Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Versitile...I think so

I am Beyond Versatile I just can't think up anything good right now! (what it is not the think on your feet award...ok or in three days award but whatever!)

I was tagged by the Fabulous Stacie at Impossible is nothing....and this week has been a little nutty but I am finally getting around to catching doubt because of my 4:45 wake up call!

So here are Seven random things about me.....

1. Lately I feel like life is flying by....I mean was it not yesterday that I found out I was expecting our first baby and tomorrow she is being promoted to pre-k, now I know that seems silly to most but she has changed sooooooooo much this year, she shed her little baby layer and it turning into a kid. Also, for a shy little lady a whole year of school was a giant feat......and my second, my true baby is going to turn I was watching them play out back yesterday I was wishing for time just to freeze....I felt like I would be sitting on my deck in 15 years just wondering where all the time went!

2. Speaking of is nearly June! and if there is one thing I love it is SUMMER.....I love the BBQ's, the pool, the beach, the late nights, the hot, sweaty, sticky feeling as soon as you walk out of the door, how acceptable it is to run around in shorts, and a bathing suit shoes or no shoes, how we can wake up and go wherever we please for the day..Popsicles, margaritas, saucy dates (with handsome of course) the general happiness of people, vacation.....I could keep going but I will spare you.

3. On a running note, I am learning more about myself then I could have ever imagined....the whole mental toughness thing has come a long way but I am still working HARD on it! I like to give up...

4. I was a Cheerleader in high school, and on the dance team in both high school and would never know that right? shocking I know!

5. I have been to Europe, England in fact but not to London, I landed in London and then hopped a flight to Plymouth England (yup that is where the pilgrims sailed from) Handsome's submarine had just pulled into port and we had been married 7 months....he had been gone for 6.5....we spent 8 very drunk delightful nights stumbling through seeing parts of England most don't know about! However, the food was horrible, thank god for beer it was the only carbs I managed to consume on that trip!

6.My kids are cute...I am not biased, don't even think about suggesting is an example

Little Miss

Itty Bitty

Freaking's ok I already know!

7. I am getting horribly sarcastic about everything! I used to just do it to people I knew, now I do it to everyone even on the computer! It does not always come across so well....I think I better watch it people are gonna think I am a whacko, what you already do? why?

I am supposed to tag 15 people, but for about 1,000 reasons I am going to be lazy and tell you that I am probably the last person to do this out here in blog land and the first 15 people who read this can be tagged.....also my kids are on the verge of starving so that is my real excuse....I am sure they will devour what ever breakfast I go make them (somehow I dream these things up in my perfect world) hence the urgency really!

Have a happy Hump day everyone!


  1. What? You sarcastic? Never!Love your list and oh yes those kiddos are uber cute!

  2. Kids are starving? Not an excuse. This is a good life lesson for them.

  3. Great photos of the kids! Nice list. Always nice to learn more about each other. Sarcastic? You, that one was a shocker! ;-)

  4. Can I drop my kids off with you for the summer? I HATE being hot and have the hardest time dragging myself out into the heat to do fun stuff with the boys.

    Cute kiddos!

  5. So, did the kids devour everything? Mine wake up starving and, then, eat nothing (or so it seems). It drives me crazy.

    Cute pics. If eyes were a camera, think of all of the moments we could freeze.

  6. Your girls are adorable. Great pics :) I have two beautiful little girls as well and YES, they are growing up too fast. Time is flying.

    Thanks for the shout out. I need to go let my husband know I'm fabulous :)

    BTW, I usually find sarcastic people entertaining.