Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blood, Sweat, tears, Glass and a race re-cap

I am sure after reading the title of this post you were wondering if I lived through my 10k. Turns out I did...and I had a lot of fun doing ready for a re-cap?

Blood: it all started with the signing up of this virtual race! I decided if I was going to run that far you better believe I was going to make it let me warn you bloggy peeps I am not a crafty poor kids who are 1 and 3 do crafts better than I do! Anyhow, I decided I needed a "race bib" I printed the one Tall Mom had made and decorated it!

*In case you can't read it is says: She's tall, I'm short but we are both running for a cure....and I drew pics of Tall Mom's log legs and my really short ones!* See I told you super artist aren't I...I can do stick figures like nobody's buisness

You see those cute little pink ribbons, you know the ones you slide scissors across to make curly?? Turns out your supposed to slide the scissors along your ribbon and not your FINGER....ahhhh blood and freaking ouch! Ok so it is nothing a bad-aid could not take care of, but for a minute there I was considering stitches! When I calmed down I realized it was no worse than a paper cut, ha did I ever mention I can be somewhat dramatic? I emphasize the "somewhat"

Anyhow, I made the bib, decided if I was racing then I was gonna have a race bag and all the I made one!
This is my dream bag by the way...

yup, it included new sunglasses, GU, an awesome bib, and a hand held water bottle, who came up with this bag? she is awesome!

Sweat: ohhhh buddy did you watch Spartacus this week? ooops that is for another post...ummmmm oh yeah sweat, so I kissed the kids loaded up my self and all my gear prayed to the running and weather gods, told handsome to send the search parties at the 3 hour mark! and I was off...

oh yeah I did run in this awesome outfit!

Sorry I look horrible in this pic I was not exactly ready!! Anyhow I had taped Susan G. Koman thingies to my capris, made my Bondi band into a Susan G. Koman Band and put on some pink!

Anyhow so off I went.....Mile one was over in 10:30, I was trying hard to not run hard because I knew I would need all the energy I could muster at the end! It was a cool breezy run...when I reached the first major intersection about 2 miles in I could not believe I was doing it....

Mile 3 and 4 clipped by quickly, I looooovvve my new sunglasses by the way, as I did not have a headache when I got home from squinting and I did not even notice they were on my face... I know the look goofy but I don't care! They were seriously that awesome!

Mile 5 and 6 and .2 were good I was really starting to feel tired at 5 as that is a previous mileage PR for me! Mile 6 started up a hill, and when I got to the top I pretty much turned around and flicked the hill off....then laughed as I got back to my neighborhood I knew I .2 to go.. I picked up my feet and sprinted to the end!!!

TEARS: They kinda started to flow as I let out a big YESSSSS once again in the middle of my street much to my neighbor's awkward looks, I did a giant fist pump and them remembered to stop my watch....duh...

I felt soooo great 1 hour 11 mins and 15 secs, I know slow for some, but it was comfortable for me and I finished without croaking....and Handsome did not have to send search parties!!

that's me after completing 6.2 MILES!!!! wooowwwzaaaaa

Mel- your are such a fabulous Inspiration and your running for such a great cause thank you for hosting a virtual race!

oh and glass- dude I broke three glasses today!!! The first was this morning, the very first think I did was knock a bottle of balsamic vinegar out of the pantry...mmmm my house smelled great all day! I then knocked a tumbler off the counter and then dropped a tall glass in our porcelain sink....what the hell, I must have runner's brain today...

I honestly had a great time running this and feel more confident in myself then I have in a long time!! I hope you all had great weekends! I have to hop off here and clean my house as tomorrow is playgroup!! Take care and have a great Monday everyone!


  1. 6.2 miles, nice!! :) Great Job!!! love the race bib, stick figures classic. :) Have a Great Week

  2. That is an awesome, awesome time for a 10K - great job!!!

  3. Great job on your virtual race!

    Watch out for that curling ribbon. It can be dangerous! heehee

  4. AWESOME JOB!!! Love the outfit. :) I'm proud of ya!

  5. You are too cute! Race bags? Way more thought than I put into it. Congrats on your first 10K!

  6. great photos, you look awesome at the end! I ran it too! : )

  7. Woohoo!!!! That is an awesome report!! :) So proud of you! And you looked hot btw! :)

  8. Great job!!! I love the swag and your bib! totally fun!!!!!

  9. YOU ROCK!! thanks for making this sooo fun!! You look adorable and I love that you raced for your PR on a Virtual Race. Gosh wish I could have made race bags for everyone..

  10. Yay, good for you, I love the pink get up, just perfect!!