Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthdays, illness,gorgeous bloggers and giveaway oh my!

How is it already Sunday morning? The weeks are flying off the chart and exactly one week from today i will be running the first 5k of my life!! nervous much? YES...yikes I am already stressing the week ahead of me, I was supposed to do a five mile "long" ru on Friday but by the time Handsome made it home, and we finished some more of our impromptu kitchen stuff it was dark...and well I am a scardy cat! so, I thought no big deal i will get up and the morning and pound out five miles, knowing we were headed two and half hours away for a day trip....

Saturday morning I wake up, early as I getting out of bed I could not even begin to deny how bad my head hurt how stuffy my nose was and the coughing ohh the coughing! I popped a few advil some suddafed and laid back down thinking another 30 mins and then I will go run... one and half hours later I was still laying there, listing to little bitty yell...."mama mmmmmmmaaaaaaaamaa mamama" from her crib, ughhhh I still feel like crap! how in the world am I going to run if I can't breathe?

Anyhow I scratch the run move it to Sunday we get up get the family loaded in the mini-van and head to central Virginia for my best friends, baby boy's 1st birthday!! (hi Carolanne) Now, I don't drive two and half hours for any one year old's birthday, but CarolAnne and I have been best friends, for a long time and her little guy is too cute! Of course while we were there, both my folks and handsomes live there, so we visited them too! It was a truly fabulous day, but it was long and by the end of the day I was really starting to go down hill!

So here we are Sunday morning, woke up with two swollen eyes! a nose so congested, that I can neither sniffle nor blow my nose it just makes my ears pop! as I type I have tissue stuffed up the nasal cavities because one side has decided to drip like a faucet and a cough that would make a smoker of 50 years look at me sideways! 5 miles today? Not happening!! I need to better ASAP!! My 5k is next Sunday.....le sigh I will be eating advil and anti-congestion medication today!!

Thank you to Marcia at Running off at the mouth HERE for hitting me with this!

I am supposed to tell you six things about myself!

1. I am a mommy to two of the cutest little girls you have ever seen! They are full of life and Love and the make me laugh (sometimes they make me pull my hair out but just sometimes) they really are just that cute and NO I am not biased...

2.I used to do competitive gymnastics! In fact I did for nearly 10 years!!But, I have never in my life ran...from anything except maybe my little brother!

3.I am neat freakish, if you ever come visit me please take your shoes off at the door and don't leave your dishes in the sink....I won't like you anymore!

4. On nearly a daily basis, I wonder if I would quit running if it was not for all you awesome bloggy people out there!

5. this past week I can fit into a smaller size jean...and that thrills me!

6. I now often day dream about the day I sign up for my first marathon, half marathon and maybe even triathlon!! whoaaa When not even two months ago the thought of walking 2 miles around my neighborhood made me want to just want to sit and complain about how hard it was!

I am now supposed to tag six others...

1. ZOE @ Run Zoe Run HERE
2. MCM Mama HERE
3. Shannon@ Biggs gets skinnyHERE
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5. Hannah @ More than a MarathonHERE

And to end on a high note don't forget my Giveaway!!HERE Have a happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


You heard is my very first Giveaway and I am celebrating sticking to my goals for two months! and it is always fun to win things...

Ok so I know you want to know what it is!

This one comes to you from Bondi Bond! Three of you lucky bloggers will receive a fabulous new Bondi band! As you all know I am a giant Bondi Band fan, I have a ridiculous amount of crazy, curly hair that is hot on my neck and always in my way, I thank god for my Bondi band on nearly every run! I bought some for my little girls and some for myself and we all wear them all the time!

So here's what you have to do!!

1. Be a follower of my blog (leave a comment)
2. pop over to Bondi Band Here and let me know which one you like (leave a comment)

Additional entries:
3.Link this giveaway on your blog (leave a comment)
4.Become a fan of Bondi Band on Facebook (leave a comment)
5.Tell me how you felt just before your very first race (leave a comment)

Ok so there are five easy ways to enter for a new bondi band! Contest ends next Thursday night and will be announced Friday March 5th! I hope everyone has a great Friday! my kitchen is finally back in order...woohhoo more running tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick one!

In both the running and blogging world today it will be a quick one!

I hit a quick two mile run this afternoon experiencing that leg pain again! FRUSTRATING BUT AFTER MY FIVE MILER THE OTHER DAY I HAVE BEEN SORE SO MAYBE THAT MUSCLE IS STILL TIRED I TOOK IT EASY IT WAS REFRESHING AND NICE RUN ANDDDD....I cannot believe I am saying this about running two miles???? Hellllooo I thought I hated running, turns out I am starting to think in terms of the day I run a half marathon and gaaassssspppp maybe even a full one!! wooot woot I think the running bug has finally bitten me and I am totally infected and addicted!

