Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A day in my Life.....

Sometimes life gets crazy (or all the time if your some of us) sometimes there is so little going on in life, sometimes it's so much you can't keep up your own juggling act...my life is very day to day, and I am in love with it! Would like a quick peak??

6:10 A.M I wake up to nurse sweet baby number three! As much as I would like just a few more minutes of sleep I know there is going to come a day in the not so far future when I will wish for a baby to wake me up cuddle in my warm bed, and smell her adorable little baby head...we both nod back off for a few minutes and the alarm goes off at 6:30 hubby jumps up for work and I slowly get myself going!

Letting #3 sleep while I shower, dress, and doll myself, for a day of mommyhood!

After hopping out of that ever so quick...ugghhh how am I already behind for the day, shower I mosey down the hall and wake up #1 and #2 to get dressed for kindergarten and pre-school...they are not fans and constantly roll over and whine "I amm sooo tired!!!" to which I say "if you don't get dressed now you will have to eat breakfast in the car" they slowly shuffle about while I get #3 diaper changed and dressed, then work with #2, she is three years old and still can hardly manage to get her shirts off in the morning and the poor chick is like molasses in winter time getting dressed, I then encourage #1 to hurry hurry as she gets her school uniform on! We brush hair, brush teeth and scurry downstairs for breakfast, juice and coffee!

#1 and #2 eat/watch a few minutes of toons, while I make coffee make sure we have all we need for the day and then begin to fuss for everyone to get shoes and make it to their carseats..it's 8:30 I hear myself say for the 30th time and we have to go now! #3 gets shoved in her carseat and we fly out of the door and in to the van, after we buckle everyone we are off...

9a.m. thing one is dropped in the drop lane for a full day of kindergarten

As soon as I drop her I make that ever important target run, because lord knows we are out of just about everything! Rush through target forgetting most of the stuff we actually went there for, only to land at dance at 10:15 for #2

from dance we hurry stuff ourselves full of lunch at Panera..mmmmm yummy! Mommy grabs a quick cup o' joe and we rush #2 to school, #3 screams all the way there as she is fed up with the carseat and hungry again...
12:30-now that I am down to one kid I hit the grocery store, go back to target, the post office, run home shoot off a few emails, try to help my Mom with sharing calenders on outlook and realize I better make dinner now or it will never happen tonight!
2:00-I throw together a quick casserole and some brownies for good measure, change #3, nurse her again and back to her car seat, we pick up #2 and scurry to pick up #1 rush them home, unload and bust out homework! Handsome leaves right from work does his run and gets home to take over while I do my run...
5:30-while I run handsome feeds the girls and helps get #1 ready for dance, I get in and scarf my food and take #1 to dance!
7:00 we return home for the evening and everyone enjoys a quick snack

7:30-quick baths, pjs, books, and tucked in girls, I make lunches, pack snacks, clean the disaster that our house has become and prepare for morning
9:00- plop down, send out emails for book club, school board and playgroups, fiddle on facebook and order winter jackets.
10- quiet time with Handsome, before we both nod off 10 mins later :)

That's my life! It's not perfect, it's not always easy, but it's mine and I love it!!!

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