Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OH SNOW oh noooooo

The Groundhog can bite me....seeing his shadow who the hell does he think he is, doesn't he know I am on a mission, thank you so much ground hog and your stupid top hat.

I am getting ready to say the H word! I hardly ever say I hate something but seriously weather gods you are just out to get me! Now, I very much understand that I could have taken up running last year, the year before or even five years ago when we lived in Connecticut and there would have never been this much Snow thank you very much!

In fact I can very clearly remember the last few winters where we would have week long stretches of 65 degree weather, in the dead of January/February! and now my friends not only is it snowing right this very blasted minute, it is supposed to snow all night! SO goodbye 2 mile keep your muscles loose for your race run tomorrow.

OH wait a second WHAT RACE???? We are supposed to get 12+ inched Friday into Saturday so goodbye first 5k of my life, I am so glad I ran my buns off this month just so I would not embarrass my self at said 5k! grrrr and then again next Tuesday we see yet another storm coming.....seriously packing my bags I am out of here..... ohhh wait the damn airport is closed!

and in other sad news my awesome Jacket that I finally broke down and paid ridiculous dollar for is on BACK ORDER!! today is just one of those days where you wonder why you bother!

Okay, I am not really that grumpy, just slightly annoyed and well it was a good day other than all the freaking snow!

maybe cross country skiing would be a better option....


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Erica...and thanks so much for the kind words. Welcome to the crazy world of running...hope you enjoy it!

  2. this is global warming, duh! ;)

    i was mad at the stupid groundhog too. ughhh let's just warm up already! no one likes the winter!!

    hopefully the snow situation will be light enough to where you can still go to your race? one can only hope right?