Short post tonight much because it has been a crazy few days, somehow handsome and I ended up with a very impromptu kitchen overhaul which includes new appliances (which is awesome) and if you know me at all you could have called me "neat Mom on the run" or something.... I cannot stand for things to be out of sorts, it makes me out of sorts! Especially my kitchen which currently is missing a few cabinets,and a dishwasher. There is crap all over the counters and two refrigerators are sitting in the middle of the kitchen! Yikes we really should plan this stuff better, anyhow you get the picture I am tired but managed to run and I am trying not to look at the kitchen!

One week until my first 5k and I am getting so nervous and anxious...I promise to be more creative and fun tomorrow.. oh and my computer screen it gotten bitten by some other bug and unless I am squeezing the side of it it doesn't work so I will be visiting blogs at some point in time, in the meantime I know you will miss me!!

Have Happy Thursday everyone

Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 miles and more random ramblings!

hold on a minute for me ......k?

Go Mama go! Go Gallatea go! I did it I did it!! I RAN 5 MILES in less than an HOUR!

Ok ok I am back! Sorry I just had to jump around and sing to myself one more time! I ran 5 miles without stopping to walk today! Not only that but I ran in 58.05 seconds which I know is slow for so many of you but completely Awesome for me! This all happened at around 3:00 this afternoon it is currently 8:00 and I am still on a runners High!

It was a beautiful day almost 55 degrees so I was out there in a short sleeve tee! There were minutes where the sun was beating down on me and I could feel summer just right around the corner! It was a beautiful afternoon!

I had serious moments of doubt during the run and kept looking for an out, at 1.5 mile mark I could have sprinted the half mile home or make a right and keep going and my body and mind took me right! There were moments where I wanted to stop and walk but it was like my legs were not capable of walking!

Funny Moments during this run.....

I was fist pumping my way through each mile mark! I did catch more than one person laughing at me...

There were three to five vultures flying over head the entire hour at one point I decided this is what they were saying.... (in a mafia boss tone)

Vulture 1: Yo yo Joe you see what I see?
Vulture 2: yeah yeah I see a plump little piggy running along (that would be me, the plump one)
Vulture 1: yup that would make a good rump roast....(aww Ican't believe they want Gallatea)
Vulture 2: she does look as if she is gonna drop dead any minute, we will just wait until she does, easy dinner tonight!

ME: SO LONG SUCKKKAAASSS not dropping dead today...

haha seriously this is what goes through my mind when I am running? Birds talking to each other!

Also out of a car window came the yell of .....MILFFFFF which in my eyes is somewhat crude, but at the same time I will totally take the compliment hahaha I know they were a bunch of goofy teenagers but hey gotta take the compliments where I can get them right! They must of totally thought my lime green sports bra was awesome! I chuckled and kept on running!

At one point around the 4 mile mark I saw a dog standing on the side of the sidewalk, I was really starting to drag here.. so i imagined that I had to zooomm past the dog or it would chase me down and eat me!!! bwahahaha Now for some people this might actually be a fear, but for me I absolutely loooovvvee dogs and if I did not have two little girls to think about, I would bring home every stray animal I ever spotted! But anyhow it worked I sped up and past the dog and knew I was in the home which a great song came blaring over my Ipod!

Good, good, good,good, vibrations took me into the home stretch and when I hit the 4.5 mile mark and my little stop watch said 53.55 I said there is no way in Hell 6 minutes and a .5 mile are going to get me now and I took off!! People were out all over the place and they were just moving out my way I was clearly on a MISSION!!!

soooo Mission Accomplished, I felt great the whole run, I laughed at myself like I always do and when I jumped off the side walk at the end of my street I felt so accomplished! It was a little less then two months ago and I could not run 1/2 a mile, today I ran 5 without stopping.....go me, go mama I am prouddd of myself!

How was your weekend, and what are your proud moments? (at least in the running world, I would be here all not listing moments otherwise)
If anyone has a manic moment for Monday don't forget to email me at and I will make sure it gets up there Now off I go to leave comments and enter giveaways. Have a BOMB.COM kinda week!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

what makes you move....

What makes you go? what drives you to keep running? and why do you love it so much?

Is it the high, is it feeling like bad ass running down the street? what exactly is it that makes us wantt to keep running!

