Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So just after I wrote my previous blog about my new head gear and jacket and how I have not had the chance to run, my three year old said "mommy are you going to run today" I replied "no darling," her "well why not" to which I had to make up excuses like "mommy has a cold and is feeling kinda yucky, and it is already snowing again" her (in a very disappointed tone) "ok nevermind then Mommy". She was so bummed out and I too was bummed but really could not see myself out there not feeling well!

Two seconds later, handsome hubby was home early from work (this is a rare occasion) I thought I had better take advantage of this even if I have to walk some because of my congestion it will be worth it to get out there! So I explained to my husband "the need to be hardcore" meaning I was going running, yes I know it is snowing, and I already feel like crapola but I am headed out, I will go the short 2 miles today!!

here we go " I did it, I did it" and it felt gooooooddd, I ran the whole way, I felt great and I felt like I was really moving. Moving fast that is and that two miles is really becoming easy, awwww the high running gives me!!

In all my glory as I was clipping along, I was coming around the front of our neighborhood where there is a small hill, the kids of the neighborhood have been sledding there all week, as I was "gliding" by I heard a child scream and then a grown man scream for help, in what felt like a split second I leaped across the road to see a young boy laying in the snow unconscious. I ran/slide down the hill to see what happened and he had gone off a jump they had built and hit his head! To make a long story short I told the Dad to call 911 and had another child run to get this young boy's parents. I insisted no one move him and I began calling his name, he did wake up in what seemed like forever but was actually just a minute or two, he was talking and coherent and could feel all limbs! All good signs, I waited for EMS and then since I did not see what happend I went ahead and finshed my run.

Since I was only .5 from home at that point I sprinted the rest of the way and snow and ice was pelting me in the face I just wanted to get home! Upon arriving on my street I saw one of my older neighbors struggling to remove snow from his sidewalk and as we are currently getting socked in again he really wanted to move it! So I grabbed a shovel and did the rest for him! I totally just called it an addition to my work out!

So I know I am rambling but I love helping people! I in no way want anyone to ever get hurt,but I felt strong being able to shovel someone else snow and knowing enough about first aid to keep the little guy from moving or getting up! and although it was a slightly dramatic one, it was still a good one and I felt "hardcore"! As a side note handsome hubby joked and said "you should have been extra hard core scooped the boy up and run to the hospital with him!" I am sorry that made me chuckle as he was only picking on my wimpy hardcorness! but hey we all have to start somewhere!

oohhhh and also real quick, serious love affair with the bondi band and new jacket!! I might have to wear them even when not running!


  1. your story made my heart melt, we need more people like you in this world!

  2. I am so glad you got out there and ran... Whatever your faith, there was a purpose for your run... and frankly it began with your 3 yr old. I believe God used you today!!

    I couldn't find your email, but wanted to share that I was raise in SoMd. I believe you are quite younger than me, though. I graduated from Leonardtown in St. Mary's County in 95.

    I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. How great you got out there and did some good deeds too! WTG!

  4. what a productive run! good thing you were out there to help both the little boy and the older gentleman :) you are awesome!

  5. Wow...what a great run! See, sometimes getting out even if you feel like crap makes you feel better in the end! Keep it up Girl! You are an inspiration to your kids.

  6. Yes I am addicted to bondibands. So glad you got out there, I have had a head cold too.. YUCK