Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gallatea..... things I say to myself while running

hmmm....what the hell is Gallatea you say? ahhh yes

Well Gallatea is the new name I have for my gluts! That's right everyone I have named my butt! Oh yes I did..... you see today while on a 5k test run my friend Gallatea really really got on my nerves! She jiggled and wiggled like she always does but she simply could not push me as fast as I wanted to go... I then said the following things to her...

Dear Gallatea,

You are one of the largest muscles in my body! You are also one of the largest anythings on my body, in fact your HUGE! Is there a reason you can not pick up your friends Thunder thighs and cankels and make them move faster? Oh what was that you said, Lenny lungs simply won't have it? and Hedi head cold simply thinks your dumb to think you can move this body any faster! Well come on Gallatea prove them wrong pleeeeasse.

I know over the years I have not been so great to you Gallatea, but I am trying my hardest right now to make you a popular girl (i.e. Hot ass) but you have to do your part too, now let's pump it out together and by the way could you stop jiggling around so much it is really making me loose my self confidence!

Thanks and yours truly,
Erica (aka the rest of the body your supposed to be pushing)

I did my 5k run through today, it was much slower than I wanted it to go but I figure I have to jump off somewhere and poor Gallatea I did not feed her right today, yes you read that right I did not feed my butt right today in fact all I had was a double cheeseburger! I know completely disgusting, so when I was loosing steam at the halfway mark I really only had myself to blame!

I have been trying to pace myself but finding this a challenge, I also apparently in my 26 years of life have not figured out how to drink from a water bottle and at one point stopped because I managed to choke myself.

Ok so that's enough talk about my rear end friend! 5k-36 minutes....must get faster!


  1. I had to laugh when I read about running and drinking at the same time. I can't manage to do it either! I always have to stop first! :)

    I just found your blog. I enjoy running too and have set a goal to run 1000 miles this year. Good luck on your goal of one 5K per month. Are you doing races or just on your own?


  2. Funny! I often think my butt and the other large parts of my body should be able to move faster, too. It will be nice when I don't feel them jiggling anymore. Good job on your 5K! Keep it up, you will get faster!

  3. I read this earlier today and cracked up, but didn't have a chance to respond. It just cracked me up again. :) Love it!

  4. I am laughing my 'Gallatea' off. Wait isn't that a brand of tea? You're not alone in the choking on water dept. I still do it.