Thursday, February 11, 2010

J K L (tall mom said to do it so I am)

Okay so I am totally copying her, but I thought this might be fun to try since I have not run, seeing as the snow is piled as high as my nose!

J- JUNKY that's right I am a junky a total running Junky, I love the high it gives me, the way my body is starting to look and all the fun gear I can run out and buy for it! (this all happened in a little over a month in the beginning of Feb I still did not like it!)

also, a blogging Junky I will admit I used to be one of those who thought blogging was just odd! But not only have I become addicted to both writing a blog and reading blogs , handsome hubby also reads blogs about his hobby. We never realized what a great source of information they would be and for me they have been a giant source of inspiration.

K-Ka choowww is what my little girl says! It is from the movie Cars and after my morning shred this morning she looked up and said "ka chooww, we did a great job Mom" ahhh I love her,she and her sister are also a great motivators in this whole running effort! I want them to have a strong Mom, who is happy and proud of herself! So that they can always remember to do and find thigs that make them happy, proud and strong! I will have to remember when I run across a finish line (if we ever get to see the ground again) "ka choww"

L- Lacking!! I am totally lacking a valentines day gift for handsome hubby!!! I do not know what to do or get and although we both agree Valentines is kinda of a silly holiday I think I had better come up with something, maybe I could dedicate a blog to him? ahaa sorry hunny I love you and I will figure out something soon! (maybe)

So that was pretty fun I might have to try more of these! I have been sticking to Jillian's shred and it really works me out! I am craving a run and hope that soon the roads will be plowed and I will be able to head out for a 4 miler!

The inspiration I have found in Blog world lately is like no other I have felt in a very long time! I am starting to think I am gonna run my tushy right the heck off!! I hope everyone here in the mid-atlantic is warm and with power! We have so far been lucky with power!

What is the weather like where you are? (be careful what you say I may be on the next plane to your house) :) Happy Thursday everyone, the week is almost over!!


  1. I am positive you won't want to hop on a plane to Kansas. Cold here, too! :)

    Blogging is a great outlet, and it is fantastic because the community is so supportive and inspiring! Wonderful!

    Love the "Ka chow" comment. Gotta love kids!

  2. The blogging community is awesome! You are totally going to run your tushy off!

  3. Thanks for reading my posts. The blogging thing will hook ya. No plane to Tampa will warm you up. 38 this morning and mid 50's as a high. I know. That ain't cold. At least there is no snow, right. Good luck on your runs. I have no suggestions for V-Day.

  4. we are in agreement with you over Valentine's Day we don't really make a big deal of it. I must say I am a new follower and i must say I look forward to following your journey and it's not just because we share the same name with the correct spelling. :)

  5. HEHEHE!! Thank you for playing along :)

    KACHOW!! I have the Cars version of "Life is a Highway" on my Ipod and it always makes me smile.

    Running and blogging are soooo addicting. I love your profile picture!

    Maybe for a gift do something you can enjoy together, board game, nice dinner at home, movie, cd?? Just ideas..

  6. i'm pretty sure you won't want to come here either. 12* this morning and expecting more snow sat/sun...

    i think v-day is a dumb holiday. celebrate love every day instead! i told my fiance he could just get me some chocolate :) i don't even want flowers - they just die and i have the hardest time throwing them away... seriously. i just threw out dried roses from an ex-bf from college... haha. good luck figuring out a sweet gift.

  7. I can tell you that you won't be joining me here with my 30+ inches of snow LOL.

    We share the same name, although I spell it with a k. ;o)