Friday, May 7, 2010

she is 3, and sooo lewd! warning bathroom humor!

Y'all better brace yourselves! While shopping at Toys r us yesterday with my 3 almost 4 year old the following happened!

Little Missy says "Mom I have to pee!"
I replied "Me too"

We had just spent all morning at her spring carnival and we were at toys r us to pick a pool for her and Itty bitty to play in and some other fun water toys! I stop what I am doing and all three of us hurry to the bathroom!

Little missy hops up on the toilet while I change Itty bitty's diaper, after she is done I sit down to pee!

Little miss hands me one tiny square of toilet which I replied..
"umm baby mommy needs more toilet paper then that!"

LM "Why Mommy?"

me: "because"

Lm : "I only use one or two!"

me: "well I am bigger than you and I need more"

to which little missy then said in a very loud exaggerated tone!

"Then you must have a GIANT vagina!"

ummmmmm....I was 55 shades of purple. and laughing! she did not know what was so funny, I could not explain! I hid in the stall until I was 99% sure there was no body else in the bathroom! I then pulled my sunglasses over my eyes, continued to laugh grabbed a pool and made a bee line for the door!! What the hell? where does she get this stuff from!

Maybe next time I should teach my kids better names for their privates as to not be soo embarrassed when we are out in public!!

On a running note, I am running National police week 5k tomorrow! Hopefully, my Giant va jay jay will PR!

Happy Friday and weekend to all.....still laughing!


  1. oh my! I just about spit my coffee out all over my screen, that is hilarious....sorry Erica couldn't help but laugh....good luck tomorrow!

  2. Chcukling out loud!

  3. I loved your post- very cute. But, I have learned from Oprah and such T.V that it's actually healthy to teach the proper terms. Your the mommy and you call the shots.

    Good luck on your race!

  4. That is too funny! Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Hilarious! Good luck hauling that GVJJ across the finish line tomorrow!

  6. hahahahahha! That is great! Good luck at your 5K tomorrow.

  7. So funny. I was sure she was going to tell you that she didn't have a square to spare...

    Run strong in your 5k!

  8. I am not kidding my validation word was "evaligna"!! heeheehee

  9. Hey Erica, you won something on my blog! CONGRATS, check it out. Thanks for following my journey!

  10. Thats my girl! She is so funny, I love these stories. Good luck racing today. :)

  11. Love it!! A Memory for sure!!

  12. That is awesome!! Definitely a story to save and share when she's older. (you know, to embarass her back ;)

  13. Oh my! And, only 3 (almost 4). She'll ace anatomy!