Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did I shave my legs for this?

why yes yes I did shave my legs for this 70+ degree weather we are having...not that you care whether or not I shave my legs, I just thought the title was fun and do you remember that country song? hmmm

Well anyhow I simply cannot believe tomorrow is April and while I am busy thinking up hateful April fools pranks to play on my unsuspecting family and friends...even though they probably expect it from me, I will run down the month of March

March Miles : 36 wooowza....I think my goal was 40 but considering the few days I took here in there for the pain in the calves I have been experiencing I am o.k. with this number. Actually, I blame it on the race that got canceled..yeah I like that Idea better.

I ran my first 5k this month as well...wooho I cannot wait to do more!

I traveled all 5 weekends in march, this I refuse to do again it left me exhausted and wishing for my own bed!

I lost two dress sizes this month...wholly moley who are we kidding this was awesommmmeee!

I hit 50 followers this month...wooop thanks bloggy peeps I heart all of you!

and I had a P.R distance 6.2 miles it felt awesome I am gonna do it again reallll soon!

Ok so exactly 8 weeks from today, the pool opens...yesssss and uggghhhhh time to kick operation loose my ass into high gear

I hope all you wonderful inspiring bloggers also had a great month!

Oh I also did a quick 2 mile interval run today, I felt so speedy it was awesome and there were so many people out and about! Although, the trees are all flowered and beautiful, my allergies hate it... I looked like a puffer fish when I arrived home!

Have a great Thursday everyone, I have mucho amounts of cleaning to tend to seeing as the family will be arriving Friday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blood, Sweat, tears, Glass and a race re-cap

I am sure after reading the title of this post you were wondering if I lived through my 10k. Turns out I did...and I had a lot of fun doing ready for a re-cap?

Blood: it all started with the signing up of this virtual race! I decided if I was going to run that far you better believe I was going to make it let me warn you bloggy peeps I am not a crafty poor kids who are 1 and 3 do crafts better than I do! Anyhow, I decided I needed a "race bib" I printed the one Tall Mom had made and decorated it!

*In case you can't read it is says: She's tall, I'm short but we are both running for a cure....and I drew pics of Tall Mom's log legs and my really short ones!* See I told you super artist aren't I...I can do stick figures like nobody's buisness

You see those cute little pink ribbons, you know the ones you slide scissors across to make curly?? Turns out your supposed to slide the scissors along your ribbon and not your FINGER....ahhhh blood and freaking ouch! Ok so it is nothing a bad-aid could not take care of, but for a minute there I was considering stitches! When I calmed down I realized it was no worse than a paper cut, ha did I ever mention I can be somewhat dramatic? I emphasize the "somewhat"

Anyhow, I made the bib, decided if I was racing then I was gonna have a race bag and all the I made one!
This is my dream bag by the way...

yup, it included new sunglasses, GU, an awesome bib, and a hand held water bottle, who came up with this bag? she is awesome!

Sweat: ohhhh buddy did you watch Spartacus this week? ooops that is for another post...ummmmm oh yeah sweat, so I kissed the kids loaded up my self and all my gear prayed to the running and weather gods, told handsome to send the search parties at the 3 hour mark! and I was off...

oh yeah I did run in this awesome outfit!

Sorry I look horrible in this pic I was not exactly ready!! Anyhow I had taped Susan G. Koman thingies to my capris, made my Bondi band into a Susan G. Koman Band and put on some pink!

Anyhow so off I went.....Mile one was over in 10:30, I was trying hard to not run hard because I knew I would need all the energy I could muster at the end! It was a cool breezy run...when I reached the first major intersection about 2 miles in I could not believe I was doing it....

Mile 3 and 4 clipped by quickly, I looooovvve my new sunglasses by the way, as I did not have a headache when I got home from squinting and I did not even notice they were on my face... I know the look goofy but I don't care! They were seriously that awesome!

Mile 5 and 6 and .2 were good I was really starting to feel tired at 5 as that is a previous mileage PR for me! Mile 6 started up a hill, and when I got to the top I pretty much turned around and flicked the hill off....then laughed as I got back to my neighborhood I knew I .2 to go.. I picked up my feet and sprinted to the end!!!

