Monday, May 24, 2010

say whattt she is B.A........?

YEAH you know me (all you early 90's folks need to resist the urge to shout "I'm O.P.P) I spent the day obsessing about how I ran yesterday, how bad it sucked, and how bad it hurt! I was terribly defeated yesterday afternoon. Last night hubby and I did an hour and half of Yoga "X-STYLE" and it was killer and felt good all at the same time!

Today I wrestled feelings of being down, to quitting running to wondering why I torture treat myself with p90x and running. I wanted to give in and give up be done with it all, so you know what I did? I freaking went running!!! I had to prove to myself that I love to run and it makes me feel good, and it pulls me out of my incredible funk....and so what if my legs hurt, that is the life of a fit chick right?

Sorry I got excited, it was just a quick two mile shake down...a calm, confident, albeit hot and humid your a Bad ass runner shake out! 2 miles in the dark 19:49! I felt as if I was melting and I loved it!

Now the sad part....I still have legs and Back p90x to do :( But I am happy and pumped even! and Tony Horton your ass is mine tonight pal! I love a good run that can turn your whole day around!

Two things I forgot to mention yesterday while I was in my ridiculous slump!

I would like to welcome my New ADORABLE very chubby Niece to the world! Lochlyn Grey was born this past Friday coming in at 9lbs 12 oz to her tiny, little, super model sized mommy! Way to go M.A!! we are all very proud of you! and are soo excited to meet Lochlyn!

and I hauled gravel for almost three hours on Saturday! Seriously don't think I could have down this five months ago...the dudes working on the deck were standing with their mouths gaping, they could not believe a chick could load a wheel barrel full of rocks and push across the yard, dump it spread it and do it again for three hours! Yeah I rocked it and got a great workout at the same time!!

Ok so here is to a good week, no more blahs, I am gonna try and crank out 20 miles this week!!!

Tomorrow I am back with the Versatile blogger award, if my legs can carry me down the steps!


  1. Glad you are in a better mental place and go you with your bad self, hauling gravel!

  2. Hauling gravel for 3 hours??? You go girl!!

  3. Way to put the boys in their place!

    9'12". Delivery must have been a workout. Congrats to you and her parents.

  4. Amen to an awesome week. We all have those days. Happy to hear that you are doing well.

  5. You stay crazy about p90x!! It's tough but doesn't it feel good to complete each days' workouts? :)