Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Five!!

1. Killer runs- I have been slamming down some awesome runs lately!!! Last weekend through the rolling hills of Charlottesville Virgina,My Dad, Handsome and I completed four in 44 minutes...don't laugh I know it's minimal for so many of you but I am coming back after baby and this was my fastest and furthest...since I rejoined the ranks of running. I was proud and my quads hurt so good from those fantastic hills! My dad was faster, and handsome went on for 2 more after me...but it was awesome to have them out there.

2. Handsome running-back when I originally got into running, handsome said he never would. He said "it's boring, I can spend my time other ways, but I will always be supportive of your running" Handsome enjoys hiking and biking and now he is killing runs!!! I don't know what changed his mind and I am a little jealous of his stellar runs like 4 miles in 30 mins after 2 months of running or 6 miles in 46 mins, but I won't complain I am glad he sees the addiction, I might even get him talked into a race sooner or later :)

3. Papa running- My dad, said to me "we should do a race together" he had no idea I would take it to heart and sign him up, buy him running clothes and tell him he had 7 weeks to be at the start line....yup the very next day after he said that, I rushed right out found a race and clothes, and now we are running the Richmond 8k together! It is my first race after baby and his first ever I am pretty sure! We are stoked!

4.Richmond- Yup 1 week and 1 day to my comeback....I am sooooooo excited I always loved races even if I will never win one they are thrilling, and exhilarating and help feed that sense of accomplishment! My goals...

#1 goal-to finish....even if I have to crawl my way to the end
#2- to run the entire walk breaks
#3- to finish under 1 hour this is totally doable if I accomplish # 2
#4- Enjoy every minute and remain hooked on running :)
#5- be all matchy matchy and cute in my running gear

5.-It's Friday!!!- whooooopppp love me some Friday!! 5 year old at a sleep over, 3 miles on the training plan this evening and flu shots tomorrow.....alright so my life is not so exciting but at least it's the weekend!!

A big shout out to all you RACERS!!!!!! have fantastic runs, may you be light on your feet, and have wind beneath your wings!!