Thursday, February 4, 2010


Alright already!!! We are gonna get some snow people and by "some" I mean 12-24 inches which is indeed crippling for us here in Southern, Maryland. However it is in no way an excuse to absolutely loose your mind go running for the nearest store and be completely frantic whilst in said store! Now, admittedly so I was at the store "stocking up" or it just so happens that today is my normal grocery day, but either way you mindless fools who are screaming at others because there is no more milk, need to hang it up! It is snow not Armageddon, at least I don't think I could be wrong on this one though. Just to make the point very clear, if you are so attached to this milk you were freaking out about why would you have run out in the first place? and by the way we have known about this storm for at least a week now!!! my soap box time for me to whine for a minute, I felt so blahhh/funkkky today, sorry there are no other words to describe it! Maybe, it was the threat of the impending weather, the fact that we were going to be home bound for another weekend and my race is postponed! I had ZERO motivation to run, absolutely none! I was feeling like I should not even bother, what would be the point results of my running are coming along very slow, but at least I am seeing results! *sigh*

So when wonderful husband called to say he was on his way home and it was only 3:30 I really started making excuses, and making up reasons why I should not run, or really why I did not want too. I then hopped on my fun little blog site and started clicking holy inspiration batman! I hit a few sites that are quickly becoming my favorites and instantly got the feelings back that I want to be a runner and not like the chick who goes for a jog, but a freaking awesome I will kick your hiney if you even so much as look in my direction runner!

SO hubby got home and I hit the pavement! The freaking cold pavement! It was 31 degrees when I got outside at 4:45 and I was cold, my lungs hurt today and that is the first time that has happened to me all winter, it was my short day I only had to go two miles, and it was the longest two miles of my life!!

I had to talk to myself the whole time, you can do it, be strong, you need this, IT FEELS GOOD "no it doesn't" YES IT DOES! Make me a bird so I can fly far far away and then like a true nerd I laugh out loud at my own stupid saying as I am running down the street! I am sure the cars passing by were also laughing! Sorry for the tangent but all these thoughts in my head consumed me for my short two miles that took 21 minutes I wanted 20 but I will take 21 making each mile about 10:30, now I know it is slow to some of you, but remember a month ago I could not run half a mile!

Anyhow since this is my last run for the week my grand total for the week is 8 miles! I will not attempt to run in 12-24 inches of snow I already have a goofy knee and I am afraid one little tweak and my running days will be over!!! However, I do plan on trying some yoga or something we will see.

and my cutie three old, made my day when I got home she hugged me and said "MOMMY I am so proud of you and I love you all the way to the moon!!" I could just squeeze the living daylights out of her, for more than one reason good and bad!!!

So Thank you to all those inspirational bloggers out there you got me off my bum and out there to finish my week......Just "make me a bird so I can fly far far away!"


  1. Love the Batman and Forrest references.. Way to get out there. Sometimes you just need a little push. UGH to the snow, I cant imagine..

  2. Girl, you are an inspiration. I will think about running again thanks to you. Ha, I am proud of you, keep up the good work. And, please don't run in the snow. You might hurt something. :) LOL MOM

  3. Great job getting out there to run. I feel your pain about how people lose their mind when we get more than a few inches of snow. Personally my first stop is to stock up on beer and doritos....not healthy but it is a snow day tradition. ha!

  4. Thank you for following my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

    Be safe in the snow. I am in Columbia, we are reaching 28" of snow right now. Good thing I have a treadmill.