Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Have I done????

I'm back from an extended vacation to the Outer Banks!! We had a great time and all of us are refreshed and relaxed! Handsome and I got to share a run while on Vacation and although the heat was killer it was nice to run with him as it rarely happens with three kiddos.....speaking of killer heat most days the heat index was between 105 and 115 on the beach!!!! Ouch, we found many alternatives to hanging on the beach everyday!

As we returned from vacation I took a long hard look at how I have been eating and exercising and the results are sad.....I know it was vacation but it was no excuse to over indulge in much to much junk....the time has come...

Tomorrow I begin counting calories, eating clean and Half Marathon Training......say whattttt....

You heard me, I ran out and signed myself up for the Baltimore running festival Half Marathon....uhhhhhh not sure what came over me, as I have not been doing much running, I have never completed this distance and I had a baby 12 weeks ago.....but I paid $98 flipping dollars to run this race and so I will train and do my best, my best will be to complete it still standing!!

I am excited, nervous and feel a little sick about the thought of running that far! But, I hope that as with any challenge I will relish in thought of doing what seems impossible....I have 10 weeks to make it happen....y'all better start praying for me now!

I also received an Awesome running skirt from Running skirts and compression sleeves in the mail to review!! So excited!

For now I am headed off to bed..up bright and early to kick off 1/2 training! and test out that skirt...come back and read all about it :) Have a great week everyone.


  1. Woot for the half! I love that you made the leap! Enjoy the skirt--they are awesome.

  2. You will do great! Way to go for signing up for the half!