TEARS: They kinda started to flow as I let out a big YESSSSS once again in the middle of my street much to my neighbor's awkward looks, I did a giant fist pump and them remembered to stop my watch....duh...

I felt soooo great 1 hour 11 mins and 15 secs, I know slow for some, but it was comfortable for me and I finished without croaking....and Handsome did not have to send search parties!!

that's me after completing 6.2 MILES!!!! wooowwwzaaaaa

Mel- your are such a fabulous Inspiration and your running for such a great cause thank you for hosting a virtual race!

oh and glass- dude I broke three glasses today!!! The first was this morning, the very first think I did was knock a bottle of balsamic vinegar out of the pantry...mmmm my house smelled great all day! I then knocked a tumbler off the counter and then dropped a tall glass in our porcelain sink....what the hell, I must have runner's brain today...

I honestly had a great time running this and feel more confident in myself then I have in a long time!! I hope you all had great weekends! I have to hop off here and clean my house as tomorrow is playgroup!! Take care and have a great Monday everyone!

Friday, March 26, 2010

back to running! and a quick PSA

I am behind in a million of them being here in bloggy land! But, I am trying to catch up so bear with me ok?

I ran last night, I did a gentle two miles and I felt pretty good, I did not hurt until after I was done. I felt like my body weighed 5,000 pounds but I set out to run and I accomplished that, and it felt good!

I am part of Tall Mom'shere virtual Race tomorrow!!! Yikes it will be the first time I have ever run a 10k!! I am so nervous and I am still trying to come up with a fun outfit to wear! It is supposed to be a beautiful day, I just hope these ole' legs can hang in there with me.

Just as a quick PSA please be nice to your children, I know not all days are perfect and that sometimes when you hear someone say "Mommy" for the one millionth time that day it makes you feel like pulling your hair out...believe me I have been there. I also know when one of my kiddos slides on pavement ON THEIR KNEES...I pick them up, hug them, make sure they are o.k. and then possibly go on and explain why the should slow down if the situation so warrants such a speech....I witnessed a Mother today watch her three year old take a hard fall, the mother started screaming and yelling, and then picked the child up and swatted her!! Now, I am trying not to be overly judgmental, because I am not in her situation, but seriously could she have just hugged the poor kid!! ugghhh sorry that was my rant! I will let it alone now, I just always think about how fast my girls are growing and one day a hug will not take away the hurt, so I am going to give as many as I can now....and really who is that lady kidding, her child maybe should have not run, but what kid doesn't run and fall?

Ok seriously done now!

So pray to the running gods tonight, that your hunky chunky running friend (ahem me) with the sore legs makes it for a 10k! tomorrow.....and look forward to my race report!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bleeping bleep bleep

let me censor myself!! It was terrible today...I set out for 5k distance, the weather was gorgeous I managed to do 100 crunches, 50 bicep curls, 30 oblique crunches, 30 reverse crunches, and 30 tricep dips... I was totally feeling awesome I was just waiting for hubby to get home so I could hop on my run...

my legs have felt a little sore to the touch today, like when little missy elbowed me on accident I thought I would jump through the roof, but other than that I did not have pain with every step or anything.

From first stride again, pain was there, I tried to push through thinking it would ease in a minute or two....this time it just got worse with every step, it was horrible by .5 I was almost in tears, I just stopped for fear of getting to far from the house and not being able to get back and also afraid of making whatever is wrong much much worse! I don't know what is going on but it is really painful...

I am excited that I was able to do some strength training today, my body needs it! I am going to rest again tomorrow and try to give running ago on Friday...I will cross my fingers...and pray to the running gods...please be nice to me I have finally found something I love to do, but I do not like pain :(, :( ,:(

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ouuuu chhhhh

This is Itty Bitty's (who is now 20 months!) new word! I love the way her little lips move when she says it ouuuu chhhh...hehe now you probably wonder why I am telling you this, besides the fact that my kids are just that cute...I actually have a major ouuu chhh!

I ran a 2 miler yesterday evening in 19:39...yup I was flying, you see hubby had gone for a "jog" before me and well I do not like to be beat! This was his first time running in probably a year and he stomped it out in 17 or so minutes....which just fuels my fire! I am glad he is running don't get me wrong, but now we will start seeing my (extremely) competitive nature. After all I have been running for 3 months I should be able to smoke him....simply not true!!

