Sunday, May 23, 2010

uh oh another case of the blahs

you ready for some whining?

Ok first off I have no idea what my problem is! I did not run at all last week (gasppp) I know it was killing me too. I got out one day and played with my Garmin for 1.5 but I did more playing less running!

Now before you get all crazy on me, I have been getting up every morning at 4:45 to do p90x, but I did not want it to take a toll on my running, and it is not the only thing that has stopped me! We have had family, bad weather, and a host of end of the year things going on...and I know these are excuses but I have been using them!

Today I enlisted a dear friend of my mine to hit 7 miles with me! We have a 10k in two weeks and I wanted a longer run. We met first thing this morning and hit the trail! Mile 1 and two were fantastic 9:54 and 10:22, and then I felt a very familiar pain creeping into my legs, so I slowed to stretch and walk for a second, mistake!!

I know when I stop cramps get worse I have no idea why I stopped, it was raining by this point I tried to Jog for a .5 mile more it just was getting worse! Poor K she got up early, came out in the rain only for her buddy to bonk on her! Not only was I have such intense leg cramps I was also having awful cold chills, like my skin was standing on end cold chills.

By the time we got back to our cars (with a total of 5.1 miles in 1:03) I was nauseous and dizzy, I couldn't decide on the ride home if I needed to throw up or just visit the rest room, my stomach was angry! Horrible feeling, and I still feel really guilty for quitting on K in the rain! I got home and looked up some stuff on cold chills, the first thing I found was dehydration, the next thing I did was weigh myself I was almost 3 pounds lighter than I was first thing this morning! Hello dehydration, no wonder I felt like crap.

All of this also means I did not participate in the Rock your socks 10k like I was supposed too :) Sorry TMB....I feel pretty defeated this afternoon! I will do my best to pick it up and get back out there tomorrow!

For now my recovery socks and lots of water seem to be doing the trick!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Yucky!! I hope you feel better soon....

  2. man, rough day :( But you got out there and pushed through more than you thought you could. Feel better and get some fluids.

  3. That does not sound like a great run. I usually say any run is a good one but that sounded pretty bad. Maybe a little rest is what is needed.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Sounds like a horrid run. This humidity really messes with your body's ability to cool itself too. Take it easy and drink lots and you should have a good run soon to make up for it!

  5. at least you seem to have it figured out and its not anything serious. i have had more than enough running-nausea/dizziness for the whole world!!