Friday, February 12, 2010


Do you ever have days like this?

I was pumped! Ready to hit the road for my "long" day. Yes, sorry fellow runners long in my running world is 4 miles (but soon to be six!) Was just waiting for hubby to get home and switch off the girls!(by girls I mean my children).

He arrived home we chatted for a few minutes, and we both changed at the same time him out of his work cloths me into my running cloths. Right at that moment when I was changing it hit me, holy smokes girl you are going to go run four miles and you are stoked! After all it had been a pretty good day, we were finally able to get out of the house for a little bit, and I made some progress in the way of Valentines day!

So I kiss my kiddos, tell handsome hubby it is my "long" day and I will be back just in time to order pizza for supper! He yells back "please be careful, it is getting icy" (To catch some of you up, we here in the mid-atlantic region/Maryland have about 30 inches of snow on the ground and for the last two days our highs have gotten to 40 which is great for the melt, but then at night it all re-freezes!)

Anyhow I was off, walking up the street I did notice some Ice but not much, I decide on the way down the street to give the sidewalks a try the crews have been out trying to clear them (all the kids in my neighborhood walk to school, so they are trying to get ready for Monday) I warm up and take off. I was feeling ok, and it was cold and I am still batteling a head cold so there were moments that I was wondering if I was really going to make it!

Once those feelings started creeping in I swear I lost my MOJO! I did great for the first .5 I was excited and feeling strong, at about the .5 mark I get to the end of a side walk, with a mound of snow taller than I am, they had no exit off this side walk except through the snow, I wanted to swear, so I stopped climbed through the snow and got on the next side walk and kept going. Ok not such a big deal I will find my groove in a minute. I am starting to feel my stride, I wave at the little dudes cleaning the side walking who were looking at me like I have three heads! I started thinking about the topic of my blog for this evening and that usually occupies my mind and entertains me for quite sometime.

Out loud I say to my self, Ouch! Something is wrong with the last three toes on my right foot the are rubbing my shoe the wrong way!(going to the running store this weekend) Ok whatever shrug it off, back out into blog land thinking. and then it happened....

The next thing I knew I was looking up, not running and looking up but laying flat on my back looking up at the sky! I had hit a patch of Ice and it took me for everything I had. I swore, and laid there for second wondering if I could feel my toes, I rolled up to a seated position looked around to make sure no one had just seen that because I would rather die of embarrassment than have anyone ask if I am ok! (yeah I know I am a weirdo) do a quick body check I am fine, but I am getting on the road to run I have had enough trouble with the side walks!

On the road I am back to a jog, I am ok I am doing fine, I keep telling myself you can do this it will be fine, I see a truck up ahead, I notice he is driving rather fast (think 45ish in a 25mph neighborhood) hmmmm I think, I wonder if he sees me? He is not slowing down or moving over, so I slow down and prepare to jump into the snow bank as a last resort! I keep running, the next thing I hear is a very loud hoooonnnkkk and look over at him to see him talking on his cell phone and totally angry! Dude seriously? I saw you two minutes ago, if you could slow done and get off your phone you would have had no problems. Not to mention I was well out of your way, now if I had time to think about your actions you were clearly not paying attention!

Accckkk, that loud honnnk really threw me and now my hip and my toe were hurting and I was only 1.5 miles in! I have been really inspired to run latley and have been loving every minute of it and I was so excited to get out there today but after all that I could not shake my nerves and the thought of fallen in the road way or another car not seeing me again was just enough to throw me off and make me throw in the towel at two miles and go home! I was so so disappointed in myself! I am still arguing with myself in my head! I just could not pull myself together enough to keep going tonight! I am now I am upset that I did not!

I came home told hubby my woes, he understood and said it was for the better that I was not out their running with such treacherous conditions and we got pizza, good god I love pizza!! It was so delicious, my family was picking on me for how fast I ate that pizza! Now just as a side note we ordered a large pizza and an order of mozzarella sticks. There are four of us, my husband, me, a 3 year old and a 1 year old.......there is a half a slice of pizza left!!! Can we say piggy wiggys?

Alright well this post is getting far to long! I am sorry for my uninspired posting I just am terribly disappointed! I am hoping to get a four miler this weekend in hopes that the conditions will continue to improve!

So tell me runners and fellow bloggers, what was your most disappointing moment in your training? do we all have days like this?


  1. 4 miles is a long run in my book to so we are in agreement with that. I can't speak for everyone but I know I have days were i set out with bigger plans than I actually end up completing when it comes to workouts but you can not be held accountable for the elements I believe if the conditions were better you would have totally rocked out that four miles and you are better than me because at massive snow bank to cross to get to the next sidewalk I would turned around and walked back home, falling on ice i probably would have called my husband and got a ride back home and lots not depreciate the fact that you did two miles more today than a lot of people in the world, including me so you should be proud of that. :)

  2. I just found your blog and loved reading your last couple posts, thanks! Omg, be careful out there in that snow. I have become a snow-wimp in my old age and am thankful for my basement treadmill. I know (gasp), treadmills are for losers but it's become my bff in the winter. I'm okay with it, I watch tv, listen to my iPod, read a book and text...nothing like multitasking while getting in a workout. sorry about your fall, hope you are okay. I'm with you on not wanting anyone to ask if I'm okay. I had my waterbottle of Perpetuem leak last weekend and I stopped to get the icky guck off my shorts and some guy stopped on his bike and asked if I was ok. Um, yeah. I think he thought I fell. haha. How embarrassing. There wasn't even ice. I'm rambing here at 4am, please don't think I'm always this psychotic. Glad you got your run in at least, hang in there, you're doing awesome!

  3. ouch! I'm a Baltimore girl myself and this snow is CRAZY! I've been wanting to run outside so bad, I even have YakTrax for the snow...but there are no cleared sidewalks or anything even close to resembling a shoulder around here =( Treadhell all week But good for you for being so inspired! Keep rockin it!

  4. We all have days like that. I wrote a post not long ago about how I'm only as good as my last run and that a bad run can just kill my confidence.

    Good job at least trying to get out there. This weather is just nasty. I'm considering running outside this afternoon, but my treadmill is still looking pretty good.

  5. If every run was perfect, there wouldn't be runners and non-runners ... everyone would do it.

  6. sorry to hear your run didn't go as planned! hope you are ok from the fall - this wintery weather makes me nervous with the snow/ice patches. i will slow down to a walk if necessary.

    no shame in however long your long runs are - we all started out from 0!