Saturday, February 6, 2010


That is what they are dubbing this snow storm we are under! Here in the southern Maryland area we are under a blizzard warning and we have about 28 inches of snow on the ground it is still coming down!! I am supposed to be running my very first 5k right now!! and enjoying my gorgeous family on a mini-vacation! Oh well I am still enjoying them at home, except for my dear husband who keeps getting called to work, ahh thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!

This is picture of our "street"

and here is my little cutie playing!

We left the little one inside (well in her crib napping) as we would most likely loose her there is more snow then she is tall and she is not a fan of the white stuff!

Now I am pretty sure I live in Maryland and not Antarctica but by looks of it I might be completely wrong!

This is my back deck! Or what was once my deck.

Oh well the snow truly is beautiful but it is paralyzing for us folks who typically get six inch snow storms and think the world is ending!

I want to be in Bora bora right now!

As far as running, well it is pretty much out of the question but the snow is so heavy and I have been shoveling, it is a pretty decent work out! I have been in somewhat of a funk as far as watching what I eat, last night I was eating chips and tempted to down a beer! Oh well I guess one of these days I will get it together!

I have a new set challenge and I have to be somewhat vague here for the risk of hurting peoples feelings if they should ever find my blog! But, there is a certain 5k this summer that I am signed up for and so are a few acquaintances of mine who kindly said to me "you should sign up, we would totally wait for you and not blow by you" I can't wait to see the looks on there faces when I "blow by them" I know it may not be the correct thinking but it will totally keep me running and pushing myself!

Anyhow I need to rush off and make some hot chocolate for the little ones! I sure hope the power stays on!


  1. all that snow is beautiful though! try to enjoy the stay-cation instead with your family. there will be another race!

  2. that sucks that you had to miss your 5k, your pictures look like what it's like in my back yard! I really hate snow, makes it very hard to run during the winter!

    Have fun indoors and stay warm :-) another run is just around the corner!

  3. Wow! That is a LOT of snow! Enjoy the snow for the moment...there will be plenty of time for training. Good luck on the 5K!

  4. Holy snow! I LOVE LOVE your plan to zoom by, I cant wait to read the race report. SUCH a huge bummer to miss a race, but I guess everything happens for a reason.. Hugs to playing in the snow

  5. Oh, what beautiful snow! I am totally jealous that you have had that much snow TWICE NOW and I have had NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THAT AMOUNT since we moved to the Artic Tundra. Next time they call for a major snow storm, the girls and I are coming to stay with you!

    And your plan to "blow by" your friends who are so considerate to wait for you.... GENIUS! Can't wait for you to post all about it!