Friday, May 14, 2010

right out the window....

Welcome all new bloggy peeps! I am doing my best to get around to all of your blogs...let me know if I have not been by to comment yet!

P90x you could possibly be the end of me....although I love BRINGING IT every night to our workout, when I wake up in the morning your Total Muscle confusion leaves my body more than confused, it leaves serious muscle pain...still no laughing, coughing or any sudden movement of any sort! I was so excited to do Yoga last night, my thoughts were ohhhh an easy night! ummmm it was the hardest night yet, although the ommhhhhhhhhsssss at the end were rather entertaining! P90x I say you will be the end of me, yet I keep coming back for more! I better get "oh my gosh, did you see how buff that chick is" ripped at the end....ya listening body?

and on a running note, I still have run every other day this week! Yikes and double ow...but I guess one thing cross training does is make me feel strong, I felt really strong on my 4 miler the other day. The miles clipped by, even if I was pushing both girls in the stroller, at noon, on an 80 degree day! It was fun! I felt like I was melting.....I mean I usually sweat but I had it dripping from the tip of my nose and I could tell I was getting a great workout! I consumed 50 oz of water on that run/ recovery!! Collectively my girls and the stroller way about 75 pounds, it was a challenge but it has been my reality this week as Handsome is working out of town and not getting home until late every night! I think it will prepare me for this weekends 5k, I will be with out my stroller and kids, so maybe I will fly and finally break that coveted 30 minutes! Actually anything 30:59 and below is fine with me! As long as I can say yeah I run a 30 minute 5k, I will be golden. It will be the best birthday present my legs can give me!

Tired of hearing about my birthday yet? I hope not we got 4 days to go and in case you can't tell I love birthdays. I don't care who's birthday it is, I just really like them and well I really like mine....especially since the only thing I asked for was a Garmin and to get my hair did...come on Monday!!!

and ohhhh right out the window...have you ever had a day with your kids, when you thought maybe I am not so great at this Mom gig! Take yesterday for example....

We wake up about 30 mins late...alright not to big of a deal I usually allow cushion time....note to self: everyone who lives in this house, self included moves at a turtles pace in the morning!

I realize we have 35 mins before we need to be in the car to get to pre-school, no one has had breakfast, is dressed and I am not showered...ummmm crap

When I start insisting that we eat now! All I get is whining, I don't like fruit (that is a lie my kids love fruit) I hate eggs (any other day they would be begging for them) oatmeal is gross (my kids eat oatmeal faster than anyone I know) so I threw fruit roll ups at both of them they were happier then a pig in shit! and I was so annoyed that I gave in to them....oh well I did not have time to deal! Fruit roll-ups have "fruit" in the name right?

The whining continued, all the way up the stairs to get dressed, somehow tank tops and skirts was not going to fly on a 50 degree day, but tank tops and skirts with jeans and a sweater over it made it out the door....I never ever want to hear my kids say "I can't believe you used to dress us like that..." I will forever respond "you dressed your own stubborn self like that!"

Anyhow the day continued Mommy could do no right....and the real kicker? I stepped on a three year old throws her self to the floor and shouts...."all these years I have taken care of you, and this is what I get, a broken crayon?" ummmmm can anyone yell out Dramatic? I honestly have no idea where she gets this stuff, I promise all of you I do not talk to her or play with her like that! It is a good thing they are both cute, they almost landed on the corner with a "free to a good home" sign yesterday!

and my Mother of the year award.....right out the window, oh well maybe next year!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


  1. I know so many people who have tried Px90 and love it . . . I think I may have to give it a try

  2. hahaha - your crayon story is awesome! little drama kids! I love it!

    good luck on the p90x - i hear it gets a lot easier to laugh, lean over, etc, after the first week. :)

  3. Awww.... i love reading your blog. Your so honest it makes me wonder what my kids will be like someday. I imagine what I would do in your shoes? Most of the time I would do what you did. I hope you get what you want for your B-day. Mine is coming up.

    P.S. you are gonna do great at your 5K for you have been putting in a lot of hard work.

  4. Can you believe the P90X guy was my hubby's college roomate??

  5. I love the dramatics. It can only become more interesting with each year.

  6. Hope the 5K goes well! I'll be running with at least one of my kiddos all next week while my hubs is off playing golf. Tough life.
    Also, we may be able to compete for Most Dramatic Daughter. My 4 1/2 y.o. probably has an Oscar in her future.

  7. Mother of the Year is soooo over rated! I hope you get just want you want for your birthday!!

  8. I noticed your profile says you are in MD . . . where are you? I am in MD too! (Bowie)