Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vote for me!!!!

Ok so I use to be a little bit of a party girl......and once I had a few drinks in me I would come up with all sorts of fun party tricks to do!

I also use to be a gymnast, and through college a Gymnastics coach....combining drinks and gymnastics could sometimes get well....dangerous but needless to say at a redneck bar in the middle of nowhere, I was incredible bored and stuck a beer between my boobs!! this lead to many comments and then....

I was then dared to figure out a way to drink it like that, and I would receive free drinks for the evening.....they did not know who they were messing with! (I never refuse a dare and I new I could bend and twist enough to drink it) It only took mere seconds for me to do a half back bend and drink down the stuck and I use to even have a rhyme for it!! LE SIGH.....

..... ten years later a hilarious blogger Beth at Shut up and Run decided to host a SHT contest..if you don't know SUAR you have been clearly hiding under a rock and should rush over to here blog (and vote for me) and read her stuff!! But back to me, she asked for Special hidden talents (sht)and like diarrhea of the mouth(beth knows alot about diarrhea)....I offered mine right up, forget that I have three little girls or that my Mom reads this blog....hi mom and sorry :) I proudly stood in my kids toy room, shoved a beer between my boobs and drank it for the whole blog world to could you please go here and vote!!!!

I ran two miles in the heat and rain....thank god for the rain....on vacation for the next 2.5 weeks and looking forward to some new do you deal with this unbearable heat???? and don't forget to vote and check out the other freakish people with SHT, Amanda is totally kicking our asses...but she seem pretty cool so I might have to be out with that. :)

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