Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick one!

In both the running and blogging world today it will be a quick one!

I hit a quick two mile run this afternoon experiencing that leg pain again! FRUSTRATING BUT AFTER MY FIVE MILER THE OTHER DAY I HAVE BEEN SORE SO MAYBE THAT MUSCLE IS STILL TIRED I TOOK IT EASY IT WAS REFRESHING AND NICE RUN ANDDDD....I cannot believe I am saying this about running two miles???? Hellllooo I thought I hated running, turns out I am starting to think in terms of the day I run a half marathon and gaaassssspppp maybe even a full one!! wooot woot I think the running bug has finally bitten me and I am totally infected and addicted!

Short post tonight much because it has been a crazy few days, somehow handsome and I ended up with a very impromptu kitchen overhaul which includes new appliances (which is awesome) and if you know me at all you could have called me "neat Mom on the run" or something.... I cannot stand for things to be out of sorts, it makes me out of sorts! Especially my kitchen which currently is missing a few cabinets,and a dishwasher. There is crap all over the counters and two refrigerators are sitting in the middle of the kitchen! Yikes we really should plan this stuff better, anyhow you get the picture I am tired but managed to run and I am trying not to look at the kitchen!

One week until my first 5k and I am getting so nervous and anxious...I promise to be more creative and fun tomorrow.. oh and my computer screen it gotten bitten by some other bug and unless I am squeezing the side of it it doesn't work so I will be visiting blogs at some point in time, in the meantime I know you will miss me!!

Have Happy Thursday everyone


  1. Yay! You're a runner! And you like it...even better. :) Such a great feeling!

    Hope your kitchen overhaul goes well! Eeeeek!

  2. Nice job lady! You will totally kill that 5k this weekend :D

  3. congrats on the being 'bitten' :) i hope your leg is feeling better! stretch, roll/massage tender sports, ice if necessary.