Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am sorry fellow bloggers for I have been absent for a few days now, you see that thing I talk about every now and then called life, really ,really got in the way this week. It got in the way of my blogging, my running, my daily routine in general was just tossed aside.

I have two sick little girls, a house full of family and a deck in the middle of remodeling. So, between grocery shopping, cleaning, dosing out medication and sleeping a little less then normal I have not found nor made time to blog or run!

I have promised my self that I will run tomorrow, it will be my Easter treat! After all if Jesus can die on the cross for us, I think I can squeeze in three miles in the morning. I will do it for him and I.

I hope all of you have a fantastic Easter, enjoy your families and the wonderful food, and maybe a good run dedicated to the big guy in the sky!



  1. I hope that everyone is feelign better soon. Enjoy your easter and you run!!!

  2. hope everyone is feeling better and you were able to get in your easter run! sometimes life gets a little hectic at times, blogging is definitely not one of the bigger priorities!

  3. very cool! hope you enjoyed your run!