It has been a hard week running wise I have planned all week to go 2, 4, 5, 3, 2 miles this week, I so far have gone
2 (great run first day this week!)
3.1 (wasn't horrible just slower than I wanted)
today I was going to do my five, had everything loaded up and out the door Mile one 9:50 holy moly you go girl!! on to mile 2 ouch ouch realllllyyy ouch what is that pain! Stop for a second stretch, walk for a minute stretch take off running Again
freaking owwww
what is that feeling? I am not sure what it is but it does not feel good maybe I will call hubby to come get me, this is not good!

ooopps did I bring my cell phone..nope ok no big deal try to walk this off, Well I finally just hang my head and hobble home!

I really have no idea what the pain is, I have never felt pain there, it is on the inside of my left calf muscle! Any ideas anyone, I am hoping for just a tight muscle? maybe it is the new shoes? If you think it anything worse than that then please don't tell me :) hehe just kidding but any ideas how to rid myself of it?

but even with the pain I wanted to run so badly! That's why I asked all those questions why do we do this? I say because it rocks my socks...literally (but I like to know what you think too)

and for a little ray of sunshine I really love finding all these new friends in blog land! I feel like I know each of you and I thank you for inspiration I promise soon my blogs are going to become much less whiny and much more inspirational!

Oh and a giveaway is coming....yeah seriously I have stuck to my running goals for almost two months and that is reason to celebrate!!Stay tuned for that!

One more thing it is nearly the end of the week I need some emails about what you want to tell everyone on manic Monday...did something crazy, silly, not really that funny, frustrating happen to you this week? Let me know

Alright go forth and have a happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gallatea..... things I say to myself while running

hmmm....what the hell is Gallatea you say? ahhh yes

Well Gallatea is the new name I have for my gluts! That's right everyone I have named my butt! Oh yes I did..... you see today while on a 5k test run my friend Gallatea really really got on my nerves! She jiggled and wiggled like she always does but she simply could not push me as fast as I wanted to go... I then said the following things to her...

Dear Gallatea,

You are one of the largest muscles in my body! You are also one of the largest anythings on my body, in fact your HUGE! Is there a reason you can not pick up your friends Thunder thighs and cankels and make them move faster? Oh what was that you said, Lenny lungs simply won't have it? and Hedi head cold simply thinks your dumb to think you can move this body any faster! Well come on Gallatea prove them wrong pleeeeasse.

I know over the years I have not been so great to you Gallatea, but I am trying my hardest right now to make you a popular girl (i.e. Hot ass) but you have to do your part too, now let's pump it out together and by the way could you stop jiggling around so much it is really making me loose my self confidence!

Thanks and yours truly,
Erica (aka the rest of the body your supposed to be pushing)

I did my 5k run through today, it was much slower than I wanted it to go but I figure I have to jump off somewhere and poor Gallatea I did not feed her right today, yes you read that right I did not feed my butt right today in fact all I had was a double cheeseburger! I know completely disgusting, so when I was loosing steam at the halfway mark I really only had myself to blame!

I have been trying to pace myself but finding this a challenge, I also apparently in my 26 years of life have not figured out how to drink from a water bottle and at one point stopped because I managed to choke myself.

Ok so that's enough talk about my rear end friend! 5k-36 minutes....must get faster!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Manic Monday!

OK OK OK! I know it's Monday and we are all feeling blah! (well at least most of us!) I have read at least five blogs tonight, of typically very inspirational runners who just were not feeling it today! Now I know we all have these days and for some of us this day is everyday (hence me) but what is going on? Maybe it is the nasty dreary weather, maybe the kids being home for two weeks has made us crazy? (at least us snow bound folks) Anyhow I thought we would do something fun!

So I am going to start Manic Mondays....(wish I would have thought of this yesterday!) this is where you can either email me and tell me, or comment and tell me the most hilarious/ridiculous thing that happened to you all week long! weather you slipped and fell on Ice (pretty ridiculous) or your kid peed all over you right after you got dressed for a party (I didn't think it was Hilarious) it doesn't matter whatever you would think would give us all a good chuckle! I will post them in little snippets on my blog on Monday morning. So when we are feeling not so hot/energized/cold/miserable/blue/ whatever just need a good laugh, you can just click on over and laugh for a minute or two! Ok! So for today we will just post them in a comment but during the next week if you have something you thought would make others chuckle, or something so ridiculous you thought we should all know, then by all means please email it to me and I will include it next Monday! and as the weekend approaches I will do my best to remind everyone!

SO I will leave you with this! (my ridiculous morning I will call it!)

