Wednesday, July 6, 2011

hooooooooo leeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyy is soupy out there today!! Yuck! Oh well I told myself sticky or not it was now or never!

I was staring in the face of the first post-baby run and it was maybe I am being dramatic, call it what you will but when I first started running I was doing it just for the hell of it.. and other than my Mom begging me to continue blogging (hi Mom) I kinda left running and blogging by the wayside when I found out I was expecting baby #3 but tonight was a watch out world I'm coming back kinda moment!!!

Here we go step by step:

Step one-go to local running store (Pacers Alexandria ROCKS!) and get new shoes for post pregnancy fat foot syndrome!

Step two- fret about how much money you just spent on yet another pair of shoes

Step three-hop over to Running warehouse and clean up on an awesome sale they are having

Step four-fret about how much money you just spent on running clothes then be happy knowin at least they are all matchy, matchy

Step five-hop around blog land for a couple of hours/minutes and get all inspired and stuff

step six- shwe hubby all your new loot and get the "you better use all that crap that you already have but wanted new" speech :)

Step seven- play tag with your kids for 20 mins and realize how far out of shape you actually are because your 5 and 3 year just kicked your ass playing tag

Step eight- make it very widely known around your house that you are going for a run tonight come hell or high water.....

Step nine- put all that running junk that you bought in a place where you trip over it until you put it on your body......and then give up and put it on

Step ten- go out and enjoy the burn baby!!!

It was not a glorious or glamorous run, but for two miles and 24 minutes I was alone with my thoughts and my baby flab and my tired sore ass but I did it!! and I did it for me and it hurt and it was long but it was done and I am .......

Happy :)

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