Anyhow, my ouuuu chhhh I had been sore all weekend, since my run on Friday, but from the pickup of my first stride, the inside of both calves hurt! At first I thought maybe they were just tight, but the pain continued, I swear I ran fast just so it would be over. As soon as I got in the door I got Ice packs and began stretching, I jumped into my recovery socks with hopes that all this pain would just disappear! This is how I felt this morning...

(Itty bitty, making her mean face)
yup just that sour, I feel like someone has punched the inside of both legs repetitively and it feels like a giant bruise when someone touches them. My left is much worse then my right, serious pain!!! I wore recovery socks most of the day in hopes of them helping! I skipped this evenings run and hope I will feel much more like this tomorrow!

( little missy, planting flowers by her play house)
Any suggestions as to what this might be and how I can take care of it?

As for the weekend, all the rushing around I did paid off! The baby shower went off without a hitch and the Mom to be seemed happy...success... I then zoomed from the shower to a friends Chocolate party which was a 2.5 hour drive back to Maryland! But I made it in time and it was dear friend K and I giggled about the host of the chocolate thing, this chick must eat chocolate all day long because she was bouncing all over the place.....seriously I am a happy person but this took it to a new level! I could barley keep up with her, but it did make it entertaining!

On Sunday I was totally wiped out, 5 weekends in a row of traveling had finally caught up with me... I lazed around and planted flowers with the girls and handsome! It was nice to relax!

So needless to say this is the first chance I have gotten to get back to blogging, and commenting sorry, I told you about that stuff called life....always getting in the way!

Happy Hump day everyone!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

runnning runnning onnnnnn

or is that rolling rolling rolling.....either way, As you can see I have been absent since turning into a cute little chimp on my last is pretty hard to type with those thumbs they have ... Actually, and truthfully sometimes life gets in the way of my blogging....damn that stuff we call life! how dare you interrupt my witty writing schemes!

Handsome and I have been on a serious home improvement kick, I told you about our impromptu kitchen re-do and well now our deck is half torn down, as we have decided that we don't like it and need a new one.....seriously I am unsure why we do this to ourselves. But it has been my job to go around and take out all the screws, there are 100 boards on the top deck each has 22 screws in them, most of them old and rusty, can you imagine the fun I have been having! Forget bad ass runner mom, I am a bad ass with a drill/runner mom!! bwhahah I make my own self laugh!

Actually, I am quite versatile, after all not only are we doing the deck, I have been in the midst of baby shower plans that are going on for my sister in law this weekend, and well it has not been a walk in the park, but that is a story for another time!

Oh yeah and running! After my bad ass five on Tuesday, I took Wednesday as a rest day, I was super sore!! Thursday I was supposed to do a tempo run but my kids really deserved a trip to the park. So little missy and I ran there and back which overall is about a mile! she was great she is 3 and a half (please don't forget that half it upsets her!) and she would jog for a minute or two and then stop to "stretch" I think I laughed the entire time! She was in a dress and her super fast "running shoes" and those were here words the whole time "mommy aren't I so super fast!" totally adorable although she runs a little like Phoebe from friends!! More of a skip than a run, but non the less totally worth every minute I missed running to be with her.

and then on Friday I went running with a total Rockstar!! She just so happens to be one of my besties....she is the Mom of three. Three of the cutest kids I know and I swear if she would let me, I would glue my self to her hip, I would do it in an instant! Seriously she is that awesome! She is a former runner, (As in before she had kids she used to run and loved it!) and I will just say I was nervous!! I am totally confident this chick could roll me up and smoke me on a run in no time! I just did not want to be embarrassed, but as it turns out when you have a best friend, there is really no reason to be embarrassed. I figured she would still love me, even if I am slow.

So we headed out for a 5k! and we did great.....I don't know if she was taking it easy on me, but I was able to keep up with her! and we managed to kick it out in 34.31 which is a great pace!! We pretty much held a conversation most of the run! Now, I never talk and run, and I talked between my huffing and puffing! She was so great and I totally loved having a running buddy!!! and talking while running (although I did not know it was possible) but let's face any chance I get to talk I pretty much cannot refuse, and K and I could be held captive with our mouths taped shut and we would figure out a way to conversate I am pretty sure! The run went by so fast, and I never wanted to give up! I really hope you come back and run with me again K!!! It was the highlight of my running week.... and some creepers in a car totally honked at us....even though she claims she knew them, I know we are just that hottttt.....

