Friday, February 11, 2011

5 Things I really want Friday....

It's Friday and I should be totally tickled pink right......but as part of my winter blues fest I woke up wishing for these things in no particular order!

1. I wish it was 95 degrees outside and all I had to worry about was packing a healthy lunch to take to the pool

2. I wish I did not have to go into the next room and wake a sweetly sleeping 4 year old who has no desire to go to school and would be super excited if I told her we were getting up to go to the pool.

3. I wish I would have bought a car with a remote start...I bought my van in the middle of June I wasn't exactly thinking I would need this particular bell or whistle

4. I wish I could drop everything and run for miles and miles, running through peoples sprinklers to stay cool....

5.I just wish we could get above 30 is that really so much to ask!

I am over you winter!! soooo far over it, now I must bundle up said four year old and haul her cranky ass to school, I know I can't really blame her I would rather be on a tropical island or under my blankets then head out to the artic tundra that has become Maryland but must go on....Hurry summer hurrrryyyyyyy