In my house Murphy's law never fails me and I mean NEVER!!! We were scheduled to have a Valentines party here for our playgroup this morning. Now thinking that I am being wise and preparing the night before I cleaned for almost two hours including scrubbing the floors and organizing, so my friends don't think I am completely disgusting individual! I also decided it would be a good idea to get up early in case any unforeseen circumstances pop up (which they always do).

So when I woke up an hour late I was in a little bit of a panic, this only gave me and 1.5 hours to get everyone dressed, myself showered, breakfast and prepare food for the party! Ok I am thinking it's all good, I cleaned everything last night, and the food is easy! SO I hop in the shower quickly before little bitty baby wakes up! Only to step out of the shower and hear her yelling MAMA, MAMA! I get dressed quickly pick her up and discover three year old is in her room trying on every last possible piece of clothing she owns! (ok fine whatever no one will see the upstairs anyways!) I hurry her along and began getting bitty baby dressed. No sooner did I get her diaper off the phone began to ring. So I pick her up naked bummed and run to the next room to answer the phone (thank you mister telemarketer but no I don't need anymore insurance) hmmm I feel awfully warm and WET!!! Baby pee! Yeah, awesome it is not like I wanted to wear this shirt and jeans today anyhow, now I am at least 20 mins more behind!

Rush everyone downstairs only to find Muddy footprints all over my hardwood floors (which is all of downstairs except the playroom) fabulous (my teenage brother in law who lives here, did not remove his boots!) Grab the mop and hastily began scrubbing the floors in a very angry manner, well I must have been really angry because the mop snapped right in half!!! oh my holy bageezes, I say to which my three year old says "Mommmm we don't need to speak like that!" Ok she is right but seriously now I have no mop and 15 people coming over,I decide to get over it eventually the kids are going to throw food every where anyway! Oh crap, food I guess my girls are probably starving! They want waffles! thank god waffles take five seconds, open the freezer ahhhh no waffles! crap! Holy meltdown from both children (no doubt because I had been starving them) they finally decide they will settle for oatmeal! Fine, I start their food and began party food! As I am serving oatmeal, I smell something funny, I walk back into the kitchen I realize I had set a plastic top down on a burner and it had melted.....seriously ready to cancel the party at this point!

Thirty minutes to go and I have two kids finally eating breakfast, a dirty floor, no food prepared,and the house stinks of burned plastic. Ok so at least I feed my kids right? The next thing I see is flying oatmeal! Little bitty decides oatmeal just isn't her thing and instead of telling me, she throws it on the floor! AWESOME....I say I finally decide to clean up, vacuum, paper towel wipe the floor. If friends arrive while food is being prepared then well they will be okay, at least they are not coming into a dirty house! (well the floors were gross but they didn't care too much!)

To make a long story short, I did prepare food while they were here and the kids ran liked caged animals and the party was a huge hit. After all, we had been stuck inside for two weeks now and we needed friends! Thank god for friends big and small, and thank god the day turned out great, after such a crazy morning!!

Anyhow that is my ridiculous story, I am laughing now to think why did I even bother if you could have seen the floor after 13 toddlers ate lunch there was no point! Hope your monday wasn't as manic!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone has had a great day! We (being the handsome hubby and I) were able to sneak out last night for a quick date! We hit a fancy little Tex-Mex restaurant the food was yummy and the conversation was as always intriguing, silly, loving and funny! It was pretty nice to make it through a whole sentence with out hearing "Mommy I need..." Not that I mind answer these calls of need but sometimes it is nice to have a break!

We had pretty much decided that we were not going to do anything fancy for Valentines! Handsome hubby wanted some new tools and of course wanted new running gear! We are awesomely romantic aren't we?

So anyhow Handsome showed up with these this morning!

Beautiful Tiger Lilly's

He is so great, he brought the little girls flowers too. They are going have such a hard time finding husbands because he spoils them sooo much!

Then....the other part of my day was getting to go to Pacers, (which is a running store in Alexandria Virginia) and have my feet fitted for the proper shoes! I was sooo excited yeahh!! Turns out I was wearing a shoe, almost two sizes too small? Seriously, the lady laughed at me! Not in a mean way, but like in a wow I am surprised your feet don't kill you kind of way!

Anyhow after trying on a few different shoes, and running up and down the street in Alexandria (with my jeans rolled to my knees and my winter coat on!) I ended up with these!

I love that they just so happened to be HOT pink!!

after I was done fitting shoes we looked around for a little bit, they have great stuff in there! and for anyone who is local they are having 40% off winter gear! I picked out one more thing I am now the proud owner of this...

I am so excited I cannot wait to get out there and run this afternoon! Unfortunately Handsome got called into work and who knows when he will be back! But, we hope it is sooner rather than later!

