Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jet Fuel....

Is what must have been in my salad at lunch today...because I ran 2 miles in 19:55 which is 9:57 pace....runnnnnn forest runnnnn, that's right bloggy peeps hunky chunky mama dogged out two miles with below 10 minute paces (ok I realize just barely, but I did it!)

It Hurt...when I hit my two mile mark, I wanted to lay down and roll UP my street to my house, I even consider how bad it would actually look, afraid of being hit by a car I choose to crawl, there was no way anyone could miss this big ole booty (also loving known as Gallatea). Ok ok so I walked home but it took everything I had to get there!

That run was seriously awesome, I told everyone who would listen, and I felt like such a awesome runner chick.....ok now I have to keep this up for more miles! How do I get there? I have been doing some major research! I will be zippy before I know it, or at least that is what I hope!

Anyhow, I choose to do this today because I had to get my brain back in the game, making myself believe that I am indeed a runner and I want to be, because it is run's like this make it worth every minute of mental and physical toughness...

I am off to the races again this weekend! Another 5k this time in Rehobeth beach is supposed to rain buckets but oh well the show must go on! I have a 34.43 time stamp on my forehead I have to BEAT IT!!! or at least that is my goal!

If you are running this weekend I wish you all the speed,endurance and mental toughness you might need!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Yeah! I always love to be under the 10 minute mile mark even if it is just a few seconds below! :)

    Hoping (my ankle is doing weird things) to make it to my 4 mile race tomorrow. It is suppose to rain here too.

    Happy Running!

  2. you can do it! get that pr! :) have fun this weekend.

  3. Nice job! Super fast! RUN FOREST RUN :D

  4. Wow that's awesome!!!! You are super speedy!! The race atmosphere will help you keep at or below that 10 min/mile pace and you'll knock that 34min mark out of the park this weekend!

  5. Woman! You did it! 9-something mile pace!

    Hope you have a great race. You will learn more and more with every race, and will gain more and more confidence. You rock!