Monday, February 8, 2010

Favorite Shoes

I need help! I need to know what kind of shoes everyone prefers! I have been wearing a pair of Nike shocks for awhile and although I love my Nike shoes they are not cutting it anymore! My feet cramp and the sides of them hurt my feet I have been looking at Brooks and Newton and I really don't know what you fun runner types think are better shoes! Any ideas or suggestions, I do have a slightly funny knee that has not bothered me yet but sometimes gives me trouble and I do not think I have an under or over pronunciation but more of a neutral gait (I had my shoes looked at, at a shoe store not sure if they were completely sure.)

I could really use some suggestions! Ok I have to kids are into something it is much to quite. More blogging later!


  1. I went to the running room and got fitted for shoes they do a test on which shoes fit you right. I ended up getting Mizuno's and I LOVE them!

  2. i also go to my local running store but my feet seem to be pretty "normal" so i can pick from many pairs.

    i've run in brooks, but didn't really like them personally. many others do, so i'm not saying to ignore them! i'm currently running in mizunos, and my racing flats are saucony. other people like asics but the last pair i have gave me a blister so i'm leary now. again, these are just my experiences and not necessarily gonna happen to you!

    so yeah, mizuno, saucony, asics, brooks. i guess those are my suggestions. :) good luck!

    ps - yes let's definitely go to belieze! i'd give up running for that life :)

  3. Hey girl, I wanted to respond to your question about the 1000 mile club. Basically we have all set a goal of 1000 or more miles ran this year. Tall Mom on the Run has put the club together. I'm pretty sure its closed due to size, but you should hop over to her site and ask. Maybe some have dropped out.

  4. Oh, and going to a running store and getting fit for the correct pair of shoes is a MUST. I went to a running store and they didn't correctly "diagnose" my foot type. They put me in some Nikes and because I was running in the wrong shoes I am now out for 6 weeks with a stress fracture.

    I've replaced the Nikes with Mizunos, but everyones foot is different. Good luck with the shoes!

  5. I used to love Brooks, but now, they've changed their shoe and I don't know what I like anymore.

  6. I love Brooks and New Balance... but it all depends on your foot. Also I wear a size 7, but in my running shoes, I wear 8.5. Your feet need room to expand as you run... I haven't had a blister since moving up in sizes.