So that was our Valentines day,it was awesome and I had a few little tricks up my sleeve for handsome that he loved too!

How did you spend your day?

Friday, February 12, 2010


Do you ever have days like this?

I was pumped! Ready to hit the road for my "long" day. Yes, sorry fellow runners long in my running world is 4 miles (but soon to be six!) Was just waiting for hubby to get home and switch off the girls!(by girls I mean my children).

He arrived home we chatted for a few minutes, and we both changed at the same time him out of his work cloths me into my running cloths. Right at that moment when I was changing it hit me, holy smokes girl you are going to go run four miles and you are stoked! After all it had been a pretty good day, we were finally able to get out of the house for a little bit, and I made some progress in the way of Valentines day!

So I kiss my kiddos, tell handsome hubby it is my "long" day and I will be back just in time to order pizza for supper! He yells back "please be careful, it is getting icy" (To catch some of you up, we here in the mid-atlantic region/Maryland have about 30 inches of snow on the ground and for the last two days our highs have gotten to 40 which is great for the melt, but then at night it all re-freezes!)

Anyhow I was off, walking up the street I did notice some Ice but not much, I decide on the way down the street to give the sidewalks a try the crews have been out trying to clear them (all the kids in my neighborhood walk to school, so they are trying to get ready for Monday) I warm up and take off. I was feeling ok, and it was cold and I am still batteling a head cold so there were moments that I was wondering if I was really going to make it!

Once those feelings started creeping in I swear I lost my MOJO! I did great for the first .5 I was excited and feeling strong, at about the .5 mark I get to the end of a side walk, with a mound of snow taller than I am, they had no exit off this side walk except through the snow, I wanted to swear, so I stopped climbed through the snow and got on the next side walk and kept going. Ok not such a big deal I will find my groove in a minute. I am starting to feel my stride, I wave at the little dudes cleaning the side walking who were looking at me like I have three heads! I started thinking about the topic of my blog for this evening and that usually occupies my mind and entertains me for quite sometime.

Out loud I say to my self, Ouch! Something is wrong with the last three toes on my right foot the are rubbing my shoe the wrong way!(going to the running store this weekend) Ok whatever shrug it off, back out into blog land thinking. and then it happened....

The next thing I knew I was looking up, not running and looking up but laying flat on my back looking up at the sky! I had hit a patch of Ice and it took me for everything I had. I swore, and laid there for second wondering if I could feel my toes, I rolled up to a seated position looked around to make sure no one had just seen that because I would rather die of embarrassment than have anyone ask if I am ok! (yeah I know I am a weirdo) do a quick body check I am fine, but I am getting on the road to run I have had enough trouble with the side walks!

On the road I am back to a jog, I am ok I am doing fine, I keep telling myself you can do this it will be fine, I see a truck up ahead, I notice he is driving rather fast (think 45ish in a 25mph neighborhood) hmmmm I think, I wonder if he sees me? He is not slowing down or moving over, so I slow down and prepare to jump into the snow bank as a last resort! I keep running, the next thing I hear is a very loud hoooonnnkkk and look over at him to see him talking on his cell phone and totally angry! Dude seriously? I saw you two minutes ago, if you could slow done and get off your phone you would have had no problems. Not to mention I was well out of your way, now if I had time to think about your actions you were clearly not paying attention!

Accckkk, that loud honnnk really threw me and now my hip and my toe were hurting and I was only 1.5 miles in! I have been really inspired to run latley and have been loving every minute of it and I was so excited to get out there today but after all that I could not shake my nerves and the thought of fallen in the road way or another car not seeing me again was just enough to throw me off and make me throw in the towel at two miles and go home! I was so so disappointed in myself! I am still arguing with myself in my head! I just could not pull myself together enough to keep going tonight! I am now I am upset that I did not!

I came home told hubby my woes, he understood and said it was for the better that I was not out their running with such treacherous conditions and we got pizza, good god I love pizza!! It was so delicious, my family was picking on me for how fast I ate that pizza! Now just as a side note we ordered a large pizza and an order of mozzarella sticks. There are four of us, my husband, me, a 3 year old and a 1 year old.......there is a half a slice of pizza left!!! Can we say piggy wiggys?

Alright well this post is getting far to long! I am sorry for my uninspired posting I just am terribly disappointed! I am hoping to get a four miler this weekend in hopes that the conditions will continue to improve!

So tell me runners and fellow bloggers, what was your most disappointing moment in your training? do we all have days like this?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

J K L (tall mom said to do it so I am)

Okay so I am totally copying her, but I thought this might be fun to try since I have not run, seeing as the snow is piled as high as my nose!

