Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear Body..... (an open letter)

I know you expelled a baby not so long ago (eight weeks today if you need exact measurements) but I waited my six weeks and even gave you an extra week before I tried something my dear body why do you hurt so bad?

My abs hurt, my quads hurt, even my flipping head hurts....I know dear body we have not been friends lately I want to wear smaller clothes you want to look like a muffin, I put you through long hours of running after children and cleaning and don't always fuel you properly but do you really have to kick my ass like this?

I want to love to run again and after a short two miles you have made it difficult for me to even think about doing it again, as you had me on the verge of hyperventilating because your so far out of shape, I was jiggling all over the place, thanks to well the only thing that jiggles FAT and the sweat oh the salty burn your eyeballs sweat....I know I am supposed to sweat but I was unforgivably drenched after two miles

I also realize we ran, nursed, cleaned, nursed, did laundry, nursed, set up for little missy's party, nursed, shower (finally) nursed and then went to bed for 5 hours before getting up nursing and running off to swim lessons and then hosting a party for 15 five year olds........I get it your tired....but this is our new normal and your gonna have to meet me half way....k???

In the meantime I will try not to dwell on the things that jiggle when we are bouncing around or that we are only on five or so hours of sleep or whatever it is you don't like as long as you try to take some of the achiness away and make a little easier to breathe on our run this evening! I will even dress you in cute new running warehouse clothes that I scored.

Until then dear body...Know that I am not above an 800mg Motrin to treat your pains and I, simply put am unhappy with you....buck up buttercup your in for a long ride...

Happy FRIDAY everyone


  1. Welcome back! The little miss is gorgeous! No worries, the bod will come back in all its glory, just in its own time. hang in there!

  2. Hi Erica. I just stumbled across your blog while looking for other mommy running blogs. Don't be too hard on yourself coming back post partum. It took me way longer to get back into the swing of things after having my latest and greatest, but eventually we found a rhythm. Good for you for getting out there. You'll make your return. Good luck to you in your running ventures. I hope to stop by more often.

  3. Eight weeks? Wow, take more time if you need to. I was off running for almost 6 months after I popped out my boys. Non-impact was far more rewarding for me.
    Take a deep breath, relax...You'll be back when your body is ready.