Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last day of Janurary

SO I thought for the last day of January I would do a summery of my running! I vowed to my self back on December 31st 2009, that this year I was going to get in good shape, not like the shape I have been in for the last 4 years which has been either pregnant or the aftermath of pregnancy and breastfeeding. I mean really good "wow lady you look hot" shape! Now I told you yesterday I simply don't stick with things, it is not my strong point. I want to "Love" to do certain things but I can only make myself "love" them for so long. There are a few exceptions to this rule i.e. my kids, I will always love them and want to spend time both on them and with them becoming a better Mom and improving their lives to the best of my ability, my husband who is simply one of the best people I have ever met and keeps me going every day! My Mom and Dad who are increasingly becoming some of my best friends and then my best friends! These few things are exceptions to this rule I will always love these people and want to be interested in them, because believe me if I didn't I would have already forgotten to mention them.....anyhow I had a point, on new years eve, I wanted to love running, I wanted it to be something that I did because I loved it and the way it made me feel, I wanted to feel like I could not live without running.......................

Well here we are nearly 31 days later and I still HATE to run! ha oh well at least I stuck with it! I stuck with it for an entire month! Seriously that is a record! (well for me) I do feel good on the days I get my run in and I am often proud of myself for getting the extra umph to do so.

It all started on January 1st, it did not matter how and when it was going to happen, and so in the middle of the day on Jan 1 I took off....I set out around the neighborhood I ran about a half a mile and simply could breath any longer so I walked the rest of the way, which was fine at least I did it!

I then had a dilemma I was able to go out and run in the middle of the day on Jan 1 because my husband was off for the holidays. When the hell was I going to have time to do this during the week? It is dark before he goes to work and dark before he gets home. I could always run with the stroller, but I really hate pushing 70 pounds of kids and strollers in front of me and not being able to swing my arms....well I decided I would be running at 5:30 a.m. in the morning!!! Less traffic and although dark not a lot of people would be out and about.

My Husband did not believe I would get out of bed and do it on Monday morning, and if you know me at all I always aim to prove a point and the point here was that I was committed! Monday 5:17 a.m. my alarm starts going off and I hit snooze, this continues for the next 15 minutes when I decided to get out of bed and go to the bathroom,I felt how ridiculously cold it was outside of my warm covers and crawl back in bed. To which my husband mumbles.....wuss! I threw the covers off got my exercise gear on and hit the road! It was so freaking cold 3 degrees that morning, I moved faster than I had in a long time!

When I reached my house I was so proud of my efforts! Two miles in 3 degree weather running/walking, I would hit the road again tomorrow. This continued for the next three weeks!

This past week, I was able to run in the afternoons as my husband was getting home early from work and hit another major milestone! I can continue to run without walking for an entire 2 miles! This is a giant feat for me, in the beginning I could barely make it a half of a mile! 2 miles in 21 minutes!

So to sum up the month...after my novel I still Hate running but I can do it, I logged a total of 18 miles for the month and lost 6.6 pounds! I was just short of my goal of 20 miles and 8 pounds but I am not complaining! (well not to much anyhow)

So here's to February I am hoping for 10 pounds and 25 miles! Next weekend I run my first 5k in rehobeth Delaware! Should be interesting. Anyhow we are now off to the wonderful world of Lowe's this is what weekends with 13 inches of snow end up like, everyone gets excited just to go to lowe's...

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  1. That is just inspirational. I think about running frequently. Even bought some running shoes while we still lived just below the Mason Dixon Line. Never used them. I follow the notion that there is no need to run unless I'm being chased or saving someone's life. YOU GO GIRL!