Well seeing as how I have to be on my way to Virginia in 20 minutes and I am sitting here typing un-showered I should probably scadoodle, but just another quick highlight, I went window shopping yesterday and I was TWO whole dress sizes smaller.....holy dress fitting gods are you kidding? So excited, until last night when I was trying to pick out something to wear for this baby shower today and nothing fit! Not in a bad way, but like every dress I put on fell off, or looked awful, ok now usually I would not complain...but at 8:35 at night when I was still un-showered from my run and just wanted relax I flew to the mall and dropped $75 on a dress to wear today....all because I am smaller....sayyyy whatttttt at least handsome is a supportive dude and said I totally deserved it!

Anyhow, ahhh must go shower Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Be a Bad ass.....

yeah you heard me I just told all of you to go be a bad ass.....much like miss TeamarciaHERE told me to do today, yup her blog was speaking right directly to me, ok so maybe she didn't mention my name but I could hear her words my entire run...she said own your I felt like I better be pretty freaking awesome today because I need to own it! and since I told her I was a running bad ass I was out to prove a point!

So I went for a run on this beautiful 60 degree day I pounded out FIVE miles!!! That is only the second time I have done so and it felt so freaking goooooooodddd, I was lapping up the weather, flying by other runners (ok well merely passing them but still) and there were not any vultures waiting for me to drop dead!

How does 54.01 time sound to you, sounds like 10.48 paces to me which = aweeeesooommeee in my book, so I can officially say to myself girl your a running bad ass and it feels good! and this is me owning my awesomeness!!

Thank you Marcia you made my day!! Anyone who has not checked out her blog should totally do that right now!(well finish reading me first) She is a bundle of inspiration and good for a giggle too..

So I now want to pass that feeling onto a bad ass and be proud of it! I hope every one has had a great Tuesday and is enjoying the spring weather!!

Awhile back Shelly dared us all to post a before and after running shot of ourselves. Well I finally got around to it, dudes and dudettes alike please don't laugh to hard..

and after....

yeah I know running is pretty tough on my body!!! bwhahaha

hope everyone has a great hump day, maybe tomorrow I will show you the real picture!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

a little bit of sunshine? (some pictures)

I ran today, 2.1 miles warm-up, for the week nothing terrible exciting, 22.38 (10:46 paces) so I am getting faster...yipeeeeee but tonight I wanted to share some pictures I just got my lap top back today....and so I am able to truly blog now and show cute pictures of my wee ones....because believe me they are just that cute and nooooo I am not biased!

SO first here is a picture of me and the chickies after my first 5k! They were not exactly thrilled to be awake early and in the cold, but you know they survived!

This past weekend I told you I did some shopping for them here are some of the goods, new pj's and new sun glasses:

Right after I snapped this picture I asked them to get dressed for the day, while I was showering, knowing full well they would probably not be able to do all of it. especially Itty bitty(19 months) however, when I got out of the shower this is what I found....

Yeah I know she is freaking adorable, but lets just say the sunglasses was all she was wearing and although I would love to show you her adorable wrinkly butt I fear of the creepers out there who lurk on the internet so I will refrain...

I was however pleasantly surprised by little missy (3.5) who managed this...

just as a side note, it was pouring rain here all day and they wore the sunglasses everywhere! I did manage to get cloths on the itty bitty.....eventually!

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ready for a race re-cap? (warning contains no running)

It all started Friday night, with a delicious pasta dinner with great friends! We let the kids run like hoodlums while we talked and enjoyed each others company! They left, I packed and got everything together for the morning knowing I am not a morning person and am likely to forget things I make a quick list hop into bed set the alarm....

6:00 am Saturday morning, I hear the alarm but don't want to budge it is cold and rainy!
6:30am I finally get up and get moving

Handsome gets up with little miss and itty bitty and starts packing a lunch for the road, (I did not want to risk eating some random place just before a run.) Everyone hops in the car, and we are off..

