Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone has had a great day! We (being the handsome hubby and I) were able to sneak out last night for a quick date! We hit a fancy little Tex-Mex restaurant the food was yummy and the conversation was as always intriguing, silly, loving and funny! It was pretty nice to make it through a whole sentence with out hearing "Mommy I need..." Not that I mind answer these calls of need but sometimes it is nice to have a break!

We had pretty much decided that we were not going to do anything fancy for Valentines! Handsome hubby wanted some new tools and of course wanted new running gear! We are awesomely romantic aren't we?

So anyhow Handsome showed up with these this morning!

Beautiful Tiger Lilly's

He is so great, he brought the little girls flowers too. They are going have such a hard time finding husbands because he spoils them sooo much!

Then....the other part of my day was getting to go to Pacers, (which is a running store in Alexandria Virginia) and have my feet fitted for the proper shoes! I was sooo excited yeahh!! Turns out I was wearing a shoe, almost two sizes too small? Seriously, the lady laughed at me! Not in a mean way, but like in a wow I am surprised your feet don't kill you kind of way!

Anyhow after trying on a few different shoes, and running up and down the street in Alexandria (with my jeans rolled to my knees and my winter coat on!) I ended up with these!

I love that they just so happened to be HOT pink!!

after I was done fitting shoes we looked around for a little bit, they have great stuff in there! and for anyone who is local they are having 40% off winter gear! I picked out one more thing I am now the proud owner of this...

I am so excited I cannot wait to get out there and run this afternoon! Unfortunately Handsome got called into work and who knows when he will be back! But, we hope it is sooner rather than later!

So that was our Valentines day,it was awesome and I had a few little tricks up my sleeve for handsome that he loved too!

How did you spend your day?


  1. Those are my favorite flowers! I carried them in my wedding. Love the shoes. I just got mizunos and love them!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I need to hit up Pacers (in Clarendon) and see what they have on sale. I LOVE that store. Yay for some new pink shoes!

  3. Great shoes and handheld! 40% is awesome! Beautiful flowers! Looks like a great day overall.

  4. Hi Erica! Glad you found my blog and find my little running journey inspirational.

    Another potentially neat thing. I might be moving to VA. Hubbs and I are in negotiations. heehee.

    Hopefully we can inspire each other along the way. Your kiddos are adorable!

  5. glad you had a good v-day! love the new shoes :) yeah trying out shoes is always a little weird cause you're out trotting around in regular clothes. haha. i never remember to wear running gear and always look like a dork :)