Monday, February 15, 2010

Manic Monday!

OK OK OK! I know it's Monday and we are all feeling blah! (well at least most of us!) I have read at least five blogs tonight, of typically very inspirational runners who just were not feeling it today! Now I know we all have these days and for some of us this day is everyday (hence me) but what is going on? Maybe it is the nasty dreary weather, maybe the kids being home for two weeks has made us crazy? (at least us snow bound folks) Anyhow I thought we would do something fun!

So I am going to start Manic Mondays....(wish I would have thought of this yesterday!) this is where you can either email me and tell me, or comment and tell me the most hilarious/ridiculous thing that happened to you all week long! weather you slipped and fell on Ice (pretty ridiculous) or your kid peed all over you right after you got dressed for a party (I didn't think it was Hilarious) it doesn't matter whatever you would think would give us all a good chuckle! I will post them in little snippets on my blog on Monday morning. So when we are feeling not so hot/energized/cold/miserable/blue/ whatever just need a good laugh, you can just click on over and laugh for a minute or two! Ok! So for today we will just post them in a comment but during the next week if you have something you thought would make others chuckle, or something so ridiculous you thought we should all know, then by all means please email it to me and I will include it next Monday! and as the weekend approaches I will do my best to remind everyone!

SO I will leave you with this! (my ridiculous morning I will call it!)

In my house Murphy's law never fails me and I mean NEVER!!! We were scheduled to have a Valentines party here for our playgroup this morning. Now thinking that I am being wise and preparing the night before I cleaned for almost two hours including scrubbing the floors and organizing, so my friends don't think I am completely disgusting individual! I also decided it would be a good idea to get up early in case any unforeseen circumstances pop up (which they always do).

So when I woke up an hour late I was in a little bit of a panic, this only gave me and 1.5 hours to get everyone dressed, myself showered, breakfast and prepare food for the party! Ok I am thinking it's all good, I cleaned everything last night, and the food is easy! SO I hop in the shower quickly before little bitty baby wakes up! Only to step out of the shower and hear her yelling MAMA, MAMA! I get dressed quickly pick her up and discover three year old is in her room trying on every last possible piece of clothing she owns! (ok fine whatever no one will see the upstairs anyways!) I hurry her along and began getting bitty baby dressed. No sooner did I get her diaper off the phone began to ring. So I pick her up naked bummed and run to the next room to answer the phone (thank you mister telemarketer but no I don't need anymore insurance) hmmm I feel awfully warm and WET!!! Baby pee! Yeah, awesome it is not like I wanted to wear this shirt and jeans today anyhow, now I am at least 20 mins more behind!

Rush everyone downstairs only to find Muddy footprints all over my hardwood floors (which is all of downstairs except the playroom) fabulous (my teenage brother in law who lives here, did not remove his boots!) Grab the mop and hastily began scrubbing the floors in a very angry manner, well I must have been really angry because the mop snapped right in half!!! oh my holy bageezes, I say to which my three year old says "Mommmm we don't need to speak like that!" Ok she is right but seriously now I have no mop and 15 people coming over,I decide to get over it eventually the kids are going to throw food every where anyway! Oh crap, food I guess my girls are probably starving! They want waffles! thank god waffles take five seconds, open the freezer ahhhh no waffles! crap! Holy meltdown from both children (no doubt because I had been starving them) they finally decide they will settle for oatmeal! Fine, I start their food and began party food! As I am serving oatmeal, I smell something funny, I walk back into the kitchen I realize I had set a plastic top down on a burner and it had melted.....seriously ready to cancel the party at this point!

Thirty minutes to go and I have two kids finally eating breakfast, a dirty floor, no food prepared,and the house stinks of burned plastic. Ok so at least I feed my kids right? The next thing I see is flying oatmeal! Little bitty decides oatmeal just isn't her thing and instead of telling me, she throws it on the floor! AWESOME....I say I finally decide to clean up, vacuum, paper towel wipe the floor. If friends arrive while food is being prepared then well they will be okay, at least they are not coming into a dirty house! (well the floors were gross but they didn't care too much!)

To make a long story short, I did prepare food while they were here and the kids ran liked caged animals and the party was a huge hit. After all, we had been stuck inside for two weeks now and we needed friends! Thank god for friends big and small, and thank god the day turned out great, after such a crazy morning!!

Anyhow that is my ridiculous story, I am laughing now to think why did I even bother if you could have seen the floor after 13 toddlers ate lunch there was no point! Hope your monday wasn't as manic!!


  1. I've so had days like that. In fact, I expect tomorrow as we attempt to get back in the school habit will be much like yours.

    I'll have to actually pay attention and try to remember some of the crazies this week. Sadly, usually they slip right out of my mind as something new happens. LOL

  2. Oh my goodness! I have soooooo been there! Baby pee included! :) I love the Manic Monday idea. I'll try to make note of crazy stuff.

  3. Well I spun off the road as you know on my way to work Monday, but your story is way crazier. I don't know how you do it.

    So, Belize? I can be at the airport in 45 mins...