Oh my hell it is raining so freaking hard!! Ok well maybe the further away we drive the better it will get, and the wind is ridiculous

every road we turn onto it seems to rain harder....

11:17 a.m. we arrive at the race tent, packet pick up is not until noon and it looks like a hurricane out there, we find a candy shop, take the girls in and buy them bribes and rewards for what is sure to be a miserable afternoon.

I call the hotel to see if they by chance have our room ready, to my surprise they say sure we would be happy to check you in now!!! (ok maybe the afternoon won't be so bad) We unload everyone and everything, handsome prepares lunch for the girls as I head to packet is noon, race is at 2:00 I still have plenty of time!

Since I am a block over I decided walking might not be bad, but I get outside see the ocean rolling like crazy and see the boardwalk closed, so I hop in the car...once there I find a parking spot bust out the umbrella and begin making my way to the race tent which is located about 50 feet from the boardwalk.

.....lets just say I no longer have an umbrella that is how bad the wind was, it snapped my huge golf umbrella pretty much inward on itself! The rain that was coming down blowing sideways and pelting me in the face might have well as been bullets it hurt like crazy.....I start to think I cannot believe I am going to run in this! I finally make it to the tent and get my stuff...I start playing my mental games and decide that running in weather like this will make me a new level of complete bad ass runner.....

As I am making my way out of the tent to go back and change and eat lunch, and I hear "FOLKS due to hurricane force winds and weather conditions the race has been canceled!" ahhhh crap..I am drenched,broken umbrella made the family drive three hours away stay somewhere besides their house eat less then stellar food, all to tell them I WOULD NOT BE RUNNING....

I sulked and fought my way through the weather back to the car and back to the hotel. The family was not to disappointed it turned out, they were pleased that the would not miss seeing me run, because there was no way they would have even tried to get to the race start! So instead of sulking we decided to explore this little town!

You know what we found? It was so cute we would consider going back for a vacation, and as luck would have it the freaking weather let up at 1:58 p.m two minutes before the race was scheduled to start! So we raced around the outlet stores, handsome was my driver, he would whip into a parking space I would go in and grab as many cute kids cloths as I could find, pay for them, hop in the car and race to the next shop!! Seriously, that is what we did while the girls slept....okay so I would have rather run but I love to shop, especially when I am not lugging little ladies with me!

We walked to dinner and back to our hotel and enjoyed a quaint breakfast this morning before heading no run, but lots of cute clothes and discovery of a the cutest little beach town still = GREAT WEEKEND!

hope you had a good one too!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jet Fuel....

Is what must have been in my salad at lunch today...because I ran 2 miles in 19:55 which is 9:57 pace....runnnnnn forest runnnnn, that's right bloggy peeps hunky chunky mama dogged out two miles with below 10 minute paces (ok I realize just barely, but I did it!)

It Hurt...when I hit my two mile mark, I wanted to lay down and roll UP my street to my house, I even consider how bad it would actually look, afraid of being hit by a car I choose to crawl, there was no way anyone could miss this big ole booty (also loving known as Gallatea). Ok ok so I walked home but it took everything I had to get there!

That run was seriously awesome, I told everyone who would listen, and I felt like such a awesome runner chick.....ok now I have to keep this up for more miles! How do I get there? I have been doing some major research! I will be zippy before I know it, or at least that is what I hope!

Anyhow, I choose to do this today because I had to get my brain back in the game, making myself believe that I am indeed a runner and I want to be, because it is run's like this make it worth every minute of mental and physical toughness...

I am off to the races again this weekend! Another 5k this time in Rehobeth beach is supposed to rain buckets but oh well the show must go on! I have a 34.43 time stamp on my forehead I have to BEAT IT!!! or at least that is my goal!

If you are running this weekend I wish you all the speed,endurance and mental toughness you might need!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello de-funk button so glad I found you...

Thank you to everyone who showed me some seriously love yesterday when I had a major case of the funkies and could not shake them...I then felt the need to express them to all of you...

My husband is also a major support, and although he likes to point out the 86 year old man that is sure to pass me on my run, he is all seriousness keeps me going daily

I will say it time and time again you bloggers out there are my out, I look forward to reading you every day!