J- JUNKY that's right I am a junky a total running Junky, I love the high it gives me, the way my body is starting to look and all the fun gear I can run out and buy for it! (this all happened in a little over a month in the beginning of Feb I still did not like it!)

also, a blogging Junky I will admit I used to be one of those who thought blogging was just odd! But not only have I become addicted to both writing a blog and reading blogs , handsome hubby also reads blogs about his hobby. We never realized what a great source of information they would be and for me they have been a giant source of inspiration.

K-Ka choowww is what my little girl says! It is from the movie Cars and after my morning shred this morning she looked up and said "ka chooww, we did a great job Mom" ahhh I love her,she and her sister are also a great motivators in this whole running effort! I want them to have a strong Mom, who is happy and proud of herself! So that they can always remember to do and find thigs that make them happy, proud and strong! I will have to remember when I run across a finish line (if we ever get to see the ground again) "ka choww"

L- Lacking!! I am totally lacking a valentines day gift for handsome hubby!!! I do not know what to do or get and although we both agree Valentines is kinda of a silly holiday I think I had better come up with something, maybe I could dedicate a blog to him? ahaa sorry hunny I love you and I will figure out something soon! (maybe)

So that was pretty fun I might have to try more of these! I have been sticking to Jillian's shred and it really works me out! I am craving a run and hope that soon the roads will be plowed and I will be able to head out for a 4 miler!

The inspiration I have found in Blog world lately is like no other I have felt in a very long time! I am starting to think I am gonna run my tushy right the heck off!! I hope everyone here in the mid-atlantic is warm and with power! We have so far been lucky with power!

What is the weather like where you are? (be careful what you say I may be on the next plane to your house) :) Happy Thursday everyone, the week is almost over!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So just after I wrote my previous blog about my new head gear and jacket and how I have not had the chance to run, my three year old said "mommy are you going to run today" I replied "no darling," her "well why not" to which I had to make up excuses like "mommy has a cold and is feeling kinda yucky, and it is already snowing again" her (in a very disappointed tone) "ok nevermind then Mommy". She was so bummed out and I too was bummed but really could not see myself out there not feeling well!

Two seconds later, handsome hubby was home early from work (this is a rare occasion) I thought I had better take advantage of this even if I have to walk some because of my congestion it will be worth it to get out there! So I explained to my husband "the need to be hardcore" meaning I was going running, yes I know it is snowing, and I already feel like crapola but I am headed out, I will go the short 2 miles today!!

here we go " I did it, I did it" and it felt gooooooddd, I ran the whole way, I felt great and I felt like I was really moving. Moving fast that is and that two miles is really becoming easy, awwww the high running gives me!!

In all my glory as I was clipping along, I was coming around the front of our neighborhood where there is a small hill, the kids of the neighborhood have been sledding there all week, as I was "gliding" by I heard a child scream and then a grown man scream for help, in what felt like a split second I leaped across the road to see a young boy laying in the snow unconscious. I ran/slide down the hill to see what happened and he had gone off a jump they had built and hit his head! To make a long story short I told the Dad to call 911 and had another child run to get this young boy's parents. I insisted no one move him and I began calling his name, he did wake up in what seemed like forever but was actually just a minute or two, he was talking and coherent and could feel all limbs! All good signs, I waited for EMS and then since I did not see what happend I went ahead and finshed my run.

Since I was only .5 from home at that point I sprinted the rest of the way and snow and ice was pelting me in the face I just wanted to get home! Upon arriving on my street I saw one of my older neighbors struggling to remove snow from his sidewalk and as we are currently getting socked in again he really wanted to move it! So I grabbed a shovel and did the rest for him! I totally just called it an addition to my work out!

So I know I am rambling but I love helping people! I in no way want anyone to ever get hurt,but I felt strong being able to shovel someone else snow and knowing enough about first aid to keep the little guy from moving or getting up! and although it was a slightly dramatic one, it was still a good one and I felt "hardcore"! As a side note handsome hubby joked and said "you should have been extra hard core scooped the boy up and run to the hospital with him!" I am sorry that made me chuckle as he was only picking on my wimpy hardcorness! but hey we all have to start somewhere!

oohhhh and also real quick, serious love affair with the bondi band and new jacket!! I might have to wear them even when not running!

New head gear!

I am really starting to get excited about my new running hobby! I know, it is not considered a "hobby" but for me it almost has to be! I research it, buy all sorts of fun equipment for it and I am totally becoming obsessed! Now now it was just a week ago I was saying that I hated running!Now it is something I look forward too. I love the way I feel during and after running and I am really excited to go to a few races!

