Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 miles and more random ramblings!

hold on a minute for me ......k?

Go Mama go! Go Gallatea go! I did it I did it!! I RAN 5 MILES in less than an HOUR!

Ok ok I am back! Sorry I just had to jump around and sing to myself one more time! I ran 5 miles without stopping to walk today! Not only that but I ran in 58.05 seconds which I know is slow for so many of you but completely Awesome for me! This all happened at around 3:00 this afternoon it is currently 8:00 and I am still on a runners High!

It was a beautiful day almost 55 degrees so I was out there in a short sleeve tee! There were minutes where the sun was beating down on me and I could feel summer just right around the corner! It was a beautiful afternoon!

I had serious moments of doubt during the run and kept looking for an out, at 1.5 mile mark I could have sprinted the half mile home or make a right and keep going and my body and mind took me right! There were moments where I wanted to stop and walk but it was like my legs were not capable of walking!

Funny Moments during this run.....

I was fist pumping my way through each mile mark! I did catch more than one person laughing at me...

There were three to five vultures flying over head the entire hour at one point I decided this is what they were saying.... (in a mafia boss tone)

Vulture 1: Yo yo Joe you see what I see?
Vulture 2: yeah yeah I see a plump little piggy running along (that would be me, the plump one)
Vulture 1: yup that would make a good rump roast....(aww Ican't believe they want Gallatea)
Vulture 2: she does look as if she is gonna drop dead any minute, we will just wait until she does, easy dinner tonight!

ME: SO LONG SUCKKKAAASSS not dropping dead today...

haha seriously this is what goes through my mind when I am running? Birds talking to each other!

Also out of a car window came the yell of .....MILFFFFF which in my eyes is somewhat crude, but at the same time I will totally take the compliment hahaha I know they were a bunch of goofy teenagers but hey gotta take the compliments where I can get them right! They must of totally thought my lime green sports bra was awesome! I chuckled and kept on running!

At one point around the 4 mile mark I saw a dog standing on the side of the sidewalk, I was really starting to drag here.. so i imagined that I had to zooomm past the dog or it would chase me down and eat me!!! bwahahaha Now for some people this might actually be a fear, but for me I absolutely loooovvvee dogs and if I did not have two little girls to think about, I would bring home every stray animal I ever spotted! But anyhow it worked I sped up and past the dog and knew I was in the home which a great song came blaring over my Ipod!

Good, good, good,good, vibrations took me into the home stretch and when I hit the 4.5 mile mark and my little stop watch said 53.55 I said there is no way in Hell 6 minutes and a .5 mile are going to get me now and I took off!! People were out all over the place and they were just moving out my way I was clearly on a MISSION!!!

soooo Mission Accomplished, I felt great the whole run, I laughed at myself like I always do and when I jumped off the side walk at the end of my street I felt so accomplished! It was a little less then two months ago and I could not run 1/2 a mile, today I ran 5 without stopping.....go me, go mama I am prouddd of myself!

How was your weekend, and what are your proud moments? (at least in the running world, I would be here all not listing moments otherwise)
If anyone has a manic moment for Monday don't forget to email me at and I will make sure it gets up there Now off I go to leave comments and enter giveaways. Have a BOMB.COM kinda week!!


  1. Yay! Great accomplishment and MILF to boot, saweet!

    Maybe when the weather gets warmer we can run together:)

  2. Great job!! Totally LOL at the MILF! Glad you took it as a positive and let it boost your run.

  3. Congrats on 5 miles of awesomeness! That is a huge accomplishment! And your lime green sb does sound yummy!

  4. Yay, i took a minute and did a happy dance for you that's great. The day I complete 5 miles in under an hour I to will be celebrating. Enjoy your victory. :)

  5. Good for you! That is why I love running it just feels so good to accomplish each and every mile because we know we have worked hard to get to that point.

    Dogs - they scare me more than people! We live somewhat rural and people in rural areas are not so good at keeping their dogs contained. My heart stops every time I hear one barking!

    Happy running.

  6. Congratulations! You rock! I like your funny moments. Thanks, for the smile.

  7. Oh my goodness!!! Way to go, hot mama! (OR shall I call you "MILF" - haha!)

    You rock. Seriously. I know what a big deal going further than you've ever gone before is, and I am so proud of you!

    Well done. VERY well done. I'm so pumped for you!

  8. congrats girl!! very exciting :) umm not sure on the milf comment, but i guess that means you are a hottie at least!