Today I went just for a walk...hubby is working late and let's face it pushing 80 pounds of kids and stroller is not my cup of tea when running....

So many of you bloggers popped in my head as I was walking today so here is the short list...if you are not on it please don't be offended I love all of you...

MJ-So glad there is someone out there who is trying to get the hang of this running non-sense.

Tall Mom- I wish I could have this chick's speed and height to be frank

My Mom- you can do it Mom your gonna find your thing.....stop working so much it is bad for you

Momma Twitch- thanking you for saying you have bad days too

Marcia-you bondi band whore glad you can run again

Zoe-still have not found any nekkid semi's

Hannah-our chanting worked, spring is finally here

Lindsey- girllll I need some m&m's if you lived closer I would know where to get my fix

Barbara- has lost 18.5 pounds I wanna do that...

TMB: so jealous of your competitive spirit

MCM: I could use a beer (and you live close enough we could do this)

Paige: I love that you and your husband can run together and not kill each other, I am pretty sure Handsome and I would trip each other if one dared to pass the other

Angie: Barefoot really? I just can't wrap my head around this

Shelly- you Ultra mama you...too awesome!

Judi- I cannot believe you find the time with four little ones...I struggle with two

and awww man I have to pee , so Beth I thought of you...and then laughed because you are so freaking funny.. I still can't get the ice bath thing out of my head bwahahha

the whole time I was thinking these things my little girls slept and read in the stroller and we had gone two miles in what seemed like two minutes I was seriously in another world completely! haha

So thank you to all you bloggers (even if you did not get mentioned I think of everyone all the time!!! promise) you guys keep me going without your help I seriously would not be such a wanna be!!!!

Have a terrific Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

some days you feel like a Nut..some days you don't!

today I just did not feel like a running Nut! Well, let me re-phase my brain could not wrap itself around the idea that my body wanted to go five miles but my brain did not!!

I had the most negative thoughts and feelings creep into my head around 2.5 mile, that my feet just stopped! I decided to walk and shake it off and try again, it was beautiful outside there were so many people out and about and I just needed to have an awesome run. I have really been out of it today! I will break it down for you and try to be light along the way ..I don't want to be debbie downer any more today!

pre-run: hubby pops in the door, I am ready to go just guzzled a bottle of water, because I was behind on my water count today! He says "don't you have an hour worth of running to get started on?" (as a side note he was in no way being demeaning saying this) In my head that first negative thought creeped is going to take an hour to run five miles...blah

mile 1- 12.07 wow I am running really slow but that is ok I want negative splits lets pick it up a little...

hey I need to pee, but I can probably hold it

Mile 1.5 cute little runner chick blooowwss by me...and I mean flies..and this is where the thoughts started tumbling, why do I do this? I feel fat, I am sure I look fat, I want to be faster, since when did I think I could just head out and run 5 miles? I can feel my booty jiggling and I am not a fan today, the music on my Ipod sucks, how much further do I have to go? I feel like crap, I can't do this,! and oh my god I have to pee so bad it hurts!

I am pretty sure you could have put 5 million dollars in front of me and I would have found something wrong with it! How did my brain get in the pit? Now I was mad at myself and being debbie downer and walking! I turned at the 2.8 mark knowing it was 1.2 home and I just needed to stop. and freaking pee

Mile 3: Cute little teeny boppers sitting on the street..giggle and chatting, I jog by and hear them giggle louder, so in my head I wrote them this letter: (even though they might have very well just have been giggling)

Dear little skinny girls,

Don't laugh at me, I know I look ridiculous in my spandex and my "run like a mother" headband that I happen to think is awesome, but to you I am the most uncool chick on the planet (well maybe that is your Mom , but I am a close second) I realize my butt is big and my thighs are thunderous, but you just keep laughing, I was where you were once. Yup that's right I used to wear those size double zero jeans and I could eat whatever I wanted. But,things have changed and those days are behind me, o.k little ladies my body is like a gently used car, that has a bunch of really great miles on it and has had many fun road trips, including two enjoy your double zeros and your Doritos and coke, I too realize my booty is jiggling but I have earned that jiggly butt soooooo BITE ME! oohh and p.s. when you are me in 15 years or so I will cheer you on not laugh at you!

the hunky chunky chick running right by you

(see I was even making up things, that may or may not have been thoughts in other peoples brains!)