However, I must get up on my soap box and complain for just a minute! Damn you snow gods! What is it that I have done to you! Please I beg of you I will do almost anything to un-do my wrong doings! I can no longer handle any more snow and as I type we are currently getting dumped on with 15-20 inches in the forecast, on top of the 24-28 we got this past weekend! I feel like we need to go ahead and re-name Maryland something like North Dakota!

Ok off the soap box, I have not been able to run since FRIDAY!!! With so much snow on the ground, and now it is ice underneath and 10 foot snow piles on each side of the road it makes for unsafe conditions. I have however been trying a few new things. We have on-demand exercise through our cable company, so I decided to browse. I stumbled upon the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders boot camp, haha laugh if you want it is ok I did too, but oh my goodness it was a great workout! and serious motivation looking at the cheerleaders I would love to have their rippling abs!!

I also have done Jillian Michels Shred for the last two days, and she is a tough chick!!! She is evil and says things like "if I can get 400 pound people to do this, then you can do it too, too bad if it hurts!! ahhh I wanted to yell at her! But I felt great after wards. I also came back for more so I guess I don't dislike her that much!

Yesterday my new Jacket arrived in the mail!!!! Yeah can't wait to give it a try, and today the Bondi Bands arrived! I ordered some for me and one for each of my girls! Look at how cute they are (the girls anyway!)

This is my oldest totally happy to pose and wear her new head gear!!

My little one, she is not so fond of her new head gear!

and all three of us squished together for a photo op! I love that mine says "run like a mother"!

Alright, well I wanted to thank all of you who responded to my shoe post, I will take the time to find a running store in the next couple of days and visit it! I hope to be around the blogsphere in the next couple of days hoping we don't loose power and all! Take care and I hope it is warm where you are!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Favorite Shoes

I need help! I need to know what kind of shoes everyone prefers! I have been wearing a pair of Nike shocks for awhile and although I love my Nike shoes they are not cutting it anymore! My feet cramp and the sides of them hurt my feet I have been looking at Brooks and Newton and I really don't know what you fun runner types think are better shoes! Any ideas or suggestions, I do have a slightly funny knee that has not bothered me yet but sometimes gives me trouble and I do not think I have an under or over pronunciation but more of a neutral gait (I had my shoes looked at, at a shoe store not sure if they were completely sure.)

I could really use some suggestions! Ok I have to kids are into something it is much to quite. More blogging later!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


That is what they are dubbing this snow storm we are under! Here in the southern Maryland area we are under a blizzard warning and we have about 28 inches of snow on the ground it is still coming down!! I am supposed to be running my very first 5k right now!! and enjoying my gorgeous family on a mini-vacation! Oh well I am still enjoying them at home, except for my dear husband who keeps getting called to work, ahh thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!

This is picture of our "street"

and here is my little cutie playing!

We left the little one inside (well in her crib napping) as we would most likely loose her there is more snow then she is tall and she is not a fan of the white stuff!

Now I am pretty sure I live in Maryland and not Antarctica but by looks of it I might be completely wrong!

This is my back deck! Or what was once my deck.

Oh well the snow truly is beautiful but it is paralyzing for us folks who typically get six inch snow storms and think the world is ending!

I want to be in Bora bora right now!

As far as running, well it is pretty much out of the question but the snow is so heavy and I have been shoveling, it is a pretty decent work out! I have been in somewhat of a funk as far as watching what I eat, last night I was eating chips and tempted to down a beer! Oh well I guess one of these days I will get it together!

I have a new set challenge and I have to be somewhat vague here for the risk of hurting peoples feelings if they should ever find my blog! But, there is a certain 5k this summer that I am signed up for and so are a few acquaintances of mine who kindly said to me "you should sign up, we would totally wait for you and not blow by you" I can't wait to see the looks on there faces when I "blow by them" I know it may not be the correct thinking but it will totally keep me running and pushing myself!

Anyhow I need to rush off and make some hot chocolate for the little ones! I sure hope the power stays on!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Alright already!!! We are gonna get some snow people and by "some" I mean 12-24 inches which is indeed crippling for us here in Southern, Maryland. However it is in no way an excuse to absolutely loose your mind go running for the nearest store and be completely frantic whilst in said store! Now, admittedly so I was at the store "stocking up" or it just so happens that today is my normal grocery day, but either way you mindless fools who are screaming at others because there is no more milk, need to hang it up! It is snow not Armageddon, at least I don't think I could be wrong on this one though. Just to make the point very clear, if you are so attached to this milk you were freaking out about why would you have run out in the first place? and by the way we have known about this storm for at least a week now!!! my soap box time for me to whine for a minute, I felt so blahhh/funkkky today, sorry there are no other words to describe it! Maybe, it was the threat of the impending weather, the fact that we were going to be home bound for another weekend and my race is postponed! I had ZERO motivation to run, absolutely none! I was feeling like I should not even bother, what would be the point results of my running are coming along very slow, but at least I am seeing results! *sigh*

