Monday, February 1, 2010

4 miles!!!

Today I had a set challenge, I wanted to run a complete 4 miles with out stopping to walk! I knew I could complete two, on Thursday I increased my distance by two miles but could not push through to run all four. I had to stop and walk and then run again. Today it was mind over matter I was convinced, and...........

I did it!!!! I ran a complete two time around our neighborhood circle. It took me 45 minutes but I did it, I was exhausted after my first two miles but wanted to keep pushing and I did. Maybe it was so I could brag on my blog tonight :) hehe

I have to say I am somewhat bummed though, they are calling for snow this weekend, and although I can run in the snow, driving to Rehobeth Delaware could be tricky in the snow! If it was just Andy and I, we would load the four wheel drive and go anyway but there is no way I can risk my little girls in the car during a snow storm :( I would typically "ditch" them on my dear mother, but with Dad still out of commission and again a snow storm that they would have to travel in, that is pretty much out of the question. So lets all do snow dances for next Monday and not Saturday and Sunday I really really want to run this race!!!!

Anyhow I am off to watch some sort of trashy t.v. that will surely rot my brain.


  1. 4 miles! That's awesome! Snow storms, bad. Very very bad! Go away snow storm, Erica's gotta RUN.

  2. hey! thanks for the comment(s) (now plural!) and follow :) totally "normal" of you, i promise.

    these snowstorms are a major inconvenience for running and traveling! i hope they hold off this weekend!

  3. Awesome 4-miler. Way to hang in there. Pretty soon, 4 miles will be a walk in the park. Again, nice job.