I took off again at that point and continued I felt a little better, and was trying to remind myself that not every day is going to be rainbows and butterflies but at least I was out here.

About,this time I noticed a white Nissan slowing down and getting closer to the curb, I look over glancing and see a car full of "creepers" I actually wondered if I had something on my face, they were staring that hard so... I ran faster, they sped up and went by, not even two minutes later they were in the oncoming direction once again slowing down and staring, I was beginning to wonder if I had done something to offend them because they were seriously creeping me out! This continued 5 more times...I was freaking booking it now, I actually caught up to another jogger who I see frequently and asked her if she would run me home because these dudes were seriously making me feel like they were going to steal me~

Mile 4...sweet I finished at least four miles, I am mad and still somewhat sad that I could not work through my brain to crank out five, and I am angry at myself for beating my own self up but at the end of the day I still ran and I am looking forward to better runs....

I have another race this weekend and have some goals to I have to get my head in the game!

I am also looking for a light weight spring jacket...any good suggestions anyone? Hope everyone has a great hump day!!

and...through all things, try to remind your self, you are strong, beautiful and totally worth everything you do..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ruuunnnnnn.. a quick recap!

I did it... I ran the first 5k of my life and totally have a PR! ok so the Pr is a little bit of a joke considering I have never run an official timed race but I finished the race in 34.43 which for me is a PR!!

It was a great race a beautiful day, and a lovely weekend! Other than sharing my bed with Itty bitty (my one year old)she made it really hard to sleep solidly, everything went great, we made it every where we needed to be in time and the kids were not too fussy!

I felt great running today, I know this is so cheesy of me but I got a little emotional in the beginning, thinking that it was not so long ago I was sitting on my couch complaining that working out and getting shape was hard and I was never going to be "one" of those people. Anyhow I was able to fight back the tears have my private sappy moment at the beginning and comfortably run the whole time! I would occasionally catch myself running much faster than I had planned and I really wanted to save my energy for the last half mile. I totally fist pumped it across the finish line!

Speaking of the last half, as I approached it...guess who was standing there? My cute little family talking about moving faster....they were adorable freezing their bums off just to wave as Mommy went by!

Needless to say it was awesome, I am addicted and I have another race next weekend! Which pretty much means,I have to go to bed now because I am exhausted from a busy weekend and we have a busy week to go! I hope everyone had a great run or race weekend looking forward to hearing about all of them!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Off to the Races!!!

Alright bloggy peeps!

I am out of here, on my way to my very first 5k......somone please pray to the running gods that I don't trip, get lost, choke on water any of those fun things I have been knowing to do....

To all you ladies running Disney.. you go girls show them what princesses are truly made of!

I know there are others of you running races this weekend so kick some bootayy....I will be back Monday (and since my laptop, had to go to the computer doctor, I will not be making it around to blogs until Monday or so!!)

So for now..... ugghhh how does a runner chant go? Fast legs, fair winds, warm weather and everyone else be behind me? I made that up...(I know it was hard to tell)


Friday, March 5, 2010

Bondi Band Giveaway winners.......

Ok all you bloggy peeps......drum roll pleassseee selected these winners and it made me laugh, to the victor goes the spoils!


and I wanted to give just one more away because there were so many folks and I would love to give you all one, but the final random Blogger is...

4. Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run!HERE

Congrats to all the winners! You west coast girls got a deal with or something? I kid, I kid!

Please email@ me with which Bondi Band you would like and your snail mail address and it will be on it's way...Please understand the giveaway is for Bondi Band's only and not the wicking hats or anything else on the site!

Happy Friday everyone, if you are running this weekend please shoot me an email and let me know!! I have a race this weekend too and I want to celebrate!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caution Jalapeno's are spicy!!

Welcome all you new Bloggy followers!

