Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ouuuu chhhhh

This is Itty Bitty's (who is now 20 months!) new word! I love the way her little lips move when she says it ouuuu chhhh...hehe now you probably wonder why I am telling you this, besides the fact that my kids are just that cute...I actually have a major ouuu chhh!

I ran a 2 miler yesterday evening in 19:39...yup I was flying, you see hubby had gone for a "jog" before me and well I do not like to be beat! This was his first time running in probably a year and he stomped it out in 17 or so minutes....which just fuels my fire! I am glad he is running don't get me wrong, but now we will start seeing my (extremely) competitive nature. After all I have been running for 3 months I should be able to smoke him....simply not true!!

Anyhow, my ouuuu chhhh I had been sore all weekend, since my run on Friday, but from the pickup of my first stride, the inside of both calves hurt! At first I thought maybe they were just tight, but the pain continued, I swear I ran fast just so it would be over. As soon as I got in the door I got Ice packs and began stretching, I jumped into my recovery socks with hopes that all this pain would just disappear! This is how I felt this morning...

(Itty bitty, making her mean face)
yup just that sour, I feel like someone has punched the inside of both legs repetitively and it feels like a giant bruise when someone touches them. My left is much worse then my right, serious pain!!! I wore recovery socks most of the day in hopes of them helping! I skipped this evenings run and hope I will feel much more like this tomorrow!

( little missy, planting flowers by her play house)
Any suggestions as to what this might be and how I can take care of it?

As for the weekend, all the rushing around I did paid off! The baby shower went off without a hitch and the Mom to be seemed happy...success... I then zoomed from the shower to a friends Chocolate party which was a 2.5 hour drive back to Maryland! But I made it in time and it was fun....my dear friend K and I giggled about the host of the chocolate thing, this chick must eat chocolate all day long because she was bouncing all over the place.....seriously I am a happy person but this took it to a new level! I could barley keep up with her, but it did make it entertaining!

On Sunday I was totally wiped out, 5 weekends in a row of traveling had finally caught up with me... I lazed around and planted flowers with the girls and handsome! It was nice to relax!

So needless to say this is the first chance I have gotten to get back to blogging, and commenting sorry, I told you about that stuff called life....always getting in the way!

Happy Hump day everyone!


  1. I don't know if this is good advise, but I totally did the same thing yesterday and I was in pain too all day. I got a massage and Wow, I feel a ton better!
    I am super competitive with my hubby too! It keeps things poppin...although he is faster...I plan to catch him! (wink)

  2. I am so competitive with the hubby. Fortunately, I am way faster than him! Take it easy on those legs. Might you need new shoes?

  3. Ouch, so sorry! Give your poor legs a rest!

    I hate it when husbands do that! This morning my hubby told me he ran on the treadmill at a much higher speed than I do for a longer time than I can. He is not as "fit" as me. I was very perturbed!

  4. Cute Cute 'lil girl! I nominated you for an award on my blog!

  5. Now that is a cute face!! Great pic of itty bitty's mean face!!LOL!
    Yikes, sorry about all the leg pain! Could be the shoes. Hope the recovery socks helped. I really need to get a pair of those!
    Your girls are precious! Have a great day!

  6. ugh, boys. for some reason they can from couch to 5:00/mile in like a week :) ok, maybe not that extreme - but it's still not fair! just make sure you keep it a friendly competition... afterall, he knows you always win, right? ;)