Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birthdays, illness,gorgeous bloggers and giveaway oh my!

How is it already Sunday morning? The weeks are flying off the chart and exactly one week from today i will be running the first 5k of my life!! nervous much? YES...yikes I am already stressing the week ahead of me, I was supposed to do a five mile "long" ru on Friday but by the time Handsome made it home, and we finished some more of our impromptu kitchen stuff it was dark...and well I am a scardy cat! so, I thought no big deal i will get up and the morning and pound out five miles, knowing we were headed two and half hours away for a day trip....

Saturday morning I wake up, early as I getting out of bed I could not even begin to deny how bad my head hurt how stuffy my nose was and the coughing ohh the coughing! I popped a few advil some suddafed and laid back down thinking another 30 mins and then I will go run... one and half hours later I was still laying there, listing to little bitty yell...."mama mmmmmmmaaaaaaaamaa mamama" from her crib, ughhhh I still feel like crap! how in the world am I going to run if I can't breathe?

Anyhow I scratch the run move it to Sunday we get up get the family loaded in the mini-van and head to central Virginia for my best friends, baby boy's 1st birthday!! (hi Carolanne) Now, I don't drive two and half hours for any one year old's birthday, but CarolAnne and I have been best friends, for a long time and her little guy is too cute! Of course while we were there, both my folks and handsomes live there, so we visited them too! It was a truly fabulous day, but it was long and by the end of the day I was really starting to go down hill!

So here we are Sunday morning, woke up with two swollen eyes! a nose so congested, that I can neither sniffle nor blow my nose it just makes my ears pop! as I type I have tissue stuffed up the nasal cavities because one side has decided to drip like a faucet and a cough that would make a smoker of 50 years look at me sideways! 5 miles today? Not happening!! I need to better ASAP!! My 5k is next Sunday.....le sigh I will be eating advil and anti-congestion medication today!!

Thank you to Marcia at Running off at the mouth HERE for hitting me with this!

I am supposed to tell you six things about myself!

1. I am a mommy to two of the cutest little girls you have ever seen! They are full of life and Love and the make me laugh (sometimes they make me pull my hair out but just sometimes) they really are just that cute and NO I am not biased...

2.I used to do competitive gymnastics! In fact I did for nearly 10 years!!But, I have never in my life ran...from anything except maybe my little brother!

3.I am neat freakish, if you ever come visit me please take your shoes off at the door and don't leave your dishes in the sink....I won't like you anymore!

4. On nearly a daily basis, I wonder if I would quit running if it was not for all you awesome bloggy people out there!

5. this past week I can fit into a smaller size jean...and that thrills me!

6. I now often day dream about the day I sign up for my first marathon, half marathon and maybe even triathlon!! whoaaa When not even two months ago the thought of walking 2 miles around my neighborhood made me want to just want to sit and complain about how hard it was!

I am now supposed to tag six others...

1. ZOE @ Run Zoe Run HERE
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And to end on a high note don't forget my Giveaway!!HERE Have a happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Good luck in the 5K! You will be feeling better by then.

  2. Love your list! Feel better. I too have a head that feels like it'll explode any minute. You'll be fine at your race, I'm so excited for you!

  3. Aw! Thanks for the award! Hope you are feeling better soon. Where in Central VA? Close to me? You could have run my 3 miler this morning with me ... swollen eyes and all!

  4. Take the time to rest. Keep in mind--at this point there's nothing any training will do to make you better prepared for your 5k--the work is done. If you try to force yourself out the door to train, you could set yourself way back with the crud. So rest up and rock your 5k!

  5. I hope you get better super fast. You should be good to go for your 5K- at least I hope so! Isn't it funny how fast those thoughts of half and full marathons and even triathlons creep into our heads:)

  6. oh no hope you feel better soon! colds are such a downer. well, being sick period is of course. get well!

    thanks for the tag! #2 is very cool. i took gymnastics for a year... lol. i was too chicken to do a back-bend from standing up! haha. i would lay down and push myself up, even in the recital :) #3... don't have me over. i will forget about my shoes though i would probably remember to put my dishes in the dishwasher - i am OK at that. congrats on #5, and 6!

  7. Thanks for the award!

    Don't come to my house 'cause you wouldn't like me. Two boys and too many things going on means my house always looks like it's been tossed by the FBI LOL.

  8. I hope you feel better by next weekend. Running and being sick stinks. Take care of yourself and feel better. Your body will thank you. :) I can't believe the progress you have made! You're an inspiration.

  9. Enjoyed "getting to know you" better. After lurking around the blogging world focusing more on running blogs I decided my real excitement comes when I read about other runner moms! So I changed my blog up a bit and look forward to getting to know more running moms.

  10. The day I signed up for my first half-marathon, I was excited, nervous, and a complete wreck.

    It was both the scariest and best day of my life. :)