I swear if she would let me, I would glue my self to her hip, I would do it in an instant! Seriously she is that awesome! She is a former runner, (As in before she had kids she used to run and loved it!) and I will just say I was nervous!! I am totally confident this chick could roll me up and smoke me on a run in no time! I just did not want to be embarrassed, but as it turns out when you have a best friend, there is really no reason to be embarrassed. I figured she would still love me, even if I am slow.

So we headed out for a 5k! and we did great.....I don't know if she was taking it easy on me, but I was able to keep up with her! and we managed to kick it out in 34.31 which is a great pace!! We pretty much held a conversation most of the run! Now, I never talk and run, and I talked between my huffing and puffing! She was so great and I totally loved having a running buddy!!! and talking while running (although I did not know it was possible) but let's face any chance I get to talk I pretty much cannot refuse, and K and I could be held captive with our mouths taped shut and we would figure out a way to conversate I am pretty sure! The run went by so fast, and I never wanted to give up! I really hope you come back and run with me again K!!! It was the highlight of my running week.... and some creepers in a car totally honked at us....even though she claims she knew them, I know we are just that hottttt.....

Well seeing as how I have to be on my way to Virginia in 20 minutes and I am sitting here typing un-showered I should probably scadoodle, but just another quick highlight, I went window shopping yesterday and I was TWO whole dress sizes smaller.....holy dress fitting gods are you kidding? So excited, until last night when I was trying to pick out something to wear for this baby shower today and nothing fit! Not in a bad way, but like every dress I put on fell off, or looked awful, ok now usually I would not complain...but at 8:35 at night when I was still un-showered from my run and just wanted relax I flew to the mall and dropped $75 on a dress to wear today....all because I am smaller....sayyyy whatttttt at least handsome is a supportive dude and said I totally deserved it!

Anyhow, ahhh must go shower Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Congrats on the dress! Sweet! Are you going to be close to Richmond? You could always join me for part of my run tomorrow!

  2. I can just picture your little one running then 'stretching' LMAO!
    Have fun at the shower in your teeny new dress!

  3. Thank you so much for your donation to the Lupus foundation! You totally rock! : )

  4. omg the mental picture of your little one 'running' with you is too adorable!!!! And congrats on losing 2 sizes!!! You totally deserved a new dress. :)

  5. You rock, Sexy mama! How amazing that you have clothes falling off! You deserve a splurge. :)

    Oh, and your running buddy? PRECIOUS!

    I emailed you with my addy. did you get it?

  6. You went from totaly bas a$# to having not a#*!!! heeheehee

    I love the running story with your little one. That is so great. They want to be just like mommy!

    Hope your weekend was amazing.

  7. Congrats! Two sizes dropped! I wish I was having the same problem :).