Ummm soooo...funny story..if you have a sinus infection you should not be the one flavoring food! Also, if you are said, sinus infection person you should be aware that your sense of taste and smell are well waayyyy off...SO I made chicken taco's tonight for dinner...which we love and I make frequently! I chopped all my veggies and was cooking, I always cook the girls chicken first(thank god) and then I add Jalapeno to the rest of the chicken to give it a kick, tonight after chopping the jalapeno I realized I could not smell it, thinking maybe it was a little weak I added more to the chicken, still not being able to smell it I decided to lick it! Yes, like a double dare that I was not afraid of, I licked a jalapeno!! The next thing my mouth did was reply, holy s#$#%!!

After realizing the error of my ways I was afraid of the amount I had added to the chicken, I also was scared because my entire family was choking, no not on hard candy but on the smell of jalapeno in the air. You see all of their senses are working VERY WELL! They all had watery eyes and were coughing....ooopps catastrophic fail Mom!! I managed to barley eat one of them! Hubby said, with enough sour cream and cheese they tasted "alright" we forgot to tell brother who lives here, how spicy they were! His eyes watered then he jumped up for a cold drink!! Yikes next time I will be more aware! Damn Killer chicken taco's!

Anyhow on to running, I managed to squeak out a mere 3.1 tonight, I am getting more and more nervous as race day draws near and had to reassure my self that I would indeed be able to do this! I am still a little stuffy , but the run was awesome! I felt great the whole time I was out there! Dear ole' Galletea carried me and my legs all the way through! I had steady 11:30 paces the whole time! I really want to be faster but I know that takes time! SO I feel good and I am ready for Sunday! I might get a quickie run in on Friday we shall see how my "infection" is doing!

I have a quick review to post about! I recently tried GNU fiber Bars!HERE Not to get all personal on all you bloggy folks out there but I am a chick who could use some extra fiber in her life! But, I dread the way fiber makes my stomach feel!! I was actually excited to try these all natural bars! They were great!! Delivering the fiber I need without upsetting my stomach! My very favorite was the Banana walnut bar, and my least favorite was the lemon ginger. I could barley eat lemon ginger it was extremely zingy! These bars are Fabulous you should check out the website , these bars make tasty snacks with 12 grams of fiber!!

Ok so how is that for a bunch of randomness?? My giveaway ends tomorrow night at 11:59 so you better get in on it! I have to make my way around and post some comments on all you super running blogs! Have a great Thursday every one!

Monday, March 1, 2010


First Welcome all you new bloggy peeps! I am glad you are here! Don't be a creeper and lurk around, say hi! I love new blog friends!

I am buried...not in a pile of snow, not under my own weight but under 5,987,576,890,087 tissues!! My nose is raw, my ears are popping and I am freaking out that I can't run...which is kinda funny when I think about it!

So today I did something I rarely do and I sucked it up and went to see the Doctor!! Now I usually ride out cold for quite sometime and often act stubborn and suffer but dude, seriously I have not run since last week and I can't stand it!! So I basically begged the doc to help me with my stuffiness, she told me I had severe sinus infection and a double ear infection! a quick side note I am basically allergic to any fabulous drug there is available and have to settle for the few that won't kill me, but are not as effective!

So alas, I am downing a z-pack,mucinex-dm,sudaffed and advil around a very specific clock! When little miss (my 3 year old) told me today that I looked like I had lost my mind, I pretty much had nothing to say except to agree with her! Anyhow I have completely forgotten that February is over and need a quick recap!

I ran 27 miles this month!! Holy smokes! I pretty much started blogging the last day of January and I got hooked so fast, so February was my first full month of blogging and it totally rocked! I also had a big cross over this month! I went from hating to run and just doing it because I wanted to loose some weight, to completely loving it! I am trying to chase down all you speed demons out there! I actually crave running now, and I also let go of the weight obsession I was on! and you know what the weight is going away on it's own..yeaahh!

So I ran more than my projected 25 miles and I lost a jean size...I would say successful month!! For March I would like to hit 35 miles and do well in the two races, I have coming up for this month!! The first and second 5k's of my life!

As for my blog I am just going to keep throwing out my random thoughts while running, oh and you people really like free stuff, which I can totally appreciate so don't miss myGiveaway.

While I really love all you bloggy people out there, I must go to bed, a good night sleep may do wonders for my illness and the sooner that is gone the better!! I am sorry if I have not made it around to comment on your blog yet, I will blame it on my drug induced coma and hope that I can get around to you soon!