Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Who's going to be in Richmond (cause it's only gonna be the most happening place on the east coast this Saturday)

Which race??? ( Yes I am looking to stalk the majority of you....only in the best way possible)

I am doing Mama's redemption, post baby, working on getting that body back....8k!!!! (Also read as first Race post baby)

I would love to cheer on some of you other runners/ bloggers :) (maybe even get your autograph or swoon over your awesome quads)

Or meet you at the expo...or anywhere in between..(.be fore warned I will be toting 3 little animals and one big one with me.....3 babies one husband = 4 animals) :)

Let me know!!! (did I tell you we are going to get a puppy after this race?? what was I thinking???)

Had a stellar five miler on Sunday(missed my time goal by 1 minute ).....feeling awesome heading for race weekend!

Hope to see some of you!!!

This was Random thoughts Tuesday...brought to you by me :)