Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My mini Marathon---does not include running

In this house we have had a big looming problem for quite some time! I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old who end up in our bed by midnight every night!! We have a King size bed but little monkeys who lay body parts all over you all night has just become a major annoyance, especially with my ever growing belly.

Last night was the night, Handsome and I set up a plan said we would have to stick to it no matter what time of night! This habit has to be broken, especially before we have a newborn also waking us.

7:30- girls in bed asleep....ahhh quite time

9:00 Itty bitty looses paci, we quickly replace and she is back asleep

11:30-we finally turn in for the evening

11:40- Itty bitty starts to fuss...I calmly lay her back in her bed and tell her no mommy's bed...but we love you kiss her and walk out

12:30-howling shrieking screams from Itty Bitty's room.... I calmly go in tell her to lay down kiss her and leave.........ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE

12:30-2a.m.- Itty precedes to scream whatever words she thinks will bring either Handsome or I into her works a few times like when she was screaming "Ouch"...."I need a diaper change"...and "help me mommy" We quickly realize she is indeed fine and wants our attention....when did two year olds get so smart?

2a.m. the house finally falls silently and we turn in again

2:30- I feel little eyes and hot breath upon me.....this time it is little miss...she proceeds to tell me "I just can't do this tonight I will try tomorrow" which I promptly lead her back to her room wipe her tears kiss her and let her know to stay in her bed.

4:30- "mommmmyyyy...." Little miss again...I just can't do it she exclaims at the top of which Itty begins to scream.....I give everyone a reassuring pat tell the to lay down and get to sleep...and return to my room

6:30- I wake to Itty sitting on top of me saying..."hi mommy" and little miss dancing around singing "I earned a sticker..." and a very sleepy husband trying to get ready for work!!

NIGHT 1 down....some of you Moms out there please tell me this passes quickly and they will sleep in their rooms all night long with no interruptions SOON!! It's hard to be strong in the middle of the night when I have to get out of my warm bed! Glad to have a two hour school delay this morning!! ay yi yi!!! It was two Tylenol and piping hot cup of coffee morning!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three things Thursday...

Two blogs in one week!!! totally on a role :)

Three things Thursday.....

1. Have you ever tried Cherry cordial Hershey kisses.....I accidentally tried one thinking it was holiday wrap and not an actual different flavor, holy moly they are so ridiculously delicious and this comes from someone who does not like Cherry anything!!! I have been eating them in copious amounts, no one else in my house likes them so I don't even have to share!!! I have a feeling I may soon look very similar to a Hershey kiss.....YIKES!

2. The holidays are over and it is still cold! I have a big problem with this, I like for the holidays to be cold even snowy, but once they are done we can go ahead and hit the 60ish degree mark and start heading towards spring. This frigid crap is for ...I was gonna say birds but they are the smart ones who fly south for the winter!

3. I ran/walked/jogged the other day...I wore my semi tight fitting Nike pants and an Under armor shirt, I loaded little miss and Itty bitty in the double stroller all bundled and off we went. Cars were slowing to stare at me, I was beginning to wonder if I had a hole in the butt of my pants or boogers all over my face, it is like they had never seen a pregnant lady run...much less a pregnant lady with two kids! I veered off and headed for the track around the lake as soon as I could it was embarrassing! Overall nice Walk/run though it felt good to be out there!!

`Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011...Jumping back in...kinda


It has been far too long!!!! I have recently been missing running, working out, blogging, racing and just doing something for me! This is not to say life has been bad or unfulfilling, just that it has been busy and I let myself fall out of making time for myself.

So the right and completely cheesy thing to do is to jump back in, right with the new year! SO now that the halls have been undecked and I have gone on my "we need to eat better binge" that I go on every new is time for me to once again commit to myself! Don't laugh just yet! Last year I made it 8 whole months before falling off the wagon.....and I will blame it on being knocked up and not feeling well.

I thought if I start now and have the amazing support of the blogging community like I did before I can make it a whole year and run a half in the fall after baby GIRL makes her appearance in early May....until then I will walk, yoga, try to keep up with the mounds of house work that seems to be never ending and tell you all my dramatic ridiculous stories about it along the way! I know your excited!! Did I mention we are having a third little girl! yeah that's a story for another day all together!

Ok so anyhow to wrap this up! I am coming back, digging out the old running winter tights (I knew my pregnant ass is gonna look soooo hot in them!!) and I am gonna feel good again instead of feeling like I want to choke my kids and husband on a semi regular basis!

I hope the new year find all of you well and I hope to hear from all of you soon! and Mom....I blogged....happy reading!