So when wonderful husband called to say he was on his way home and it was only 3:30 I really started making excuses, and making up reasons why I should not run, or really why I did not want too. I then hopped on my fun little blog site and started clicking holy inspiration batman! I hit a few sites that are quickly becoming my favorites and instantly got the feelings back that I want to be a runner and not like the chick who goes for a jog, but a freaking awesome I will kick your hiney if you even so much as look in my direction runner!

SO hubby got home and I hit the pavement! The freaking cold pavement! It was 31 degrees when I got outside at 4:45 and I was cold, my lungs hurt today and that is the first time that has happened to me all winter, it was my short day I only had to go two miles, and it was the longest two miles of my life!!

I had to talk to myself the whole time, you can do it, be strong, you need this, IT FEELS GOOD "no it doesn't" YES IT DOES! Make me a bird so I can fly far far away and then like a true nerd I laugh out loud at my own stupid saying as I am running down the street! I am sure the cars passing by were also laughing! Sorry for the tangent but all these thoughts in my head consumed me for my short two miles that took 21 minutes I wanted 20 but I will take 21 making each mile about 10:30, now I know it is slow to some of you, but remember a month ago I could not run half a mile!

Anyhow since this is my last run for the week my grand total for the week is 8 miles! I will not attempt to run in 12-24 inches of snow I already have a goofy knee and I am afraid one little tweak and my running days will be over!!! However, I do plan on trying some yoga or something we will see.

and my cutie three old, made my day when I got home she hugged me and said "MOMMY I am so proud of you and I love you all the way to the moon!!" I could just squeeze the living daylights out of her, for more than one reason good and bad!!!

So Thank you to all those inspirational bloggers out there you got me off my bum and out there to finish my week......Just "make me a bird so I can fly far far away!"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OH SNOW oh noooooo

The Groundhog can bite me....seeing his shadow who the hell does he think he is, doesn't he know I am on a mission, thank you so much ground hog and your stupid top hat.

I am getting ready to say the H word! I hardly ever say I hate something but seriously weather gods you are just out to get me! Now, I very much understand that I could have taken up running last year, the year before or even five years ago when we lived in Connecticut and there would have never been this much Snow thank you very much!

In fact I can very clearly remember the last few winters where we would have week long stretches of 65 degree weather, in the dead of January/February! and now my friends not only is it snowing right this very blasted minute, it is supposed to snow all night! SO goodbye 2 mile keep your muscles loose for your race run tomorrow.

OH wait a second WHAT RACE???? We are supposed to get 12+ inched Friday into Saturday so goodbye first 5k of my life, I am so glad I ran my buns off this month just so I would not embarrass my self at said 5k! grrrr and then again next Tuesday we see yet another storm coming.....seriously packing my bags I am out of here..... ohhh wait the damn airport is closed!

and in other sad news my awesome Jacket that I finally broke down and paid ridiculous dollar for is on BACK ORDER!! today is just one of those days where you wonder why you bother!

Okay, I am not really that grumpy, just slightly annoyed and well it was a good day other than all the freaking snow!

maybe cross country skiing would be a better option....

Monday, February 1, 2010

4 miles!!!

Today I had a set challenge, I wanted to run a complete 4 miles with out stopping to walk! I knew I could complete two, on Thursday I increased my distance by two miles but could not push through to run all four. I had to stop and walk and then run again. Today it was mind over matter I was convinced, and...........

I did it!!!! I ran a complete two time around our neighborhood circle. It took me 45 minutes but I did it, I was exhausted after my first two miles but wanted to keep pushing and I did. Maybe it was so I could brag on my blog tonight :) hehe

I have to say I am somewhat bummed though, they are calling for snow this weekend, and although I can run in the snow, driving to Rehobeth Delaware could be tricky in the snow! If it was just Andy and I, we would load the four wheel drive and go anyway but there is no way I can risk my little girls in the car during a snow storm :( I would typically "ditch" them on my dear mother, but with Dad still out of commission and again a snow storm that they would have to travel in, that is pretty much out of the question. So lets all do snow dances for next Monday and not Saturday and Sunday I really really want to run this race!!!!

Anyhow I am off to watch some sort of trashy t.v. that will surely rot my brain.